COLUMBIA COLUMBIA! Why for art thou? by Omar Zaid

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

The icon used by our elite boyscout brotherhoods of Hermetic Adepts represents a goddess.  American cult Initiates call her Columbia, thus we have the District of Columbia (Washington DC), Space Shuttle Columbia, Columbia Pictures, etc. The British magi (Druids) call her Britannia, hence, we have ‘British Columbia’ and the siren call of “Hail Britannia.” The Ancients called her Europa, Semiramis, Ishtar, Anat, Asherah, Isis, Juno, Minerva, Aphrodite, Venus, Athena and the Magna Mater Cybelle who hails as a copy of Dravidian Shakti, and all ‘Trinities’ relate to her directly or indirectly.
She is also represented as the Yezidi’s Phoenix Rising and Eye Goddess, hence, NBC’s Peacock (replacing the Phoenix) and the ‘eye’ of CBS (i.e., Columbia Broadcasting Systems).  This siren represents the focus of ancient ‘Fertility Cults’ [1] The WTC debacle was a public ritual representing the death of the Phoenix (old order) out of which a New World Order Phoenix will arise or re-incarnate. In addition, the seashell represents her as Venus, hence, ‘Shell Oil’.
Most of these goddesses are related to merfolk (half-fish/half-men/half-animal creatures: mermaids, etc.).  Isis, of the Egyptian pantheon, is the symbol of Sirius, a trinary star system (Triune goddess seen above or Three Fates).  There is also correlation with Sirius and fish-like creatures[2]throughout history.  And finally, the goddess may be represented by an owl as the Greek logos, Sophia (goddess of wisdom); an example is Merlin’s Owl.

The Goddess ColumbinebyFrancesco Melzi, 1520s, Oil on canvas

This composition is a choice quotation from the work of Leonardo da Vinci: the woman’s face, pose and movement of her right hand have been borrowed from St Anne in the great master’s cartoon now in London.  Similar elaborate hairstyles can also be seen in Leonardo’s drawings.  The figure placed in a grotto makes us remember The Virgin of the Rocks in the Louvre.  It is no coincidence that in William II’s collection and on its acquisition by the Hermitage in 1850, this painting was considered to be by Leonardo da Vinci.  This attribution was, however, soon refuted in the museum.  Francesco Melzi’s name first appeared in the catalog of 1899.  The painting has been known by various names: Columbine, Vanity and Flora.  It depicts the goddess Flora, the protectress of the plant world, who was customarily presented with one naked breast as a symbol of motherhood.  Flowers were also symbolically connected with the cult of the goddess.  In her right hand Flora is holding a columbine, one meaning of which is fertility.  The anemones in the folds of her cloak are an allusion to Flora’s lover, Zephyr – anemos being the Greek for “wind”.  The fern pushing through the stones of the grotto symbolizes solitude and dreaminess.  The theme of the renewal of nature, the mystery of new life arising in seclusion is the main idea of the work. Note the bare left breast

  • “The modern Westerner, persuaded that he has a right to ‘think for himself’ and imagining that he exercises this right, is unwilling to acknowledge that his every thought has been shaped by cultural and historical influences and that his ‘opinions’ fit, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, into a pattern which has nothing random about it.”                                (Gai Eaton, Islam and the Destiny of Man)

Bronze statue of Atlas holding the shell on his shoulders: The shell represents the Universe.  Atlas represents a god-man //  Shell Oil Stock Certificate Note the owl surrounding the shell and male and female angels

