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Excerpt From The Primacy of Heterosexual Marriage
Khadija brought food and drink to Mohammad during his retreats. Her life force, her prana, her vibration-stimulating bio-photons, her chi-emanating Yin-aether and bio-magnetic field (aura), suffused his sustenance and his Yang-aether. She became his personal tea ceremony, saturating him with feminine workings that comprise half of the three loves and one-fourth of the deen. She alone qualified for the sacred reciprocity. No other woman could have done so. This is why he remained monogamous while she lived, and why Aisha envied her memory. No one could replace her because his being had already been completed by her. Hence, all other wives were superfluous, which is why Al’Qur’an says they could easily be replaced (See Mohammad’s Wives below).
Thus Speaks Omar, the Sinner:
Oh Muslims! You tire the Moon. You isolate, abuse, suppress, repress and murder your women. You savagely amputate their God-given privates. You keep them ignorant and dressed in sacks with bags over their heads. She is weary of you. She complains to God of having to share her beams with you.
You shamefully remove yourselves from divine love; from the mystical heart of Isa’s Imago Dei; from relationship with reciprocal kindliness and Allah’s good pleasure; from His intent, guidance, wisdom and protection, and from all other supererogatory graces. You wander in deserts of blame, of unforgiveness; you attend gilded prattle and legalism like Sadducees of eternal demerit.Without polishing the mirror of gender reciprocity and without sextant of spousal complementarity you cannot be guided by the Three Loves, by synergy.
You inbred in-the-bone hypocrites; you practice incest and smile on Friday, the ‘worst of generations’: an arrogant mob of ignorant homicidal savages too easily reaching for your knives, of lust-filled yobs, inferior even to the Arabs of the jahilayyah. You spawn hordes of poorly informed, badly married offspring, or worse, no marriage. Greed-filled elders, parents, mullahs and leaders have made it too difficult for love to manifest in the face of disguised riba, of honor killings, of sectarian hogwash, of dancing boys, of pederasty and sex slaves.

Ask no more ‘Where is the God of Mohammad?’
The Divine Performative does not attend brutes.
Pray what you like, it will do no good.

Mohammad’s Wives
The 66th chapter of Quran Majid called Tahreem, deals exclusively with the subject of the conduct of the wives of the Prophet. One of its verses has been quoted above in connection with the incident of “honey.” Its fourth and fifth verses read as follows:

  • If you two turn in repentance to Him (to Allah), your hearts are indeed so inclined; but if you back up each other against him, truly Allah is his protector, and Gabriel, and (every) righteous one among those who believe, – and furthermore the angels – will back (him) up.
It may be, if he divorced you (all), that Allah will give him in exchange consorts better than you.

There is not a consensus of the commentators of Quran Majid and the historians upon the particular incident which is under reference in these two verses. Some of them say that the Prophet told something in confidence to Hadhrat Hafsa. She was, however, unable to keep the secret, and disclosed it to Hadhrat Ayesha. This breach of confidence drew the foregoing censure upon one of them for “betraying a confidence, and upon the other for encouraging the betrayal,” thus “abetting each other’s wrong.”
Explaining the verses of the 66th chapter of Quran Majid, A. Yusuf Ali, its translator and commentator, writes as follows:

  • The Prophet’s household was not like other households. The Consorts of Purity were expected to hold a higher standard of behavior and reticence than ordinary women, as they had higher work to perform. But they were human beings after all, and were subject to the weaknesses of their sex, and they sometimes failed. The imprudence of Hadhrat Aisha once caused serious difficulties: the holy Prophet’s mind was sore distressed, and he renounced the company of his wives for some time . … Hadhrat Umar’s daughter, Hafsa, was also sometimes apt to presume on her position, and when the two combined in secret counsel, and discussed matters and disclosed secrets to each other, they caused much sorrow to the holy Prophet, whose heart was tender and who treated all his family with exemplary patience and affection.