Incarnation & The Covenant of Touch

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zaidpub (old blog)

The Comfort and The Rest of God

Excerpt from The Taqwa of Marriage
by Omar Zaid
All Rights Reserved

As cited already, sexualization of the body begins prior to birth as does the incarnation of the soul.  At twenty weeks the body and mind are already sexed and the angels speak forth the child’s destiny as an imprint on both body and soul whereby the process of integrating three human components (i.e., etheric life-force, soul, and body) begins to work its way towards the writ of destiny.  Incarnation is not complete until the fontanels (cranial sutures) close by ossification after the first three seven-year cycles, round about the age of 21-22.  According to Al’Qur’an, another three cycles pass before full maturity is reached:

“… And she brings him forth with hardship, and the bearing of him, and the weaning of him is thirty months, till when he attains full strength and reaches forty years …” (Q, 46:15)

During the first year, the child actually grows down (i.e. from head to toe) rather than up.  The first organs it gains initial control of are the mouth and eye, and by the end of 2 months it has some control over the head and neck and clearly sees and smiles appropriately on recognition of its intimate companions.  By 3-4 months the soul gains control of head, neck, shoulders and upper-limbs, which permits intentional groping and grasping with voluntary effort.  By 6 months, most human souls have entered the lower spine and thighs and are able to sit, and by 8 months the lower limbs are activated willfully so the little creature can crawl and get into trouble.  This first mini-cycle or wave of the soul’s incarnation completes itself at about 12 months at which time the soul has reached the feet and the baby attempts its first steps.
All this while, the senses of touch,  taste and sight predominate in guiding its pristine intellect.  Thus begins the long process of learning to discern good from bad (i.e., desirable from undesirable & beneficial from harmful) in the dunya or earthly material existence.  This process takes place in a dream-like cognition with very little signs of willfulness (consciousness) in the adult sense.  The baby reacts-to rather than acts-on its new earthly environment and is entirely hapless except for its ability to cry for help in order to get the attention required for need-fulfillments and the security that provides the pleasure of peace and contentment.
This ‘helpless’ first twelve to eighteen months is a crucial time of sexualization.  When parents act upon the child with gentleness, the child automatically responds in kind providing illness and insults like immunizations or dietary foolishness do not injure the developing organs of cognition and volition.  The gentle touch and voice of the parents actually encourage the soul to penetrate the body’s CNS (Central Nervous System) with its predesigned roadmaps that develop outward from-the-heart and downward from-the-eyes towards the skin (surface) and beyond.  The soul gains control of its body with steadfast faithfulness and it struggles to overcome and penetrate the untrained body so that spastic cum voluntary muscle movements become fluid.
All of this and much more comprises a conditioned foundation for life-long sexualization as an expression of iman (faith) and trust vis-à-vis the mediation of the sense of touch.  From infancy and ideally, the baby is repeatedly comforted and reassured that all is well and that he/she is doing fine and that most importantly, God has and will continue to meet his/her needs through the companionship of parents and siblings—most especially the mother.  This covenant of comforting security during infantile helplessness is what establishes and increases faith and trust in God as an initial mirror of the pre-incarnate Covenant with Allah (Q, 7:172-173), and this, more that anything else, paves a path of metaphysical gold for the development of virtue in the years to come.

“And Isaac was comforted by his wife upon the death of Sarah.” (Genesis, Al’Taurat)

The sentiment here is far deeper than what is commonly imagined and is glossed over much too quickly by those who divorce piety from sexuality.  This covenant of “comfort” via touch cannot be established in any other fashion to the pleasure of Allah.  It is, after all, His design.   Touch is the loving deed that causes the metaphysically osmotic process of incarnation in the only manner that permits a perfectly balanced integration of the three human life components: the etheric formative or life-force, the soul, and the flesh (material).  The need for this comforting touch never departs—even in its perversion—and remains a life-long motivator for human commerce and the medium for sentience.  At the end of every day, the comfort of loving arms and sweetened sleep cannot be excelled in the human experience—it simply doesn’t get any better than this fearless return to the “Rest of God” in the company of your most intimate companion:

