Consolidating The Heterosexual Imperative by Dr. Omar

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zaidpub (old blog)

An unfathomable supra-intelligence [52] established human life and support systems with compulsory protocols that constitute an integrated matrix of complementary gender duality as the basal kernel of human identity. Although conflict free when in congruence with somatic gender, few realize that the brain’s sexual orientation networks are independent of chromosomal complement. Even our root-gender disposition as male or female is affixed to cerebral rather than somatic structure and function, irrespective of genome or secondary phase social and environmental influences. Hence, gender orientation incongruence is deeply disturbing and anything but normal. Several decades of intense study have made it abundantly clear that human brain structure, networks and functions associated with sexual orientation are hormone dependent and neurologically hardwired within the fetal brain during the first trimester of gestation. Androgen basting of fetal brain tissue appears to be not only a chief determinant but also a finely tuned process that is easily disturbed by maternal stress, street drugs, environmental toxins and sundry pharmaceuticals.
Additional complications occur when unpleasant impositions attach cerebral-static sexual orientation to addictive behaviors and fetishes. Fetish fixation is linked to discordant pregnancy and dissonant early childhood insults, including familial Satanism and DoD mental conditioning (MK-ULTRA and Monarch programs) [x]. Sexual addiction is linked to poor self-image and boasts numerous vicissitudes, many of which manifest unhealthy and/or criminal behaviors stemming from boredom, and all of which purchase counterproductive inclinations that bring harm to self, others and community. These adverse developments generally reflect a cheerless absence of meaningful human relationships that engender trust and affection, particularly as effects from insults suffered during the first three years of life [53]. Jeffrey Dahmer is an example, having been rejected from birth by a distant non-affectionate mother; another is a nurse I married, who proved a textbook case of Paranoid Personality for similar reasons, compounded by incest [xi].
Cruel futility imprisons these and sundry other victims of developmental arrest with feral compulsions and proclivities that are non-transcendent, non-spiritualized, non-empathetic and/or socially disruptive. Innate drives for self-preservation and to be somebody important to somebody else are confounded because victims have scant ability to self-reflect and garner insight, perspective, quietude, empathy, and above all, trust. Boundaries are unappreciated while harmful social enmeshments insult social harmony and dignity on a continuum. This punishing state of trailer-trash mindfulness  struggles in vain to meet social challenges responsibly and is very susceptible to imaginations that muster ranks to messianic cults, sport stadiums, national anthems or Facebook and phantom utopias, Crusades and jihads, depending on ethno-cultural inclinations and strength of ignorance.
Endemic antisocial conditions in fictive milieus indict far more than precincts of inadequate social grace. Entire communities of arrested development presently seed harmful quanta by default and idiocentric intent. The author, in agreement with several writers, posits (H8) the demoralization stems from boardrooms that float moral and ethical defectives in chairs of authority and education where, ever since Bismarck’s Prussian reform of education in Napoleon’s wake, professors of cognitive dissociation progressively assure nest eggs for commissars of ‘political correctness’ on national and international scales. Dr. Lobaczewski claims that communism is the ontological root of PC cooperatives, although capitalism, fascism and communism all force the university of verity to back seats while vanity drives the bus of moral relativity to capitals of mis-governance attended by myopic science and absurd financial, accounting and economic theories.
But let us leave cold-hearted corporate selfishness [54] and return to Thor’s defense of decency and the consolidation of heterosexual identity that allows us to become important to each other. This phenomenon is difficult to describe because “he/she who has not tasted does not know” (Arab proverb). ‘Not Knowing’ embraces non-heterosexuals in near-unlivable bodies plus a goodly number of heterosexuals judging by Reality TV ratings and ideological campfires at universities where mozos with useless degrees leave offerings to the goddess of feminism and gender studies [55].
Heterosexual marriage stamps psyche and body with vitality and productivity. Its imprints on those who know its delights and benefits are, in my opinion, designed to reflect union with divine intention as an atavistic recall of whatever exalted estate Adam and Eve lost when they overstepped Eden’s license. This is likely why many refer to love and lover as ‘heavenly’, including atheists. The need to love and be loved is embedded by design within the core of human ‘being’, which is the human heart, the true ark of the divine covenant wherein echoes mankind’s other-wordily sourcing with a regulatory compulsion to repeatedly experience love’s rapture.

  • Mount Zion is symbolic. The scepter or rod mentioned in Gen 49:10 (Staff of Moses) was placed ‘in the Ark of the Covenant’. This references legitimate or ‘significant’ governance referred to as the “Greater Luminary” in Gen 1:14. Such governance is authentically sanctioned to oversee and regulate a polity that lives according to the ‘Law of God’. It is, therefore, the ‘Kingdom of God’ that Jesus said is “within you” (Lk 17:21), reinforced by prophetic (revealed knowledge) rather than Kingly or other auspice. Symbolically, it is the same given to Moses and that which once rested within the sacred limits of the Tabernacle on Mount Zion.  Zion represents a metaphysical fortress or city on a hill. It is the Rock of Revealed knowledge whereby human will is joined to divine will (“I and the Originator are united” or ‘I and the Father are one’}, upon which the righteous establish social relations according to precepts born of heart-felt comprehension. This Zion is the Mystical Heart of Rumi that “tastes” the truth of things as they really are [56]
  • Sex is [Foucault’s] “regulatory ideal” whose materialization is compelled, and this materialization takes place (or fails to take place) through certain highly regulated practices [57].

