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zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)
Created: Sunday, 3 January 2021 10:41

I recommend this reading & viewing list for all people to be absolutely clear whom our common enemy is:

1. The Rockefeller Lockstep (compiled in 2010)

2. Published 10th July 2020:

Further information about the Rockefeller Lockstep.. & proof Deep State intentionally created the COVID-19 pandemic for Global control..

3. Rothschild Imperial Pharmacology & Vaccination since 19th Century

4. Dr Rima Laibow MD, anti UN Agenda 21 activist, interviewed by Richie Allen says bio-weapon was


were melded together at Duke University North Carolina United States in 2015..(further to initialization at Fort Detrick MD 2008 – 2015)

i.e. It could never have occurred naturally

5. How the first three months of “COVID-19 deaths” almost perfectly mapped operating instances of 5G microwave antennas incl 100,000 antenna in Wuhan China – Bert Johnson

6. Celeste Solum ex FEMA re vaccines

In her view “we need GLOBAL REVOLUTION… And it can’t happen quick enough as their proposed vaccine is Satanic”

ie mercury, formaldehyde, humanized mouse immune systems, animal carcinogens, aborted foetal body parts plus surveillance nanotechnology in hydrogel per Celeste Solum FEMA

Ms Solum left FEMA in 2007 horrified at the latter’s plans for us all – FEMA proceeded to take an assassination contract out on her..

Its a miracle this lady remains alive today to warn us about hydrogel etc 

7. “Another Doctor exposes Bill Gates depopulation agenda”

8. “Plandemic Indoctornation”

“In 1999 IBM digitised patents for the first time & my company discovered that approximately 1/3 of all patents filed in the US were functional forgeries;

Either the virus was manufactured in which case patenting it is an offence against bio-weapon prohibition under International law or its natural, meaning that the very act of patenting it is illegal”

US National Intelligence Analyst @ 5 minutes per

9. The ‘Plandemic’ as a Cover for Financial Global Reset ?

The Holy Grail:

Absolute proof COVID-19 is not only a bioweapon but together with 5G & AI is a genocidal depopulation project carried out by the COMMITTEE of 300 aka “the OLYMPIANS” (300 wealthiest people on Earth) & in planning since 1970..

10. Dr Francis Boyle – the man who claims he proved COVID-19 was manmade in 2018

11. This video is Bill Gates speaking with the CIA and explaining to them that “he can remove the GOD gene and eliminate religion..”

12. This is Dr Reiner Fuellmich

He is a trial lawyer admitted both to the German and Californian bars

Here he argues COVID-19 is an international scandal with our G20 governments in lockstep criminal liability together with certain billionaires

13. The Great Culling – Dr Rima Laibow (2010)

14. What on Earth is going on ?

Ex UN agent of 18 years standing, Claire Edwards presentation

15. Dissenting scientists issue  COVID-19 warning per

16. Great Barrington Declaration –

As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.

17. 12 steps leading to totalitarian One World Government now deleted by Facebook but I have a downloaded copy which I can share with anyone who may be interested

18. Published 28th October 2020

19. Dr Carrie Madej MD

re  hydrogel in vaccines

20. Published 26th October 2020

by David Icke

Fancy being connected to the ‘Internet of things’ with privacy history & every move monitored by AI ?

Elon Musk & the Bankster-led Illuminati want this for the 500m of humanity they allow to live after ‘t he Great Cull’

By 2030





“If you start looking into the history of vaccines, which change our genetic makeup, you will find they were born in fraud, perpetrated in fraud and live as a major scientific fraud..

Each vaccine is filled with horrifyingly toxic materials that damage the immune system & according to internal documents public under Freedom of Information Act litigation, the purpose of vaccines is to make money in the ‘after’ market..

The ‘after’ market is: –

i.   Cancer 
ii.  Diabetes 
iii. Infertility

and other cataclysmic, though very very financially productive diseases..

The medical industry would prefer that you were not very healthy, because if you are healthy they are not making any money.”

Dr Rima Laibow, MD, former practician, anti-UN Agenda 21 activist and whistleblower @ 25 minutes per

22. Every single person alive on our planet today HAS AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT to hear Claire Edwards’ – 18 year veteran UNITED NATIONS trainer – allegations against Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and all Western World leaders, politicians, journalists & everyone else who has been behind the COVID-19 conspiracy to control & depopulate mankind..


23. @BorisJohnson

Robert F Kennedy Jnr says the COVID-19 vaccines are “a crime against humanity” & “should be avoided at all cost”.

So why propose them when the COVID-19 recovery rate is 99% plus ANY vaccine damage from hydrogel can’t later be repaired ?

