911: The New Pearl Harbor -- David Griffin

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9/11 revisited

By Paul J. Balles (3 March 2011)
Paul J. Balles summarizes author David Ray Griffin’s “21 reasons to question the official story about 9/11″, published in his book The New Pearl Harbor Revisited and other studies.
In March 2004, publication of David Ray Griffin’s book The New Pearl Harbor, challenging the official story of 9/11, sired widely different reactions.
Then in 2008, Griffin published The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, an update of his original study in which he said: “The exposé of what happened on 9/11 has shown virtually every dimension of the official account of 9/11 to be false beyond a reasonable doubt.”
Based on his continuing studies, Griffin compiled “21 reasons to question the official story about 9/11″.

“Forget about conspiracy theories. How can we simply allow falsifications lapse into history without demanding the truth?”

Forget about conspiracy theories. How can we simply allow falsifications lapse into history without demanding the truth? It’s past time to demand honest answers to the questions generated by the official story.
Here are summaries of Griffin’s 21 points that challenge the official stories.
1. The official story has Osama Bin Laden behind the attacks. However, the FBI “has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”.
2. Alleged hijackers who regularly drank heavily, went to strip clubs and paid for sex could hardly be devout Muslims.
3. The claim that passengers on the airliners made cell phone calls to relatives has been contradicted by the FBI.
4. The FBI contradicted Ted Olson’s claim that his wife phoned him twice from AA77.
5. Reported evidence for Muslim hijackers shows clear signs of having been fabricated.
6. The story that incriminating evidence was found in [alleged 9/11 ring leader] Muhammad Atta’s luggage was a revision of the original story.
7. Planes showing signs of in-flight emergencies are normally intercepted within about 10 minutes. The military’s failure implies something prevented this standard procedure.
8. Vice-President Dick Cheney, while in the bunker under the White House, apparently confirmed a stand-down order prior to the strike on the Pentagon.
9. The 9/11 Commission removed a report from video records of its hearings about when Cheney entered the shelter conference room.
10. The 9/11 Commission’s timeline for Cheney contradicts what Cheney himself told NBC television channel’s weekly news programme “Meet the Press”.
11. Hani Hanjour, who could not safely fly even a single-engine airplane, could not possibly have executed the trajectory reportedly taken by American Flight 77 hitting Wedge 1 of the Pentagon.
12. Wedge 1 would have been the least likely part of the Pentagon to be targeted by foreign terrorists.
13. Claims by Pentagon officials that they did not have the Pentagon evacuated because they had no way of knowing an aircraft was approaching it are false.
14. Why would the secret service allow President Bush to remain in the Florida classroom for 30 minutes after news of attack?
15. On the first anniversary of 9/11, the White House started lying about Bush immediately leaving the Florida classroom.
16. The official explanation of the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 contradicts all prior history: steel-frame high-rise buildings have never collapsed except when brought down by controlled demolition.
17. Firefighters, emergency medical workers, police officers, city officials, WTC employees, and television and print journalists reported explosions going off in the Twin Towers and WTC 7.
18. The destruction of the Twin Towers can only be explained in terms of powerful explosives. The fires could not have come within 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit of the temperature needed to melt steel.
19. Rudy Giuliani falsified stories about knowing the WTC buildings were going to collapse. His fire chiefs didn’t expect them to come down.
20. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has repeatedly postponed its report on the collapse of WTC 7.
21. The official story about 9/11 is rejected by growing numbers
of professors, physicists, architects, engineers, pilots, former military officers and former intelligence officials.