Shepherds in Kedah: An Appeal For Help Update Regarding Insaniah University Medical College

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

papa-at-the-cabin-dec-2012Salaam To All,

For those not familiar with this situation, please see:
It is now officially unofficial, Insaniah University’s Medical School — yet to complete it’s first full year of instruction after millions in investment and years of mismanaged preparations — has been scrapped, along with faculty, admin staff, cleaning ladies, labs, lecture halls, cadavers and students.  All without the due process of official notification, severance pay or salaries for April, May and June, or professional considerations, or collegial discussions for a civilized meaningful transition, or compassionate interactions with any of the leaders of the several corporate entities they use(d) to fob off responsibility and other unseen/unnoticeable activities.
After the election of April, 2013, ‘someone’ in authority simply ordered the cessation of our payroll and failed to inform us — as if papa went to work as usual then vanished.  So much for Muslim adab.
As of May 15th, only half salaries (for April) were paid (two weeks late) without forewarning or explanation by legal entities called Insaniah Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and Insan Medic (impressive names).  When June 15th rolled around, May’s salaries were nowhere in site and students had to be dismissed for a three month hiatus.  All without informed official notification or visitation, or the ethical professional courtesy and human compassion incumbent upon those who hold the shepherd’s staff.
Our phantom shepherds simply disappeared along with the financial means we sheep depended on (under contracts they’ve ignored) to support families and pay bills like rent, mortgages, school tuition, food, shelter, clothing, gas, car loans, common amenities and good old fashioned neighborly charity, etc etc.  For weeks, we (the faculty), came to work in a continuum of quandary, completely uninformed and without any means of remedy.  The chain of command simply evaporated and as did our ringgits, and not a one of us knew what was taking place and not one word of common decency or explanation was offered by our elusive shepherds.
Today, a local lawyer has agreed to take our case to court and file a summons for the disappeared shepherds and our money.  But practically speaking, even if a court does see fit to order just recompense, by the time that happens the sheep will have been scattered abroad and devoured by others posing as shepherds in a country professing shepherdom on behalf of genuine Monotheism.
Sad, isn’t it? — especially for an Institution that professes to prepare the Ummah’s future Alim.  It also reflects poorly on the judgment of functionaries who granted these shepherds their accreditation and license to commit the outrage of touting false promises and honorable futures for the students and their families who worked so hard to submit themselves to the abuse.
I have to admit I and others saw it coming.  We even warned the shepherds who summarily dismissed our counsel much like typical feudal lords.  At least we kept our heads.  Anyway, ‘yes’, you’re right: such a dismissal is symptomatic of a far graver disease of the heart that appears to be endemic among this particular clan of shepherds.
Hence, may it please Allah to grant us mercy, refuge and deliverance.
I and others of the faculty are still in need to see us through the next several weeks while we seek other means of sustaining our families.
Meanwhile, the response to this appeal has been nothing short of wonderful for myself and my family.  Sister Ziada and I have received donations from France, England, Poland, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Arabia, UAE, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia.  Thank you.  This allowed us to meet our needs and obligations last month, and even give to others, Alhamduillah.
If you care to help, please do so.  If the money you give is intended to help my colleagues, please advise me and I will set it aside and hand it over to Dato Marzuki for distribution.
You can write to me direct at [email protected] for book purchases.
If local you may deposit to the following accounts:
Bank Islam # 02039024727704  //  MAYBANK  # 162085 446625
or donate directly to Paypal at [email protected]
Thank you kindly and Wasalaam
dr omar


For what can war but endless war still breed?

Till truth and right from violence be freed,

And public faith clear’d from the shameful brand

Of public fraud. In vain doth valour bleed

While avarice and rapine share the land.

– John Milton –



Kuin rector throws in the towel

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BALING: Kolej Universiti Insaniah (Kuin) rector Prof Datuk Dr Jamil Osman (pic) who was embroiled in the management crisis has called it quits.

Kedah Education, Transport and Public Works Committee chairman Datuk Tajul Urus Mat Zain said he was told of Dr Jamil’s resignation during a meeting with Kuin board of directors at the campus in Kuala Ketil here.

“He tendered his resignation a few days ago. I was hoping to meet him during my visit to the campus,” he said yesterday.

As the exco member holding the education portfolio, Tajul Urus said he was disappointed not to hear Dr Jamil’s input on the situation in Kuin.

He added that Dr Jamil should have pushed aside any political differences and worked with the state to solve whatever problems in the college.

Tajul Urus added that he met with the student body during his visit.

“Among the issues raised were the qualification of the lecturers at the college and also the hostel facilities.”

He said the state would take immediate action to solve the hostel issue including speeding up the construction of the RM6.6mil hostel building.

Tajul Urus said he would prepare a detailed report on the situation at Kuin to Mentri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir for further action.

He added that the state might seek federal assistance to review some of Kuin’s problems.

“I want to stress that we are not trying to put any blame on anyone. We just want to solve the problem for the welfare of the students and the staff,” he said.

It was reported that 10 Kuin staff members had publicly aired their grievances over their welfare which included salary increments, bonus and salary deduction.

They also voiced their concern over the lack of hostel facilities for students at Kuin’s Kuala Ketil campus.

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In a few reports I’ve read, anyone who complained of the injustice has been branded a rebel by their feudal lordships — One expects that from Anglo_American Zionist elite, but not from monotheist shepherds.  No wonder they lost the trust of constituency and staff and then the election.  But perhaps a stronger more cunning wolf has taken the field?

CONTRAST Above with Straightforward Reporting:

The “cronies”, he said, were made directors of some seven subsidiaries set up under Insaniah Holdings, the investment arm of Kuin.

“The directors are paid fat salaries but Kuin owes us tens of thousands of ringgit in unpaid salaries,” he said on the much-publicised failure by the university college to pay the 300-odd staff and lecturers their salaries on time since middle of last year.