An Honest Letter

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Dear Dr. Zaid,
How are you?  Eid Mubarak.
It was nice to hear from you, and sorry it took me so long to respond.  That was a very nice photo of your family that you shared.  Thank you.
I was thinking last week that it has been awhile since Sheik Omar did a video talk with you.  Then I thought I’d better write and see how you are doing.
I saw your interview Thursday night.  It was good to hear your thoughts.  I agree with so much you said, in particular about all these global mobs, covid, Aya Sophia (Hagia Sophia), and Erdogan.  I feel like Turkey is my second home and will always love there, the culture, and the people, but I know the shortcomings and faults of the society too including how their government is and how it enjoys working both sides of the street.
Covid is indeed a scam, I very much believe.  I probably had what is now called COVID-19/coronavirus/SARS-COV-2 when I contracted pneumonia in 2001 and was hospitalized.   I went from having a bad cold to the flu on to getting very sick with pneumonia.  From the first, mom has said that she believes it’s pneumonia or a bad strain of the flu.  I do too.
We are under a mask mandate here in A—.  I hear Fauci up in DC and the university here using the word “experiment,” and I do feel this is a worldwide experiment, and that we are being observed like lab rats about our reaction and conduct.  Yes, it is very demonic.  I often think about how it’s affecting people in very poor countries, the possible levels of starvation that’s not being reported.  So much is hidden by the media.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people starving here in the states right now.
Like so many other college towns, my hometown has been hit hard.  We’re not ghost town level yet, but I feel we might be on our way.  The mayor and city council are the enemy.  Some, if not all of them, are radical democrats who don’t like anyone to question what they implement.  The mayor was a teacher.  I even substitute taught for him a few times, and in my naivete thought he was a good guy.  He’s a weak and slick weasel who can’t be trusted.  I also have my suspicions that he might be a J as well.  When he was elected, he and the mayor incumbent visited the local B’nai B’rith headquarters together, so I must wonder.  So much for the hope that some people had that since the federal government had betrayed the trust and hopes of many they could turn to local government.  One of the problems, I believe, why things are going from bad to worse.  is that places such as where I reside which have 100,000+ population are likely to be under UN sustainable development goals.  I had heard that this was the case a few years ago, but it wasn’t until the outbreak this year that I took the time to check my town’s government website and found that we are indeed under these vaguely written sustainability goals.  In my limited observation, both climate change and covid are tools used in advancing these goals.
My hometown has an assortment of radical people who have come here from outside wanting to enlighten us, but I think what they have to offer is just as toxic in its own way as old southern Jim Crow culture was.   At least they are not a good alternative.  One of the city council members is a woman with an afro who posts her own rap/spoken word (don’t know which one it is that she considers her “art” to be) video clips on Twitter.  It’s so ridiculous and embarrassing.  The people who voted her in aren’t pre-teens and teenagers.  A— has a lot of middle-aged and elderly people.  We don’t care about her style, her propaganda.  She supports all of the current liberal agendas, defund the police, socialism, LGBTQ, and so on.  Following the George Floyd freemasonic snuff film, there were small, nonviolent protests in A—.  This woman led some of them.  She also claimed to have contracted covid, but was out protesting downtown a week later.   The mayor was also at one of the BLM protests making a speech standing beside her.  A few days later she announced that she had covid.  Following her announcement, the mayor said he would be quarantining, but then the following weekend he was back out on a Saturday morning protesting at one of the elementary schools with a group of parents and some little kids, some who were toddlers, about the George Floyd ritual. Seems the ruling class and their officials and vassals have less dangerous germs than regular folk.  Like all of BLM and the others, the city council member says nothing about rebuilding the black family in the traditional way and promoting moral values, nothing about the self-inflicted ills of my people, nothing about taking on personal responsibility for one’s own actions.  Whether national or local, politics has attracted some of the most ignorant, dangerous, and destructive people around.
I don’t like the road my hometown is on.  I’m disturbed by it, actually.   I’m non-partisan.  The governor was born here and is a republican.  He hasn’t acted very dictatorial during this crisis, and those on the democrat side has whined about it.  Being that this is a worldwide exercise, as Mike Pompeo put it months ago, the governor likely has a gun to his head to go along with the script, but he has tried to be rather sensible.  My parents know his parents because they did upholstery work for them.  Mom was saying today that his mother must have taught him right since she seemed like a sensible person.
This is a very crazy era we’re in.  It seems like it would be easier for them to just admit that the dollar is dead and that the US cannot pay even the interest on its debt rather than having this freak show of fear going on.
It’s great to know you are doing pretty well and is keeping up with your writing.  You have a nice family.
Well, I’ll close here.  Have a nice weekend.
S. B. S.