Appeal For Help: Am Leaving Malaysia

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Mama Papa Jan 2014Salaam To All,

Although I am extremely grateful to you and Almighty Allah for your support a few months ago, the situation here has not yet been remedied by our superiors and so once again I appeal for your help.

My employers, Insaniah University & Allianze University Medical Colleges, are unable to support their respective Medical Faculties here in Alor Setar financially.  In the last eight months I and others have received only two months full salary.  For my family and I, and as foreigners, the position has become untenable, which means we cannot stay in Malaysia.

Banks threaten to take both our car and family home; I am unable to pay my rent here in Alor Setar; I cannot send money to my dependent children (4); we cannot feed our elders (Malee Zaida’s parents); and our daughter, Nidnoi, will have to withdraw from her PhD program (she is halfway).  As a foreigner, and at my age (64), I  cannot find suitable employment in either Malaysia or Thailand.

We are therefore making arrangements to leave the country.  Rather than resign my position as lecturer, as of 1 Feb 2014, I am taking extended leave without pay so that in the event remedy is found, I may return to teach a course in Homeopathic Medicine.

My dear wife, Malee Zaida, has a son, Neung, working in Japan.  We intend to go to Japan where she and my daughter can work in the same canning factory as Neung.  Meanwhile, I am now eligible and can apply for social security retirement benefits and continue with online editing which provides a meager supplement, as well as continue some of my research and writing — who knows, I may even be able to teach English.  After a year or so in Japan, we should all be able to return to our family home in Chiang Khom, Thailand, insh’Allah.

Hence, I ask that those of my readers, friends and acquaintances who can do so, please support us financially during this transition, for without your help we will become destitute.

With Malee Zaida's Mother and Father, Jan 2014
With Malee Zaida’s Mother and Father, Jan 2014

We need funds to move our belongings to Thailand and purchase tickets and visas for the journey to Japan and feed us as well as provide necessities during the re-adjustment, which will take 4-6 weeks.  I estimate our need at about $6,000 USD to complete the task with funds enough to feed us and our children and elders during the next month or so until we re-settle in the land of the rising sun.

Those who wish to help and at the same time make book purchases with the money, please do so as I have copies of some of my books that are best ‘sold’ before we leave.

May Allah grant us refuge and success, and may He return to you with abundance whatever you can donate.


Bank Information:

Paypal[email protected]  Omar Zaid
MAYBANK  # 162085 446625 Leonard. Joseph Omar Zaid Abdullah
CIMB  Leonard Joseph Owsiany, Jr. # 02040008673209
Bank Islam # 02039024727704 (Jitra) SWIFT BIMBMYKL IAC: DWFCYZ

Nidnoi (Kanwara)
Nidnoi (Kanwara)

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