Deport Taib’s Bomohs, Home Ministry Urged

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

by Joseph Tawie | May 2, 2011
The bomohs are accused of controlling the chief minister in all the decision makings involving the state administration, political affairs as well as family affairs.
KUCHING:  Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s cousin and ex-PBB leader Salleh Jafaruddin today urged the Home Ministry to deport three foreign bomohs from Sarawak to save the state from them.
“Our ‘semi-insane leader’ is now helpless in many aspects since the departure of his late wife.
“In fact the evil satanic influence of his bomohs has long established their influences and encircled and surrounded Taib and the family since the last 10 years.
“He and the state will eventually be destroyed if no action is taken immediately to stop their evil influence,” he said in a statement today. The statement was also supported by another former Sarawak leader Bujang Ulis.
Salleh said that the three bomohs, including one known as Stella Rachman, were playing a big role in influencing Taib to destroy “our democratic legacy”.
He accused the bomohs of controlling the chief minister in all the decision makings involving the state administration, political affairs as well as family affairs.
“Let us come together to destroy them before it is too late. It is now or never,” he added.
He urged Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to immediately revoke all the immigration passes issued to these bomohs so that they could be deported out of the country immediately.
Otherwise, he warned, the people of Sarawak will rise up to exercise their rights to make citizen’s arrest against the three bomohs.

Salleh contested againt Taib in Balingian in the state polls but failed to unseat his cousin. Taib’s party PBB won all 35 seats they contested while the state BN retained its two thirds in the state despite the opposition pact making serious inroads by winning 16 seats.
Salleh however said that Taib should not be too proud of BN’s victory as the overall results showed that the opposition gained strong popular votes.
“This massive support for the opposition, in spite of the many odds, indicates one clear picture that the opposition has tremendously increased and widened its support base in Sarawak.
“BN’s win especially in Malay/Melanau constituencies of 27 PBB/SPDP seats were designed by PBB outfits under the financial control of Raziah Mahmud through the massive employment of imported gangsters from Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, the Sarawak silat groups, Kemas, and Election Commission employed thugs.
“They loitered freely within all polling centres during the polling day by using threats against the voters who wanted to exercise their right,” Salleh alleged, pointing out that the atmosphere on the polling day was fully regimented like a military rule state administration.
He also claimed that voters were given between RM200 and RM1,000 per vote and in the longhouse areas, Ibans were given RM1,000 per door and RM200 per voter on the last night before polling.
“The distribution was carried out by Raziah-employed thugs driving more than one hundred flashy four wheel drives owned by Raziah and RH groups during the wee hours of the polling eve.
Raziah is Taib’s sister.