Mankind’s sexual compulsion is pan-human and although Foucault was degenerate, amoral and deeply disturbed, a “genius of the queer” per Noam Chomsky, he struck truth here. But more relevant to our discussion is the fact that select barkers like Karl Marx or Gloria Steinem were/are commissioned to disrupt traditional social order by attacking constructs that generally withstand moral stupidity in favor of divinely sponsored regulatory ideals. These Scribes and Pharisees of a hidden cult pen falsehoods that create a senseless panoptic-conned pseudo-cultural unity that is divisive and destructive. They are never completely veracious and specifically undermine all regulatory ideals.
To the contrary, licit heterosexual consummation constrains material and metaphysical constitutions of human ‘being’ by transcendent natural laws. These structural and psychic appointments comprise a predetermined gendered schema with defined perimeters that mark a highly regulated teleology. We cannot cross these borders except artificially, nor can we alter them without severe consequences, nor did we have any epistemological say or sway whatsoever in their several matters and manners or quintessence of manufacture. Humans can only cooperate or not with said circumstances in agreement with determinants that “service the consolidation of the heterosexual imperative” (ibid. p 13), another way of saying regulatory ideal. As the reader will learn, there are no LGBT imperatives because sexual drives and orientations are either masculine or feminine. Thus, the same constraints apply to the ambivalently gendered who, despite all objections, model one or the other by default, depending on cerebral bent.
Accordingly, pre-constituted material and metaphysical determinants compel us to perform a matter that is entirely prearranged. Puppet performativity continues until we are consumed by paroxysms of ecstasy followed by individual wakes of ‘for-better-or-worse’ out-comes brimming with respective quanta and neuroplasticity that align cognizance with habit. Although we did not constitute the matter under discussion, we can and do modify outcomes [58]. Human intention has a hand in the determination of ‘for-better-or-worse’ outcomes, yet it is subject to natural laws that are intrinsically established but not at all determined by human intent or deed. This implies that we are subjected ‘affected effects’ and mere secondary ‘effectors’ of said constitutions. So it is wise to abandon falsehood and learn primary rules rather than offend self and others with make-believe, as did Oscar Wilde.
Since we are not primary affecters but ‘subjected effects’, we are bound by the metaphysical and physical restraints that practicing Satanists abhor and endlessly attempt to thwart. What we consequently require, therefore, to establish and preserve social equanimity, is the secular synthesis of science with neo-metaphysics minus the superstitions of impious meddlers as we search Augustine’s cosmos to rise above his limited knowledge of divine agency.
The preordained path to optimized sexual consummation begins with non-toxic conception and normative fetal development, which is followed by postpartum tender loving care and touches [59], kisses, coos, cuddles and ‘ahs’, best administered by cymatic vibrations emanating from gender archetypal parents and grandparents. These apartheid and naturally congruent activities introduce mores’ and limitations that endorse basal gender identity. They also teach us to conduct our own tactile investigations of predesigned sensual probes, cavities and exquisitely created stimulation receptors (sexual response system), which is a non-derivative process whose ontogeny we had nothing whatsoever to do with, but enjoy as best we can.
We then proceed in cognitive amaze- and amusement to complete the tasking of gender identity’s confirmation and social positioning until paired questers surrender and privately witness the collapse of the masterly pretense we feign on playgrounds, stages and in courts of law. The only concrete decisions we make along the way involve answers to ‘who’ we investigate as well as ‘when’ and ‘where’. In well-ordered higher cultures, answers follow prequalifying rites of passage that demonstrate compliance with established constitutions plus ability and legitimacy [60]. All of this follows inherent regulatory norms like mountain streams subject to terrain and gravity. All derives from an autonomous system that defines standards and does not tolerate deceit. However, self-centered impositions can disrupt the process with harmful counter-currents. But left to itself under reasonable governance, the entire course obtains crucial gender signification for the incarnate human identity. This is to say:

  • [It] subjects us to gender, wherein we are subjectivated by gender, whereby the “I” neither precedes nor follows the process of gendering but emerges only within and as the matrix of gender relations themselves (ibid).  

It is crucial to the balance of this narrative to digest Dr. Butler’s unimpeachable conclusion. When unambiguous gender consolidation completes its initial stage of the I’s journey to purpose—once marked by the granting of a bachelor’s degree—the candidate is free to marry and seal the bargain, not just with a qualified complementary spouse but also with the community. Such rites of passage have all but been destroyed, and this by design.
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[xi]      During post divorce counseling (1996), my psychiatrist mentor handed me an oversized textbook opened to a certain page and instructed me to read. I found a perfect 1.5 page (small print) description of the wife I had just divorced, from birth! What was more shocking is that the textbook was older than she and no such vivid instructions had been given in my recent medical education.