"Deliberate Stupidity" - Michael O'Bernicia is Suing UK Parliament for Covid Fraud

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

It will be the first time allegations of treason have been made since the aftermath of WWII, whilst genocide is a crime under international law and such allegations would almost certainly be dealt with in the Hague.

We will also be seeking an order placing the entire cabinet and their advisers under house arrest, as well as the dissolution of Parliament, to prevent the rogue government from attempting to murder more people [as well as its opponents, under the new homicide enabling act] with purported statutory impunity.

Indeed, what they’ve done is, in fact, treason.  They should all be shot!  ~ oz

Source: “Deliberate Stupidity” – Michael O’Bernicia is Suing UK Parliament for Covid Fraud – henrymakow.com

the second wave is going to be driven by junk science and media hype.

and, of course, S T U P I D I T Y