Introduction to the Batini Menace

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Editor’s Note: This is a continuation from an earlier post, ‘Understanding the Present Eschatology” (/content/images/wordpress/2011/09/winged-demon-assyia.jpg?p=2802).
Notwithstanding the astonishing anecdotes from communities and individuals, what is unknown to pedestrian Muslims is that the Qur’an, Sunnah, and Sirah of our Prophet were subjected to apologetics and speculations in veiled support of materialism ala the notorious Abdullah ibn Maymun and a host of camouflaged babblers while the masses lay in the squalor of deliberate campaigns to keep them somnambulant and ignorant.  The latter neglect included passing over women in addition to rather vigilant hadith wars,[1] which, for the most part, served to obscure the simplicity of divine law in order to excuse opulence, extra-judicial excesses and disgusting male chauvinism.  To substantiate these statements as more than an opinion, I offer the following:
Abdullah ibn Maymun’s Protocols [2]
  1. To link together into one body the vanquished and the conquerors;
  2. to unite in the form of a vast secret society with many degrees of initiation free-thinkers—who regarded religion only as curb for the people—and bigots of all sects;
  3. to make tools of believers in order to give power to skeptics; to induce conquerors to overturn the empires they had founded;
  4. to build up a party, numerous, compact, and disciplined, which in due time would give the throne, if not to himself, at least to his descendants.
Reinhart Dozy, Spanish Islam, Eng. trans., pp. 404
“They proceeded to the admission and initiation of new proselytes only by degrees and with great reserve; for, as the sect had at the same time a political object and ambitions, its interest was above all to have a great number of partisans in all places and in all classes of society.  It was necessary therefore to suit themselves to the character, the temperament, and the prejudices of the greater number; what one revealed to some would have revolted others and alienated for ever spirits less bold and consciences more easily alarmed.”
Silvestre de Sacy, Mémoires sur la Dynastie des Assassins, Vol. IV. (1818).
“The ulama could insist for their privileged position on the pretext of ignorance of the community …  meaning that political elitism in the medieval fold had realized that the power-knowledge ascendancy could be maintained on the avowed ignorance of the community… thus, the traditional Islamic social contract was essentially a marriage of convenience between the ruler and the ulama.  ‘The ruler gained legitimacy, the ulama acquired status.  The people, by contrast, got precious little.”
“The community which has been reared in an ethos of political passivity, economic deprivation and ignorance has fostered illegitimate political rule with an avowed public nihilism. All this has culminated in the political and economic decline in evidence today … Hafiz Wabba witnessed almost universal illiteracy in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the [20th] century. If there was any education, it was in the hands of the Whahabi ulama, who confined it to the study of religion and interpretation of Shariah… in June 1930, the Nejdi ulema met in Mecca for a large scale protest against the Ministry of Education, on the ground that its curriculum included drawing, foreign languages and geography, the last with its concomitant theory of the rotation of a spherical earth … as a result, [except] for the Hijaz, education elsewhere remained a defacto monopoly of the ulama.”
“Islamic societies, despite early promises, degenerated into despotic rule, irrationalism and ‘public-policy’ nihilism. Transcendentalism, otherworldliness, moral overtone and neglect of public interest bereft Medieval states of the possibility of evolving a system of check and balance (institutions of accountability) … finding intellectualism demeaning, the inseparability of knowledge and prosperity hardly got recognition … such societal preference failed to create an image of a better life in abysmal ignorance … Ibn Khaldun reached a rather dire conclusion: ‘Civilization and its well being and business property depend on productivity and people, effort in all directions in their own interest and profit.  When people no longer do business in order to make a living, and they cease all gainful activity, the business of civilization slumps and everything decays.”
Dr. S.M.A. Sayeed, The Myth of Authenticity,
A Study in Islamic Fundamentalism, 1999 pp. 323. 70, 351
“Beginning within a few decades after the Prophet, and by the 11th Century, almost each and every principle established by the Qur’an and the Prophet—confirming the rights and status of women … had been to a greater or lesser extent negated.” — “By the early 20th Century, the ummah had been reconstituted as a series of nation-states based on the European models, not only in the political, but also in the legal, educational, economic and other spheres … placed in the hands of secular oriented elements … nurtured by the former colonial powers. … A disjuncture exists between theory and practice that dominates the political process … the overall condition of democracy and human rights in the Muslim world in general, and especially at the official and government levels of its Arab core is truly dismal.”
