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zaidpub (old blog)

Thank you David Pidscock ….

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Strecker face-to-face in Phoenix Arizona for an entire weekend back in 1990 … we both were training for advance life support/trauma care certification. He shared lunches and his story and his research… I had the first copies of his VCR lecture in my clinic at the time …. No one believed us …  ~ dr o

The Strecker Memorandum

Dr. Robert B. Strecker passed away on April 15, 2018 due to an auto accident. He was America’s first credentialed AIDS whistleblower with his scholarly video presentation of research into early genetic engineering studies mutating viruses. Sadly, Dr. Strecker was attacked and belittled for his work even though independent investigations corroborated his claims. Nevertheless, Dr. Strecker was a dedicated and selfless man who was passionate about his work, his patients, and the understanding and fighting of disease.

This is the most controversial video you’ll ever see. Dr. Robert Strecker refutes, with documented evidence, virtually everything the so-called experts

and Government reports have told you about AIDS. He asserts in no uncertain terms that:

  • AIDS is a man-made disease,
  • AIDS is not a homosexual disease,
  • AIDS is not a venereal disease,
  • AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes,
  • and there can never be a vaccine.

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