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'gene therapy' is code for 'bio-weapon' that is killing and maiming millions . . . just so you know ... don't believe me? READ ON . . .

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Ihe UK Government has quietly admitted in their press release on the above that the Covid-19 injections are in fact gene therapy, clarifying that “lipids are an essential component in COVID vaccines as well as other gene therapies”.


UK Government admits the Covid Vaccines are Gene Therapy after giving away millions of Taxpayers Money to expand production of Covid Jabs in the UK
The UK Government has awarded a grant of nearly £16 million of hardworking tax payers money to a Chemical producing giant, under the premise that they will sig

Triple Vaccinated are suffering a new form of AIDS

While you were distracted by Azov Nazis portrayed as Heroes fighting for Ukraine; the UK & Canadian Gov. published data suggesting the Triple Vaccinated are suffering a new form of AIDS
According to the latest UK Government figures, most triple vaccinated people in England have now lost 80% of their immune system capability compared to the natu
New Study finds persistent Heart Abnormalities among Covid-19 Vaccinated Children
A follow up study conducted at the Seattle Children’s Hospital of children suffering myocarditis following their second dose of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was pu
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