“… and Allah knows well your moving about, and your place of rest in your homes.” (Q, 47:19)

Those who disagree have not experienced this small parcel of Jannah’s delight and peace in the deen as intended by Allah.  They have not yet penetrated the mysteries revealed in Al’Qur’an despite their many recitations.  Meta-physicians who lack the experience actually sublimate their ignorance and loss with the foolishness of pious ecstasy like good Catholic Saints who married Jesus or jinn posing as angels.[i] The potency of the sexual instinct is primal and all encompassing, and when it is not satiated naturally according to the Divine Order of governance, its dynamic is so fierce that its perversion becomes a kind of insanity.  If Allah meant for us to be so spiritual as to be one with Him or to marry Jinn and angels, what need then for the magnificence of creation and the delicate intricacies of incarnation along with its life trial?—all of which are meant to submit to Allah in obedient worship according to His design rather than chimerical innovations manufactured by frustrated gurus of mind boggling speculations: those who have abandoned common sense for fancy.
“He it is Who sent down As-Sakkinah (calmness and tranquility) into the hearts of the believers, that they may grow in Faith along with their (present) Faith.”
“Indeed, Allah was pleased with the believers when they gave the Bai’ah (pledge) to you (O Muhammad) under the tree: He knew what was in their hearts, and He sent down As-Sakkinah (calmness and tranquility upon them…”
“They will call therein for every kind of fruit in peace and security.”
“Then there will be safety and peace from the punishment of Allah”.
“And He it is Who has withheld their hands from you and your hands from them in the midst of Makkah, after He had made you victors over them…”

(Q, 48:4; 48:18 (see also 44:51); 44:55 (see also 52:20); 56:91; &48:24)

The ‘Rest of God’ is manifest by peace and tranquility (As-Sakkinah), and is actually the state of peace one attains in taqua’s rest from the fear of hell.  It is a covenant of faith (iman) and a gift of grace in which there are two impartations as indicated in v. 48:4 above; the first being at birth where it is written that every child is born a natural Muslim inclining itself towards God with inherent (inborn) faith and purity (innocence).  The second is on reaching the age of reason and taking the covenant sincerely and consciously.  At this time, the Covenant (pledge of faith) as mentioned above, is confirmed by the hand (again by touch v.44:55), but the giving or withholding of this metaphysical touch is by Allah, as plainly stated in v. 24.  This touch can be reversed to war as is also implicit in the verse.   All manifestations depend upon the dispensation of grace, and grace depends upon man’s effort to attain it; i.e., via deeds rather than just ritual or even prayer.  We may conclude therefore, that those who live without this dispensation live in a constant state of war, unconsciously with God, themselves, their family and their neighbors, and consciously with their known enemies.  This estate is discussed and described in the next section.
Is it not ‘peace and tranquility’ that surround the infant and for which every effort (deed) is made by the mother to maintain it?  Is it not As-Sakkinah that the infant gives and seeks in return when its precious little hand grasps that of its mother and father?  Is this touching (deed) not a covenant of trust and affirmation of Faith?  Arise in your heart and observe; ponder and contemplate this reality dear reader: this touching is the very first manifestation of faith!  Therefore, it is incumbent upon the parents to not only take the pledge of their infant, but also to maintain their taqua because they are the babe’s collective imam in  the masjid of marriage and the arena of earthly life (deen), so as to soberly guide this same child to the second conscious pledge at puberty.
It is no accident that:
1.     The ‘age of reason’ (puberty and accountability) is the same age in which the end-organ sexual response system is activated;
2.    That in search of Amana the sexualization of the infant, via touching, both psychologically and physiologically occurs during the first forty-five months of Human development;  and
3.    That this same intimacy is required for a successful happy marriage and/or completed deen (conscious fulfillment of destiny).
All three are inextricably related to faith as the only covenant bringing the fullness of As-Sakkinah (peace and security) to the human experience.  Hence, in Islam this experience is perfected according to the divine order.  This is the essence and tawhid of “faith with certainty,” a phrase that is repeatedly used throughout Al’Qur’an.  It is As-Sakkinah that lovers seek in each other’s arms.  Do they not sleep like babes bathed by the afterglow of orgasm and within the ‘Rest of God’ during which time they are renewed?  Is their covenant not one of trust, and are they not comforted?  Did God not design this entire affair?
Imagine that every part of your body surface is senseless and you will appreciate the emotional isolation from both God and man suffered by many who are deprived of this “comfort’.  Those who are chronically depressed have given up hope for this comfort, or even worse, no longer take pleasure in it when offered because their very soul has become numb (senseless).  Of such an ilk are anti-social psychotics and sundry sociopaths.  Therapeutically, some must be re-trained as if they were infants, and all sex therapy accomplishes this by the initiation of what is termed ‘non-sexual touching’ — and now you know why.

