Al Ginkgo Mission/Vision

Essential monotheism holds that our Creator — acknowledged by Max Planck and Mohammad — entrusted us with this world’s governance. While many fear/think He abandoned us to the task, the truth is it is we who abandoned divine guidance in the matter of this trust. Since men and women tend towards selfish pursuits rather than supernally ordered provisions and directives; our historic failures to justly govern ourselves seal the indictment. What is more, because Humanism removes us from existential significance, amoral apathy obtains the mundane evils of blind mistrust and bloodlust. Consequently, dystopia and the abandonment of hope jade our struggle for survival, both here and hereafter.

Al Ginkgo’s mission is to explain ‘why and how’ this heedlessness is status quo and to replace it with knowledge of relevant necessity and truth. With your assistance, we will clarify and expand an all embracing view of things that matter and enhance our understanding of divine intent and human purpose. Thus, we reject habituation to superstitions and consensus narratives clothed in useless rituals that couch the stupidity of i) cognitive dissonance: ii) chauvinist bias; and iii) compound ignorance. Informed relevance orientation* to divinely ordered empowerment is herein sought after and made available when found.

  • Vygotsky’s existential significance: meaningful relevance


Tawhid refers to ongoing knowledge synthesis that knits together a unified worldview — in keeping with valid scriptures, morals and ethics — that provides relevance and human purpose in light of ‘Essential Monotheism’, a term I coined several years ago. Hence, with the help of Almighty God, our vision is to establish a viable online community (jummah) and platform with this in mind. We expect active members to contribute whatever they can to the advance of Islam in light of knowledge synthesis, absent all superstition and imposture. This being so, adab — the scientific naming and positioning of people, creatures, ideas, history, science, theology and things in proper order and without corruption — is the word that defines our approach. This is our goal.