Prof. Muddhatir’Abd AlRahim, the Human Rights Tradition in Islam, Praeger, 2005 p. 70, 114
Would such observations be offered if Islam had remained rightly guided?  Surely not, thus the points put forward are admissible, for if it were otherwise, Muslims would have maintained and magnified their identity as the New Man with autonomous supremacy and God’s help and protection as supra-naturally guaranteed by holding fast to the practice of divine law.
Like all imperial enterprises subject to sub-human[3] pursuits, Muslim leaders became slaves to the divisive passions and pride that were hammered to mush by the Mongols.  But the inclinations persisted and were later subjected―once again by Divine Decree―to inroads under the auspice of Cabalist Mystery Religions espoused by Freemasons representing the Dais of Europa’s “Black Nobility”; a term rarely used by politically-correct historians!  Under this obvious misdirection, during the last two hundred odd years the ummah degenerated further, doing little more than devolving another extraordinary civilization trampled under the feet of history’s doleful mammoth according to the inverse determinants (qadar) [4] of Allah’s Sunnah:
“They took flight from the truth because of their arrogance in the land and their plotting of evil … can they expect anything else but the Sunnah (way of dealing) of the people of old?  So no change will you find in Allah’s Sunnah, and no turning off will you find in Allah’s Sunnah.”            [Sura 35: 43]
As the Trinitarian Apostasy of these Mystery Religions re-emerged in the lands of Ibrahim, in order to protect comfortable pensions, the insan continued to be apologized for or ignored by pundits of piously draped rhetoric who scent and prop the cadaverous entity and swaddle it with immaculately embroidered shrouds despite the unholy stench of the Enlightenment’s decay.  I offer you a much kinder assessment:
“The corruption of (Islam’s) religious leaders, who were expected to be the spiritual force and regeneration, is the last step in the process of decay of a community. The natural path their corruption takes is the easy conscience by which they come to compromise truth with the wayward whims either of the rich or of the community at large [public opinion].”
Fazlur Rahman: 1989, Major Themes of the Qur’an
Under the spell of this “Consensus Building” mesmerism, most sleepwalking bricks don’t realize or admit to the embarrassing diagnosis, or have succumbed to apathy as ordained by the adepts directing the drama.  Even so, benighted analysts preach an impending global regeneration of the carcass.  Histrionic sermons, canted lectures, political porridge, recycled dissertations and boorish kutbahs resound as women—who can’t find qualified husbands—are herded away from the Masjid to shop for fashionable hijabs while children worship warbling idiots and dead pagan heroes, or hypnotically fawn before Shaitan’s multi-media as ‘business-as-usual’ Sheiks distribute the alms of Iblis after consulting his sub-specialists in London, Wash. D.C., Rome and Paris![i]
Though a recent convert, I’m not the least bit perplexed by past or present events!  I’ve studied what passes for history and its un-read revisions which include espionage narrations; the occult archives and Black Arts manuals; the metaphysical sciences of Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Illuminism and Theurgy; Islam’s multi-faceted history and the Judeo-Christian Scriptures.  In addition, I examined the Hadith and Al’Qur’an in English and thank God for the precious men and women who labored faithfully to make the greatest revelation of God available to these sore mono-lingual eyes of mine!
The latter books predict the current state of affairs and clearly articulate that it somewhat immediately precedes the Hour of Doom!  The only conclusion I can draw is that Iblis has done an excellent job of preparing Muslims for the same messianic feast to which he’s invited other ecumenical mountebanks of the New World Order.  If you take issue that’s fine; by all means, enjoy the gala while it lasts.  However, for those who’d like a comprehensive perspective for the present and past, I invite you to examine a Trilogy that attempts to weave a Khaldunian panorama of this institutional heedlessness.[ii]
“… the solution is to encourage the growth of mature Islamic intellectualism.”
