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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

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Tue, 31 Aug 2021 01:28 UTC

Catherine Austin Fitts

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Catherine Austin Fitts

My longtime friend and colleague, Catherine Austin Fitts, who founded and heads up a marvelous and essential organization, Solari (, has suggested an approach to dealing with vaccine mandates.

This is an individual strategy, and it's much more. It could open a wide legal and financial doorway for every person who wants to exercise free choice when it comes to COVID vaccination.

Quoting from our email exchange, this is what Catherine wrote:
to specify who is legally liable, the employer or the vaccine maker or both, and how that relates to my health insurance, my disability insurance and my life insurance as well as workman's comp.

"I would file a case to demand FDA give clear guidance for employers for the informed consent required to explain who has liability for adverse events and related immunosuppression and toxicity and death, I see Catherine's approach as a method of getting many players to lay their cards on the table:
I need to know how liability for potential injury works. Who would be legally liable? What about insurance coverage and payouts? The government, corporate employers, and insurance companies spend a great deal of time putting together policies regarding these two basic issues — legal and financial liability. They have teams of lawyers who design their policies.

Half of modern society runs on preparing for potential liability claims from the other half.

The thing is, despite their standard liability policies, corporate and government employers aren't ready for a blizzard of well-formed and pointed queries that put them on the spot, regarding their VACCINATION RESPONSIBILITY. These queries shake them up. It's a bit like investigators getting a very shady hedge fund owner to open up his books to scrutiny.

So...a corporate supervisor sits down with an employee who's just been told he must get the COVID vaccine:
The employee says, "I'm not saying no. I just want to know the conditions."
Corporate Supervisor responds:

"Nothing unusual. Who is responsible, in case I happen to suffer an injury."

"The vaccine."

"I want to know who has legal and financial responsibility in that case. This corporation, government entities, my health and life insurance, workman's comp, disability insurance, the person administering the injection..."

"Just covering my bases. My brother-in-law is an attorney. He's requesting some of this information from the FDA."

"This is just routine. When something is mandated, a responsible person wants to understand the consequences of following the mandate."

"I'm sure the company lawyers can help out here. Everybody has liability policies these days."

"Sure. Of course."This is round one. The opening gambit. The second conversation might start like this:

"Yes, I know. My attorney is querying that with the FDA."

"For example, what about medical personnel who don't follow correct procedures? The vial of vaccine wasn't stored at a low enough temperature? But with you and the company, I'm interested in knowing what responsibility you would take. I'm on a company health insurance plan. What is the payout, and under what conditions, if I'm injured? I'll need that information in writing...I've been reading my insurance policy. You see here, on page 14, where there's a mention of a doctor's confirming report? Would this be my doctor, the company's, the insurance carrier's? I asked my physician about this, and he wasn't sure..."Bit by bit, piece by piece, the employee gathers information. If he's going to mount a challenge to the mandated vaccination, he wants to know where he stands, in detail. And he wants to let his employer know, in every way possible, that he's serious and competent. And he wants to get his employer to go on the record with as many assurances and confirmations as possible, relating to the employer's financial and legal responsibilities.

When you think it through, it turns out that what the employee is asking for is quite reasonable. I'm picturing this approach where parents are up against fascist school boards as well. In addition to raising hell about COVID restrictions at school board meetings, several parents could be making dozens of recorded requests for information:
"What happens if my doctor certifies that my child has incurred an infection from wearing a mask all day in class? Are you prepared to take financial and legal responsibility in that situation? I want to see your policy on this in writing..."

"I want assurances that the other children are wearing masks that actually block the virus. I can provide documentation confirming that many types of masks are incompetent in this regard — including a statement from Dr. Fauci..."At, Catherine and her team have put together highly useful, penetrating, and original documents that people can use, in a variety of situations where vaccinations are mandated.

The ceaseless propaganda about the need for vaccination produces a trance-effect in the public. Many actions are necessary, in order to break the spell.

Active intelligent people working their way into the Policy Beast of the Establishment create dissonant chords.

As a matter of course, officials and corporate employers sit smugly on their little thrones, believing they have the situation well in hand. But when they're put to the test, they often come up short.

The devil is in the details. When free and independent people drill down deeper and deeper, demanding those details, throne rooms shudder.

Question: "If I follow this approach, is there any guarantee I can avoid receiving the vaccine?"

Answer: There are no guarantees, except rock-bottom refusal to take the shot, no matter what. With the above approach, you may discover the mandating entity backs off, makes unexpected exceptions to the rule, inadvertently confesses to committing violations. All sorts of things can happen on a relentless fact-finding mission.

Omar Zaid

Author, Editor, Physician & Essential Monotheist