Food Is the best Medicine: Eat Right for your blood type by dr omar

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zaidpub (old blog)

Malee Zaida & Omar @ Chaing Mai Flower festival, Dec 2011, Thailand

A few years ago a friend of mine asked me to read a book entitled “Eat Right for Your Type” by Dr. D’Aamo (  I told him not to waste my time, but he insisted and I’m glad he did.  Here’s why:  I was never keen on ‘fad diets’ as they came and went  like the top ten bubble-gum parade as far as I was concerned.  But the friend was a good man whom I took seriously as a companion in life, so I read the book.
It was the first diet book I came across that had a gestalt purview and was also based on sound science that took place over two generations in a Naturopathic family of doctors.  It was a combination of common sense and painstaking empirical observations made by the father who handed his notes to the son who then confirmed the thesis in the lab:
“People are naturally sensitive to certain foods that act like toxins and make them sick according to their constitution and blood type.”

  • “People are also sensitive to certain foods that act like medicine and increase their health and vitality according to their constitution and blood type.”

From being inclined to initially toss the book into file thirteen I was forced to repent as I read along.  You see, I’m a trained allopathic MD and homeopath to boot; I knew too much.  First thing I did was test the diet on myself and then my wife.  It worked.  Energy levels more than doubled overnight.  On the second morning, as an example, my wife rose early, made us breakfast, started the laundry, then went to work the fields clearing weeds until 10 AM, after which she finished the laundry, made lunch, took me to bed while the boy had a nap, and then went back to the field until supper.  Meanwhile I was laying brick all day except for the interludes involving food and love (age 56).
I had never seen her with so much vigor.  All she did was cut wheat out of her diet.  She was type O.
Since then I have recommended the diet to several acquaintances and a few internet “pateints” (I haven’t practiced medicine in ten years now and read the book 6-7 years ago).  All of these people improved and one lady with crippling arthritis even threw away her cane and pain medicines then told her doctor to go back to school ((She was only 28 yrs old, also stopped wheat).  Another elderly Thai woman also went back to working the rice paddy after her crippling arthritis resolved in one week (age 67).
Hence, I publish a slimmed down version of the Western diets which I carefully extracted from the book.  Oriental food has not been tested so far as i know.  I hope to do this as a research project in Malaysia or Thailand. Here they are.
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Download Pdf files below for diets

Diet_Blood Type O

Diet_Blood Type B

Diet_Blood Type AB

Diet_Blood Type A