"He's a pathological liar': Cornell chemistry professor Dave Collum unloads on Dr. Fauci and covid hysteria 

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Where I went off the rails is that it was looking like the pandemic was starting to subside and they weren’t stopping. “So now what I see, what is confounding to me, which takes me down really dark places. I see panic. Panic, authoritarian levels that we vaccinate. And it’s Soviet style propaganda, it’s coercion, it’s bludgeoning.”
Collum and Irons then discussed the lab leak theory, which Irons had ruminated about in-depth during a previous podcast days earlier. “I’d call it a crime against humanity,”
There’s no ethical guidelines for some of the egomaniacs in science.”
The discussion then moves on to vaccines, where Collum is quick to point out non-sequiturs in the “official” narrative: “It’s incoherent because they’re saying if you get vaccinated you’ll be protected and then they’re saying the people who are not vaccinated are risking the other people who are vaccinated and I’m like ‘which is it?’
“To vaccinate kids is nuts. And you know what else is psychotic?
The moment where it crossed the dotted line was December 2020. The vaccine had been out for a very brief period. The CDC tweeted, I can recite it almost verbatim, although there are no studies, there’s no reason pregnant women shouldn’t get the vaccine. “You’re telling these women who are told ‘don’t even drink a fucking glass of wine’ to get a god damn MRNA vaccine even though there’s no studies?
That showed you the sociopathy of the campaign.”
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