zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Zaida & Omar in Khaonom, Feb 2013
Zaida & Omar in Khaonom, Feb 2013

Salaam To All,
I am appealing to my readers for financial help.  My employer has been unable to pay many of the faculty and employees here their full salary for months now.  The deficits have exhausted what little reserves I had.
As I write, I have USD 10.00 (ten) in my pocket and soon will be reduced to eating tinned food.  I have to renew fees for this website soon as well.
If you can make a contribution, no matter how small, that will be a great help.
Thank you.
MAYBANK  # 162085 446625  in Malaysia, or paypal at [email protected].com
UPDATE 8 May 2013:  May Allah reward you who have helped. I received about USD 350 yesterday from generous readers, which allows us to buy petrol and food.  Thank you very much.
Just found out through the grapevine that, due to Political Loss in recent election, our salaries this month may not be paid for 6 weeks.  I need USD 3,000 to survive and provide for my dependents.  Please help if you can, inshAllah.
UPDATE 12 MAY 2013:  Alhamduillah.  We have received half-salary today.  Thank you once again for your support dear readers.  May Allah keep you and yours always in good provision and refuge.