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zaidpub (old blog)

Lizard Hole11 am, Oct 17 / UNITAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY / Kelana Jaya / KL, Malaysia / 10th floor
Higher Education for a Higher Purpose: Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and Zaytuna College
Mr. Isa Martin will present a summary of Hamza Yusuf’s recent visit to Kuala Lumpur and his “Higher Education for a Higher Purpose” address at the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies on 3 September 2014. In addition, he will provide an introduction to the California-based Zaytuna College which Hamza Yusuf established in 1996.
BIO: Mr. Isa Martin is originally from New York City and entered Islam at the age of eighteen in 1991. He has a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the City University of New York and has taught English at universities in the United States, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. He is married to a Malaysian citizen and they have three children.
Dr. Omar will present an introduction to the Liberal Arts Tradition in the West, followed by an overview of the philosophy and history that stand behind the Mass Education model that has been adopted globally for purposes of social engineering. He will then offer recommendations for collaboration with Sheikh Hamza Yusuf’s new college in California.
BIO: Dr. Omar, a retired American ER doctor and Homeopath, was formerly with IIUM/ISTAC as Research & Publications Coordinator and Contributing Editor for their quarterly Bulletin, ISTAC’s Journal, Al-Sajarah, Conference Proceedings and other English Publications. He taught Medical Ethics, Alternative Medicine and Islamic Revealed Knowledge at Insaniah University medical school and was advisor to PERKIM’s Dakwah Association under Dato Dr. Arrifin Suaimi. He is a globally known author (seven published books) and researcher on the New World Order, Freemasonry, Secret Societies, Occult History, Human Development and Sexuality. He is married to Madame Malee Zaida Manowang of Phayao, Thailand.
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