Friends of Barry Chamish send an urgent SOS

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Salaam To One & All,
I just received this email re: Barry Chamish.
Hello friends of Barry Chamish,
We see evidence leading us to believe that Barry is in serious danger caused by two medicines the hospital is giving Barry, and his YouTube web page has disappeared.
We visited Barry Sunday – December 25th, before the surgery and we talked about his options to avoid the surgery. We discussed that the scope would lead to the sales pitch for surgery. We had intelligent conversations with reasonable conclusions (if you believe in AMA doctors). But, with Barry, all of the conversations were good reasonable and rational discussions. He was the normal Barry.
We went back to see Barry yesterday Sunday – January 1st, and the first thing we noticed was the hospital has Barry on a bad medicine that is altering Barry’s thinking. Our first assumption was the hospital had to give Barry some medicine to prevent him from getting over stressed. We didn’t say anything about it last night.
I talked with Barry this morning, Monday January 2nd, about that medicine and he had come to the same conclusion about one of the medicines. Right away, he went to the nurses’ station to say he wants them to stop giving him that medicine. After that conversation, Barry had another round of high blood pressure. Sometime today, Barry’s Doctor friend from Hebron, Daisy Stern, had a strong conversation with the Flagler Hospital staff that they are making a mistake about that medicine. We don’t know if or what they changed.
We talked with Barry this evening and we found several things. The hospital is still giving Barry the same medicine that makes him confused, but now they are delivering it through IV so, he doesn’t know what they are giving him. Another thing that makes this all look like a set-up is the hospital had a psychologist to visit with Barry this morning.  Maybe this is just a hospital incompetency, but we can think of many reasons and testimonials not to trust the AMA medical system. Barry was almost killed by the medical system in Israel, which is why he came to America. But if the only problem is hospital incompetency then why are all of his talk radio shows missing from YouTube?
We are not very familiar with the AMA medical system, but we know we are witnessing a dangerous problem, and it might even be premeditated with some large dark figures secretly in the background. Does anyone know how to get this problem resolved?
It seems that Barry needs help and though we are willing, we don’t know how to help from here. So, we are writing you all to get feedback and help.
Thank you in advance for your help,
Steven Henry – Barry’s web and IT guy