Harun Yahya, The Freemasonic Asset

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)
Dr Omar, June 2013
Dr Omar, June 2013

Editor’s Note: I always knew Harun Yahya was an off-color Muslim sensationalist and bit of a Pied Piper ala the Hermeneutic fallacy.  A visiting scholar once told me he went to his house in search of scholarship funds only to find it filled with scantily clad ladies of the type the prophet warned about (pbh).  This frank confession from the horse’s mouth confirms it.  I also suspect he’s an intelligence asset for one of Al’Dajahl’s many murder incorporated psyops networks.  You would do well to stay away from him and his books.  If they’re in your house or shop, burn them.
Thank you Omer Niaz for sending me this revelation.  May Allah reward you for your vigilance.
__________  Harun Yahya ( Adnan Oktar) 
On his tv show openly claims to be a 33rd degree Freemason says that he can spread Islam through the lodges:


From his post:


They say, “How dare you to become a Freemason?”; furthermore a Grand Master. I did not request it. The Freemasons themselves declared me as a Grand Master. I did not participate in the oath of enlistment. But they said, ‘We have assessed your knowledge, profundity and declare you Grand Freemason.” And I thanked him. I consider it as a compliment, insha’Allah. I will show you the medal they granted.
Some of our brothers are shallow in thinking. They ask, “Is it necessary to be a Christian to enter a church?” My brother, a church is open to everyone, anyone has access to it. For instance in Istanbul there is the Grand Club. Only members are allowed in, not everyone can enter. If you want to communicate the message of Islam there, you become a member and then enter. In Freemasonry also, of course if you want to talk about Islam you need to be a member. Non-members are not allowed. Even if you are a member, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to deliver a lecture and carry out activities that will enlighten them about Islam. You need to be a Grand Freemason. 33rd Degree. You need to be a Grand Master. Since I have become a Grand Master, I have assumed the position of communicating the message as I like. Right now, I have the allowance to have discourse and lecture in the USA and I’m now having a discourse in America, Russia, China, India, England, in all the Freemason lodges. Furthermore, the Italian Freemasons Lodge told me that if I wished, they could grant the allowance to install lodges here. Because I did not have such a request, I thanked him but declined. But Grand Freemasonry is adequate for communicating the message. In the Freemasons lodges in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, especially in the lodges in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, everywhere, we currently have the opportunity to communicate the message of Islam freely. Right now, we can communicate the message of Islam in the most strategic locations of the American Army. We can communicate Islam and the Qur’an. We can explain the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism. This is important in this sense.
That is, that mindset expressed by our brothers is inaccurate. That is, “Is it necessary to be a Christian in order to enter a church?” is very inaccurate. Because when you become a Mason, you don’t change your faith. But when you become a Christian you change your belief. You become a member in that club. When you become a Grand Master you have the authority to communicate Islam, to lecture, and be a pioneer in all sorts of ideological works. This is an important opportunity, there is no rationale in feigning ignorance about it. There are great differences between the two. For instance, we can adopt the rationale “In order to enter a synagogue, you have to be a Jew.” You can enter a synagogue if you wish. But Masonry is a giant institution that governs the world. It dominates throughout the world. The Freemasonry of Iran, the Freemasonry of India, for instance, they are very powerful in the world. Consequently it is a vital issue to be able to communicate Islam in a great structure that governs the world and spread Islam.
We are not in a state to await the spread of atheism all over the world. Of course we want Islam to spread there. We want the Qur’an to be understood. We want real Islam to be understood and we are quite successful. We become very influential. Indeed in many Masonic institutions, we have had many beautiful activities that tell of faith and the Qur’an. Many thanks to God.
There are some explanations of the Templar Knights. There are some documents, I will show them. I have the document of Grand Mastery. I will show this, insha’Allah. I will show my Freemasonry diploma and the medals. Some people show allergic reactions to it but these reactions are irrational because they granted the Masonry diploma to me, without me asking for it. They granted me the status of Grand Master. I did not have any requests, I did not participate in any ceremonies. I did not go through any rituals or had a change in faith. As a Muslim, as a faithful person, I was granted these documents. And these statutes are consigned to me. Yes I will show them, insha’Allah.
The medal granted by the Italian Freemasonry Lodge. The medal granted by the Templar Knights. The medal granted by the American Army. Let’s not go into any details, these are sufficient.
Some of our brothers assume such a stance because of jealousy, some of them because of insufficient information; they assume a tone as if a person divorces from religion when he becomes a Freemason. This is not the case. This is an opportunity granted by God so that we can communicate God’s religion in the Lodges of the Freemasons. To conclude, it is a blessing, because none of our Muslim brothers can go into a Masonic Lodge and communicate God’s religion. This is a first in the history of Freemasonry. Speaking out about the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism in the Lodges is happening for the first time. It is unprecedented. Islam and the Qur’an is – for the first time – being explicitly talked about. That unprecedented incident is a beauty.