Insider Explains that Satanist are Not all Alike

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The following succinct description was forwarded to me by a reader (Thanks Adam) and I’ve re-posted it here because it quickly and accurately summarizes what my own studies have uncovered.  The bottom line is mentioned by Dan, a commentator, in that all are forms of Secular Humanism, as I have have described in “The Hand of Iblis” as a major dissertation and component of that tome. – oz

November 6, 2013 from

by Elija(


I was raised in the Midwest during the 1960’s and ’70’s in a middle class American home. My dad was an avowed atheist. My mother was a Methodist who forced me to go to church, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School etc. Being a typical kid, church occasionally scared me half to death, but usually bored me to tears. I quit going as soon as I was old enough that she could no longer force me to go.

There was, however, a spiritual curiosity within me that made me begin to search for the truth – whatever that was. A co-worker and I became friends and over time he began to share his spiritual beliefs to me. As it turns out, he was an occultist – specifically a Rosicrucian. He began teaching me and opened my eyes to a spiritual universe that I did not even know existed. Eventually, I left the occult, but I became acquainted with its practices and beliefs.


One of the biggest mistakes that Christians make is that they lump all occult practitioners into a single group – calling them either “witches”, Devil Worshipers” or Satanists. This is a colossal mistake. There are literally thousands of occult brotherhoods and sisterhoods – called within their respective circles as “traditions”.

Wiccan-300x200.png(Left, University of Missouri recognizes pagan, wiccan holidays.)


Each Tradition has very specific beliefs, customs, rituals, practices etc. For example, Celtic witchcraft and Wicca hold very similar beliefs. They are both “White Magick” and seek to harness natural forces (IE Elemental Spirits) to do good (or at least what they see as good.) Their motto is “Harm none, do as ye will”. They worship “The Goddess” – a feminine deity that is sort of nondescript – she is often referred to as Diana, The Moon Goddess, or can also be seen as Mother Earth. Her male (and slightly subordinate) counterpart is Horus, or “The Horned One”. Wiccans can be the lady down the street, your local librarian or the girl (or boy) next door. They are generally harmless to anyone except themselves and those whom they deceive into joining them.

Generally, these traditions despise Satanists, seeing themselves as morally superior. Major “un-holy” days include Wolpurgis Night (April 30) Beltane (May 1st) Samhain (pronounced sah’-wen October 31, later changed to Halloween) and Yule (December 21st) – these “un-holy”days are shared by Druids, as well as many Traditional and Non-Traditional Satanists)

Satanists have literally a legion of sub groups, but they fall into one of two general categories: Traditional and Non-Traditional.

lavey.jpgA traditional Satanist does not necessarily worship Lucifer as a deity, but rather they are uber hedonists. They worship their own desires and have few if any moral limitations on how they go about fulfilling their lusts. Their rituals often employ a nude (and beautiful) woman lying horizontally on a table as an altar. Sexual gratification, and material wealth are often their end goals. While they do have the potential for violence, their practices are by far and away much more benign than their Non-Traditional counterparts. A textbook example of a Traditional Satanist is Anton Levey and his First Church of  Satan. This “church” was quite popular with the Hollywood A list elite from the late ’50’s thru the 70’s.


Non-Traditional Satanists are truly bad guys. They share all of the beliefs of their Traditional brethren, but also employ extreme physical, sexual and ritual abuse up to and including ritual human sacrifice. Pedophilia is commonplace and women are kept within the various groups as “breeders” specifically for the purpose of providing infants and children as sexual play toys and sacrificial victims.


dcodex_41.jpgThese folks often will use sex magick and ritual murder to summon demons to do their bidding and are almost without limit in power. Many, many public figures and world leaders are Non-Traditional Satanists. Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set is a prime example of the Non-Traditional Satanist. In fact, eye witnesses have claimed to have seen members of the US Congress and other ranking public officials actually kneel before him.

Luciferians are a whole other group. Their beliefs are essentially that Lucifer is the good “god” and Jesus usurped Lucifer’s rightful place as heir to the Throne of Yahovah – (called “God the Father” in church speak). Most of the Illuminati are Luciferians and are the originators of the concept of “The End Justifies the Means”. They consider their family blood lines to be superior to the rest of humanity, marrying only among other Illuminati families. In their minds, they are the Elite, superior to the entire human race in all ways, and the only ones qualified to rule because of their superior education, breeding, intellect, etc.

Contrary to popular myth, they are not Jewish, although some of them claim to be. Their blood lines are actually Europe’s “Black Nobility”, tracing their family trees back thru Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt all the way back to Ancient Babylon, where it all started with Fallen Angels breeding with human women (See Genesis 6).


An Exact Replica of the Pergamum Acropolisactual zepperlintribune.jpg

There is some scientific evidence to support their belief that their family members do differ genetically from the rest of humanity. This group is mentioned in Revelation 2, Verse 9 as being members of “The Synagogue of Satan”. Side note: The Synagogue of Satan is a reference to where these people’s loyalties lie. However, there was a literal place called the Seat of Satan in Pergamos, which Hitler had deconstructed piece by piece and brought to Germany and reassembled. This is the location from which many of his more significant speeches were given.

Some luciferians are quite moral, ethical people, living by a very strict set of rules. These rules, however, are not generally the same morals shared by the rest of humanity. It is interesting to note, however, that one of their moral imperatives is that they warn the masses of their plans and intentions prior to their implementation. If the masses are “too stupid” or “too decadent” to recognize it, they are seen to “deserve” whatever destruction befalls them as a result.


And while their honor code seems to allow for all manner of lies, deceit, deception to be perpetrated upon the masses, they do not break their word among themselves. Luciferians have a calendar all of their own, and quite frankly, I don’t know much about it except to say that they do place some emphasis on the dates I listed above, but I believe they have other days of significance as well.

There are literally thousands of other occult type practices found everywhere from Native American culture to the Caribbean (and ultimately West African) black arts generally lumped together under the generalized heading of Voodoo, to occult practices originating in Asia.

First Comment from Dan:

This article is one writer’s opinions.  Whether born into a generational cult family, or someone who came in from the wasteland through any of the anarchic mickey mouse clubs like the CoS or IOT they are all under the same umbrella.  Of course they’re trained to believe all these cults, gangs, SM clubs, denominations, and ‘traditions’ are separate.   Anywhere you go you’ll find the local occult cliques are all carrying on constant turf wars against each other.   Warfare sustains the powerful illusion of separateness.

Only from the outside looking in will you see there’s only one ‘Tradition’, no such thing as “white” magick.
The nontheistic Luciferian diplomat that’s active in manifesting the UN agendas is on the same broad highway as the pantheist Wiccan school teacher who dances ‘sky clad’ with her covern during Ostara.
‘Traditionalist’ or ‘heterodox’, generational SRA baby, or just born psychotic;  they’re all the same.  They all want to receive special knowledge and command preternatural powers without God.   The Wiccan thinks they ‘honor Gaia’ but what they really want is the personal power to ‘make things happen’ according to their own will.  “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.  Love is the law, love under WILL.”
means exactly what it says. Don’t be fooled by the word “love” in that formula. WILL is the operant term.
The whole occult clusterfuk of cults and ‘magickal systems’ boil down to the singular avoidance of “THY will be done”.    The occultist is really saying “MY will be done”.
The Luciferian believes that doing evil is justified by weighing the ‘good’ that may be said to come out of it.  Hitler thought like that.  But it’s not just Nazis who think this way.  All secular humanists do.  Certain religions do too.


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