Mohamad Asri Zainul Abidin, former Perlis Mufti
If Muslim institutions of education have a divine mission, I believe it is the resuscitation of truth and scholarly courage rather than a corpse.  Allah (SWT) will take care of the top-rot soon enough and nobody knows the when, how, who or where of it to my knowledge!  Furthermore, to continue nursing somnambulism with impotent dialogues is surely naïve’—bearing in mind the Sahabah backed their words with the valor of holy gauntlets and capable right arms:
According to the group’s [Officer’s Christian Fellowship] current executive director, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Bruce L. Fister, the “global war on terror”—to which Obama has committed 17,000 new troops in Afghanistan—is “a spiritual battle of the highest magnitude … continually confronting an implacable, powerful foe who hates us and eagerly seeks to destroy us.”[iii]
Make no mistake; Muslims are at war with crusaders that are not deterred by milksop scholars or fawning politicos.
It is time to waken and pull as many out of sectarian pits as Allah permits; a time for action, prayer, patience, and most importantly for repentance: a process that requires much tafakkur if our placement in Dar-ul-Islam is to be effective.  It is surely not a time for ‘business as usual’: that cowardly apathetic status our shadow governments desire.  It is time for NGO Ark Construction Companies to save the seed as in the day of Prophet Noah (pbuh);[5] a time to identify who we are and where we fit amongst the blessed minority who represent the authentic House of God; a time to forthrightly absent ourselves—as commanded by Allah—from un-bricked impostors who’ve “split up their religion” and pose as the New Man.

[1] Fazlur Rahman convincingly reveals that many hadith, even among those considered ‘reliable’, are corrupted by a political bias which attempted to create a ‘middle Islam’ with the so called ‘orthodox’ (Sunni) perspective.  As such, the entire field of hadith research and subsequent application must be re-evaluated in light of this observation.  See: Hadith and Sunnah-Ideals and Realities, compiled and edited by P.K. Koya, Islamic Book Trust, KL, 1996.
[2] These same principles remain effectively practiced by global occult fellowships to this day, including Freemasons in particular.
[3] “The word khyar, meaning ‘good’, determines that the choice meant is towards what is good… when aligned to the philosophical question of freedom.   A so-called ‘choice’ towards what is bad is therefore not a choice.  Since we affirm that freedom is to act as our real and true nature demands, only the exercise of that choice which is good can properly be called a ‘free choice’.   A choice for the better is an exercise of freedom.   It presupposes knowledge of good and evil.   A ‘choice’ for the worse is not a choice, as it is based upon ignorance and on the instigation of the soul that inclines towards the blameworthy aspects of the animal powers.”
– S.M.N. Al-Attas, The Nature of Man and the
Psychology of the Human Soul, ISTAC, 1990, p. 4
[4] The two determinants (qadar) of Divine Law that govern our existence establish unavoidable conditions and consequences for good and evil (i.e. Benefit and Harm) or blessing or cursing; each being a correlative inverse of the other.
[5] Isa [Jesus] prophesied that the end times will be no different from the days of Noah.  If you follow the Hebrew discussions between Noah and God as recorded in the Torah, you will find that the entire purpose of the inundation of greater Mesopotamia, was to preserve the prophetic seed and establish the principle of ‘Seedtime & Harvest’ as a practical necessity for doctrinal revision and the revealed divine purpose.  Of course this requires cyclical catastrophe.

End Notes
[i] See: Stages of Islamic Revolution by Kalim Siddiqui, page 22 for a  detailed list of these faithless agencies.
[ii] Trinity, The Metamorphosis of Myth, Penpress, Brighton England,  2008; The Hands of Iblis, An Anatomy of Evil, AS Nordeen, KL,   Malaysia, 2009; Cain’s Creed, The Genesis of Terror; Both available here  for download
[iii] Jeff Sharlet, “The Crusade for a Christian Military”: Mind, Body, Soul,  a Traditional Muslim Website, May 2009, christian-military/