Fabricated Hadith, the Ahlul Bayt and the term Good Bida'h by Brother Saeed Hoque

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)
Oct 15, 2012
Salaam Brothers & Sisters,
In every field of endeavor in the Dunya there are pre-requisites before we advance to higher levels. For example, rarely will a university accept someone for an M.Sc. Degree study, if someone does not already have a B.Sc. Degree in the same field.  Another example…someone would make a fool of himself in front of Investment Manager if he were to argue about how great an investment without having his/her logic together.
Would the same situation apply if someone were to argue with a Hadith Master?  Surely Shaykh Wiki cannot be our source.  So how come we take Dunya knowledge so seriously and take the knowledge of the Deen so lightly.  Isn’t there a danger in misguiding others without having proper knowledge, and have we realized the consequences and ramifications of misguiding others knowingly or due to lack of knowledge.
We are already experiencing the wrath of the literalists who interpret Jihad as incumbent on every Muslim without even knowing how to prioritize the stages of Struggle against oppression, as our beloved Prophet (saas) had done.
My teacher Dr. Israr Ahmad categorized Struggle as 9 stages.  But the literalists has gone to the top one (armed struggle at the last option) straight away because of their misguided understanding of the stages of struggle.  They are even willing to take help from the enemy and readily willing to kill Muslims towards the end goal.
In Islam the end does not justify the means we take to achieve our goals.  That would lead to anarchy as each of us would interpret Hadith from our personal vantage point.  The means have to be sorted carefully otherwise at the end of the road there will not be any rewards from Allah MH waiting for us.
In every system there are foundations and structures that leads to stability, human development and prosperity.  Even in the Western context they have been able to achieve stability and some Justice so far because there has been some rule of law.  This has been eroding in the West because of hatred generated by corporate-controlled media whose shareholders have their own agenda.  However, they can only achieve their goals if they have a sizable number of people in their society who will sign on to the elite’s plans.  In this process the masses are committing acts of injustice against innocent people that will compromise justice and lead to their eventual downfall.  This is a masterplan of Shaytan that keeps people busy in fulfilling their desires, such that they slacken on meting out Justice until their nations are robbed by people of Shaytan.
This has started already.  Please read the recent US Supreme court sentencing of Holy Land Foundation charitable institution’s founders – 65 years in prison for what? For bringing smiles and toys to displaced refugee children in Palestine and other war-torn places.  This harsh ruling was done at the behest of Zionist lobbyist groups to keep promoting their war on terror and Islam as a threat to Civilization, whereas US, UK, Israel are the real threats to world peace and justice.
This level of brutality and non-chivalrous warfare can only be perpetrated by none other than the Master Deceiver, who does not just do whispering like Shaytan, instead he shoves everything down our throats things that are unpalatable to human conscience whether we like it or not.  Muslims should clearly understand that this is the beginning of Dajjal’s last phase before his physical appearance.
But that does not mean that Justice will emerge automatically in the presence of a void, unlike nature that abhors vacuum.  The Muslim countries are in worse shape where if one has money one can get away with murder.  Allah SWT mentions in the Qur’an that He MH will give the upper hand to whoever will uphold Justice.  If Allah MH were to give the Muslims the upper hand we would do more injustice.  Allah MH mentions in Surah An’am, Ayat 65 that we will taste our own wrath of our division into sects and tribes:
  • Say: “He is able to send punishment for you from above your heads, or from below your feet, or He may put you confusion among you by making you you into different sects and make you taste the violence of one another.” see how variously We explain the Signs, so that they may understand.
Look at what the literalists have done in Libya, and now doing in Syria at the behest of any master who will supply ammunition to them.  This is because they have not gone through proper purification process to achieve clarity in their mind as to who they are doing it for – personal anger against the oppression and rulers or purely for the sake of Allah MH as Ali (rA’a) did in one of the battles, where he (rA’a) removed his sword when the Mushrik spat on him because at that moment he was not clear who he would kill for – his personal grievance or for Allah MH’s sake.
Because of the clarity of their minds, patience and purity of their intentions Allah SWT sent Angels to fight alongside to give them victory.  As for us we will have to experience chaos for Allah MH knows how long before we will come to Allah MH willingly, and promote Universal Justice for the good and well-being of all creation, and not just in far of ourselves, our families, or our clan, or our ethnicity, or our tribe.
So my brothers please refrain from passing Judgement on early three generations without any background in Islamic Scholarship.  If it is for personal satisfaction and comfort then do not publicize our own interpretation to others without verification from authentic scholars. And I do not mean those who have earned Ph.D.s In Islam In 4 or 5 years, and sometimes even under non-Muslim supervisors, where our previous scholars did not give a single fatwa until their teachers passed away.