Dr Mikovits: Vaccine Could Kill Tens of Millions in America 

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

There is good news on the inability of the vaccine makers to deliver a vaccine that passes even rudimentary safety standards. It must be emphasized that 4 promising vaccines for SARs were produced. They all had very good antibody counts. Then they encountered the wild SARs virus and the vaccinated subjects started dying like flies. Since these rushed vaccines will not face challenges from a wild virus in the testing phase, the vaccination program will stop when the first wave of vaccinated test subjects die.
There is another problem. Bill Gates smirked when he said, “They aren’t paying attention to this virus but they will pay attention when the next one arrives.” He is saying that after we have been vaccinated and chipped that our Global Masters will release Bioweapon 2, which, unlike covid, will not have to rely on hype to scare us. This one will kill us by the tens of millions, especially the vaccinated ones.
You are being toyed with people !  ~ oz
Dr Mikovits: Vaccine Could Kill Tens of Millions in America | Video Rebel’s Blog