A Letter from One of My Readers

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Alsalam Alikom Dr. Omar,
My name is Mohammed and I’m from Saudi Arabia ((Almadina)) I don’t know how to begin my message to you, you are my teacher you teach me a lot already from your youtube videos.
SubhanAllah I sow you three times in my dreams hugging you and thanking you for this knowledge . and Inshallah I will see you in real life and the life after.
nowhere in the world is teaching what you teach. you and Shikh Omran Hussin. I love you and love Shikh Imran some times I feel sad and my tears comes to my eyes I wanna stay with you learning as much as I can from you but I can’t right now. I feel the light inside my chest every time I learn from you teachers from every videos you post.
I tried to teach around me about all this things ,, but nobody is believing me there is a dust in their eyes which make me sad.
I have some conclusion about the reality of Dajjal ,, he is not a human begin he is Shitan ((Jinn)) they do all this Ritual and killing shred blood to make him appear as human in future.  That’s why when Jesus return and Dajjal sees him he will melt ,, humans don’t melt but Jinns do.
He was in earth even before prophet Mohammed birth ,, and Muses see him ,, he is the one who deceive Muses people and make them worship the Calf his name is ALsamery and this guy saw the angel Jebreal ,, no humans can see Angels except prophets. or Jinns. and muses didn’t even beat him up or shout on him..!! because he knew this isn’t ordinary human.
In this days US has named it self Uncle SAM = AlSAMry; any way maybe I’m right maybe not I’m not a professor or Shikh to decide but I wanted to share this knowledge with you and see if you agree or not.
Thank you professor and may ALLAH reward you with the best Janah with prophets and his honest servants. Ameen
Mohammad Naji