24. Published 20th November 2020

With Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s wheel & Celeste Solum

25. The Problem with the COVID-19 vaccine.. – Robert F Kennedy Jnr


From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Son of the Attorney General of the United States under his brother President Kennedy

SUBJECT: The Covid vaccine should be avoided at all costs.

Message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“I would like to urgently draw your attention to important questions linked to the next vaccination against Covid-19. For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and therefore alter his individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and hitherto considered criminal. This intervention can be compared to genetically modified foods, which are also very controversial. Even though the media and politicians are currently trivializing the problem and even foolishly calling for a new type of vaccine to return to normality, this vaccination is problematic in terms of health, morality and ethics, but also in terms of genetic damage which, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccines, will be irreversible and irreparable.

Dear Patients, after an unprecedented mRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat the symptoms of the vaccine in a complementary way. You will have to live with the consequences because you will no longer be able to be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just like a person with a genetic defect like Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, stopping genetic heart disease, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc.), because the genetic defect is eternal! This clearly means: if a vaccination symptom develops after an mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist will be able to help you, as the damage caused by this vaccination will be genetically irreversible. In my opinion, these new vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never been committed in such a significant way in history.

As experienced physician Dr Wolfgang Wodarg said: Actually this “promising vaccine” for the vast majority of people should be BANNED because it is genetic engineering! “

26. US virologist discovers deadly pathogens may be delivered by vaccine

Dr Judy Micovits

27. Bill Gates admits his vaccine alters DNA –

28. Allegations of GLOBAL GENOCIDE were lodged with the AUSTRIAN PRESIDENT 25th October 2020 by Claire Edwards 18 years UN Trainer – against all Rothschild’s G20 world leaders, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg tho not the Organ Grinder himself & that must now change given I can prove DOZENS of capital crimes funded by Lord Jacob Rothschild Including 9/11,1/11 (Haiti) & 3/11 (Fukushima) &….. And every last one he aids & abets by funding..

“Every single person alive on our planet today HAS AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT to hear Claire Edwards’ – 18 year veteran UNITED NATIONS trainer – allegations against Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and all Western World leaders, politicians, journalists & everyone else who has been behind the COVID-19 conspiracy to control & depopulate mankind..”


29. Ask the Experts – COVID-19 VAXX?

A Panel of Immunologists, virologists & doctors give their views..

BANNED on YT & Facebook …

30. Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!  Read and watch the warning here:

31. COVID-19 : Evidence of Global Fraud – Iain Davis

32. COVID VACCINES – The End Cannot Justify The Means – Bishop Schneider..

33. Interesting video coming out…

34. Yet more Doctors unite to say “Do not take COVID-19 vaccine”

35. Gloucester hospital
“Hi everyone- I was held in custody and cells today in Gloucester until 11:30pm for a public disorder offence for sharing an online video of an empty Gloucester Royal Hospital.

My husband opened the door to them wanting to question me , I was in my nightgown with nothing underneath (I was in bed) when the thug of an officer tried to drag me off under arrest as he aggressively arrested me and twisted my hands behind my back in handcuffs. (hands swelled up and have marks all over them- I had to keep demanding medical attention – that they refused- I had to keep on). After me complaining at being dragged to the station undressed, he gave me me 3 minutes to get dressed while waiting outside my bedroom door.

I was held and released without charge as I could not arrange appropriate legal advice and they tried to interview me but I refused to answer any questions- they have issued bail that I can’t enter any hospitals and that I return for an interview within 28 days ( I refused to sign the bail conditions without legal advice as I didn’t understand).

Wake up world- how utterly Orwellian and nazi to go through this for sharing a video of an empty hospital -all because it was shared over 80k times.  They can’t have the truth out there, can they?

This officer barged into my home, at xmas,  and arrested me when I wasn’t dressed in front of my family.

They’re now claiming they have to watch my house as I am at risk because ‘my address and name has been released online.’ 77th brigade lies here folks- to try and stop me being active.

The truth is very dangerous for the new world order.

Share, share, share. Truth matters.”

Debbie Hicks


” PANDEMIC IS OVER : Masks control you not viruses”

37. Per RFB:


38. Doctors worldwide warn AGAINST mRNA (covid) vaccine –

This is a public service announcement for humanity.

Do you understand what a mRNA vaccine is, or what it is designed to do?

Do you know that courageous Doctors around the world are risking their careers to try to tell you the truth about this dangerous vaccine?

Do you have loved ones who can’t wait to take it?

This video is for them.

39. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine fraud

40. Ex-Investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts describes techniques likely being used against us…


41. Catherine Austin Fitts Explains
how the Globalist Billionaires and Technocrats are Planning on Taking Over the Planet, and How We can
Stop It

42. The mRNA Vaccine from Hell ?