[i] Marriage with Angels
Based on 80,000 pages of private revelations that Gabriele Bitterlich allegedly received from heaven, the Opus Angelorum was founded in Austria in the years shortly after the Second World War. The 80,000 manuscript pages written by Frau Bitterlich came into existence within a period of only two months:  [See Note below] Opus Angelorum retreat masters state: “an angel stood behind her and commanded: ‘Write!’…The angel didn’t give her a moment’s peace, and she had to write almost continuously for the entire time.”
Attracted to the various retreats and days of recollection sponsored by the Opus Angelorum, the unsuspecting faithful are led more and more deeply into a spirituality which is quasi-Masonic in its degree-based structure–from the promise to the guardian angel at the lower end to the angelic consecration in the middle to the consecration of atonement at the upper level. The goal is to become an “alter angelus.” Consecration requires a “spiritual marriage” with an angel that a name is assigned to probably from the list of names given to Bitterlich in her two months of revelations…
The fast growth of Opus Angelorum over 20 years is due to great devotion to Adoration, very reverent priests at Mass, good Confessors, and both priests and nuns dress according to the old laws before Vatican II.  The outward signs are good, just like Pius X Society, but the disobedience and secret rituals are the problems…   Gabriele Bitterlich (1896-1978), a Tyrolean housewife who originally came from Vienna, is greatly venerated by the organization as “The Mother”.  But Bitterlich’s background shows a family steeped in spiritualism and esoteric literature, above all occult Jewish Kabbala teachings.  Some of “Mother” Gabriele’s angels bear the names of cabalistic Sefirot…
By making use of the occult practice of “mystical marriage with the angels” – an idea, by the way, which is traceable to the Jewish Gnostic Kabbala – Opus Angelorum was involved in a pertinacious way in violating the consciences of its members. [What is being described is the alchemical wedding familiar to Gnostics and associated with Christian Rozenkreutz… The mysterious Arab Abramelin transmitted to the equally mysterious Abraham of Worms, a nebulous recipe for the compilation of personal rituals that are to lead to a communication/communion with the personal Holy Guardian Angel. By these means one becomes firstly befriended with the Angel and secondly, the master of the demons. The process seems to be reciprocal: Human and Angel become One and together forge a bridge to the divine…
In 1945, L Ron Hubbard became involved with Crowley’s acolyte, Jack Parsons. Parsons wrote to Crowley that Hubbard had “described his angel as a beautiful winged women (sic) with red hair, whom he calls the Empress, and who had guided him through his life and saved him many times. In the Crowleyite system, adherents seek contact with their “Holy Guardian Angel”. (“Factnet: Hubbard and the Occult”)…
“The Work of the Holy Angels (Opus Angelorum for short) arose through the instrumentality of Gabriele Bitterlich (b. 1897), who from early childhood had enjoyed a singular intimacy with her own Guardian Angel, who conversed with her visibly, counseled and guided her. This grace remained a very personal and private matter until the latter part of the 1940’s when the intensification of this charism, together with her obedience to her spiritual director led to the initiation of the Work of the Holy Angels at Innsbruck, Austria. From the beginning of this charism, the focus of the angels was always upon the greater glorification of God and the salvation and sanctification of souls, particularly of priests. Only from this perspective could the apocalyptic proliferation of the angelic mission within the Church be properly understood…

OPUS ANGELORUM – Satanism and Disobedience By Richard Salbato, 2-16-2007