This tip of an iceberg called ‘idolatry’ is buoyed by seas of occidental accretion and mindless political conformity on the part of its citizenry. It reflects a profound oxymoron that defies explanation except that of the deep subliminal influences that mesmerize (psycho-coma) and subject entire nations to occult manipulation (magic).  The Bohemian midnight frolic is no gentleman’s lark and many players are oblivious to the grave nature of the game’s eternal end.  It is no wonder their policies cause perplexity’s flame to consume the substance and souls of their citizens along with the resources of the world.
If, as Prophet Isa said, the ‘Kingdom of Heaven is within us’, then whichever kingdom rules our inner life manifests outwardly.  For cogent monotheists, it is obvious which of the kingdoms shed light on the laddies of Bohemian Grove.  Since perplexity plagues the insignificant light of their goddess, and men have opted to follow that illumination by worshiping her and repeatedly voting idolaters into power. Naught can be done other than watch the iniquity of these Amorites come to a disastrous end.  As for those who dwell under the ‘significant light’ of Apostolic Guidance, the ‘Kingdom Within’ remains undisturbed as eyes and hearts are moistened by waters of Truth; even as righteous blood drains to an earth that is parched by the accursed flames of this lady and her owl lovers.
For more data on goddesses and the genital trinity of the Lads of Bohemian Grove as well as the continuum of ancient fertility cults, see the appendices of Trinity, the Metamorphosis of Myth, where the relationship with Molech, the Bull-god is clearly illustrated.  Their use of the Owl of Merlin or Athens cum Athena is a cunning ruse of dissimulation that disarms unwary souls who attend the festival and think it nothing more than primeval animism intelligently used as an aid to male-bonding with those in power; a typical homosexual ritual of sexual magick discussed throughout the text as the need arises.  In addition to coordinating its plan of hegemony, Illuminati Hermeticists secure cooperation by using these occasions to seduce and film these fellows in compromised circumstances for blackmail.

The Birth of Aphrodite

When Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon in 457 B.C., he forced the pagan Babylonian priesthood to flee westward to PERGAMUM in present day Turkey.  The great mother goddess, Cybele, was taken from Pergamum to Rome in 204 B.C.  Cybele became the protector and great MAGNA MATER or “holy” mother of Rome. More on this in the next chapter.

“The chief and father of all gods was Anu after whom Nimrod named the city of Calneh, meaning “fortress of Anu” (Genesis 10:9).  Cush was the father of the polytheistic system, and when men were deified by men he became the father of the gods. Cush was worshiped as Enlil who took over the role of Anu (Annu or An), the father of all gods and also of the demons. He became known as Bel, Janus, Mercury, Hermes and Chaos. Note the Annu symbol, an asterisk-like double cross, on Pope John Paul II’s mitre. Along with the Wallan Druids, the culture of Barat An-na was brought to the British islands, where her name became compacted to Bratanna (Britania). And in those islands, her image persisted to the extent that she became the great tribal goddess — a goddess who, despite all the emergent centuries of Christianity, has prevailed to this very day. Her image on the coins has barely altered, except that her flaming torch became a lighthouse, and the Rosi-crucis cross of her shield was amended to become the Union Jack. But, after all this time, she is still the Mother Goddess of the land, the Lady of the Firestone: Britannia of Great Britain. So much for the “Jewish” fable of British Israelitesm. Her statue at the entrance of Buckingham Palace is pictured above right.

(Eugene Sue, “The Wandering Jew”, Vol. 2, p. 684)

Go back to ancient Mesopotamia, whence Satanism was transmitted to western Europe.  The relevant figure of Satanism is not a male, but a female figure.  The male figure –Satan, Baal, Lucifer, and so on–is a subordinate figure; the female principle of evil is pre-dominant. Hence, Satan’s mother, the “Whore of Babylon,”known otherwise as the Chaldean Ishtar, the Caananite Astarte,Isis, Venus, or the Phrygian Cybele. The ritual of the priestesses of Ishtar was an obscene “religious service” which concluded with the priestesses’ fornicating with the congregation. Hence, “Whore of Babylon,” and the associated position of Ishtar, Athtar, Astarte, Isis, and Venus as the patron goddess of prostitution. [A Mafia Specialty](Real History Of SatanismBy Lyndon LaRouche LaRouchePub, 1-17-5)

All Hail Britannia!

[1] The Malay Wali and Khalwat, Franz Yusuf von Hofler, ISTAC, KL, Malaysia, 2009
[2] Lee Kuan Yew’s Merlion, the icon of Singapore, is such a creature.