Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Uwais to Anthony Patch

Dear beloved human beings,

We are all going through the most difficult situation in the history of mankind. Some of us more than others, I have no doubt.

When the global genocide is complete in the months and years to come, when we are asked about whether we perpetuated the lie and covered-up the truth about this transhumanising poison, are we really going to say that we had no time nor the ability to seek and understand this truth?
– not ONE week out of the last 52?
– not ONE day out of the last 365?
– not ONE hour out of the last 8760?

I kept thinking positively, carried on following orders and remained silent and obedient to authorities without question.

The social and psychological experiments of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s are repeating themselves. We always tried to understand how so many tens and hundreds of thousands of good, ordinary people could carry out such horrific acts. They were blindly following and trusting leaders, politicians, organisations, corporations, institutions and any large group that had all conformed to the agenda.

These groups do not care about us… even if there are good people working for them. Individuals with a conscience care about us. Doctors such as the ones in the conference below that are well-experienced, impartial and intelligent who genuinely want the best for humanity.

– Dr Christiane Northrup
– Dr Sherri Tenpenny
– Dr Carrie Madej
– Dr Lawrence Palevsky
– Dr Tom Cowan
– Dr Andrew Kaufman

So should we really be sending the children back to school to be tested twice a week from Monday? Really?! At what point will it not be ok? Where is line in the sand?
– Anaphylaxis?
– Bell’s Palsy?
– Sepsis?
– Major organ failure?
– Sudden death?

This sounds like war upon humanity.
Could we really be at war?
Maybe the weapons have changed.
Silent weapons for a quiet war.

Let these brave and wise doctors help us prevent any more of our loved ones from taking this pathogen. Let’s stop the unfortunate ones who have already been duped into taking the jab from taking the second shot.

I genuinely pray to The Almighty that each one of us makes the right decision before its too late and those decisions are instead made for us.

Deepest and warmest regards,
your brother in humanity.

Omar Zaid

Author, Editor, Physician & Essential Monotheist