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We’ve called out those in the clergy who have claimed to represent Christ and are urging people to go out and get the COVID injections, so it is only proper that we also give credit to the clergy when credit is due.

A Catholic priest in Wisconsin, James Altman of St. James The Less in La Crosse, has incurred the wrath of the corporate media for daring to defy health regulations, and for warning his congregation about the experimental COVID shots, pleading with them to NOT get them and become “guinea pigs.”

Here is their Church Bulletin from Easter Sunday that is driving the corporate media crazy:

James Altman has pretty much defied everyone in authority above him: the local health department, the Bishop William Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse, and the Pope himself, all who support COVID measures such as masks, limiting indoor gatherings, and the deadly experimental shots.

Here’s another page from his church bulletin that pretty much sums up what he thinks of those in the clergy promoting the COVID shots and other measures:

This of course infuriates the corporate media and the corporate church.

In response to “disturbing reports” about COVID-19 misinformation from the La Crosse Tribune and the Associated Press, the grassroots Christian organization Faithful America on Tuesday launched a new petition calling on La Crosse Catholic Bishop William Callahan to permanently remove Father James Altman from all parish ministry.

The petition is expected to gather at least 10,000 signatures.

On Palm Sunday, Altman preached that COVID-19 health guidelines are “godless, Nazi-esque controls,” telling parishioners, “God damns every single one of those godless moves.” He also said Dr. Anthony Fauci’s support for masks “is damnable in the hottest fires of hell.”

On Easter, Altman packed in 300 to 500 parishioners, with at least 50 maskless people jammed in the first five pews — violating the Diocese of La Crosse’s mask mandate and capacity protocols. The church bulletin falsely claimed that COVID-19 vaccines don’t work, and repeated the debunked conspiracy theory that the shots change human genes.

The new Faithful America petition states in part, “As Christians who follow a healing savior, we are called to care for the sick and respect the God-given laws of nature.

Right now, that means supporting vaccines, masks and social distancing, just like Pope Francis. Fr. Altman is endangering not only his own parishioners but every essential worker they meet, and should be removed from St. James the Less Catholic Church before he can risk even one more life.” (Source.)

James Altman is obviously more concerned for his parishioners than he is about his own reputation and position in the corporate church, and for that we salute him, and pray for God’s protection over him.

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2 Comments on “Catholic Priest on the Dangers of COVID Injections”

May 2, 2021

My God bless James Altman. He is a wise, courageous man.ReplyEdit

May 2, 2021

Dr Baker , NO Vaxxed patients allowed- to protect his female staff.

THIS IS BIG-Officers from Epidemic Intelligence Service, a programme of US CDC will reach India soon for #COVID19 help.What is of concern is that #CDC was banned by the Indian government in late 2019 for secretly funding bioweapons research in India.

While the CDC claims to be; “… the nation’s health protection agency, …” the law says they are not. They’re a private foundation funded by donations. “The Foundation shall not be an agency or instrumentality of the Federal Government,

While the CDC claims to be; “… the nation’s health protection agency, …” the law says they are not. They’re a private foundation funded by donations. “The Foundation shall not be an agency or instrumentality of the Federal Government, …”

— Scott Donald Wells (@RealScotWells) May 1, 2021

Denis [email protected]
As an experienced multidisciplinary research scientist, having studied this in depth, I am certain that: All their measures are contrary to science, contrary to health, and extremely harmful. This has been a mass assault against people, society and reason. And they continue.

Forced Vaxx

Dolores cahill in Cork.

The Light News paper.

Not dying anymore than normal in India.

Why is our ickle munchinkin so friendly with killer Bill 🤔😥🤔

— Jackie doran (@Jackiedoran10) May 1, 2021

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