Jews specialized in usury, magic, sorcery, fortune telling, astrology, potions and drugs, poisons, alchemy, amulets, incantations and curses, aphrodisiacs and cosmetics. Ordinary Jews can't believe it because they are not Satanists. But Cabalist Jews are. They manipulate the rest.

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
Covid, the Devil & the Jews
Rabbi Trachtenberg’s 1983 book on the Medieval conception of Jews reveals the scale and continuity of the Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish Conspiracy. Rabbi Trachtenberg writes that since the 1200’s AD, Christians have feared:

For the Zionists, this is obviously the preparing of the stage for their long-awaited satanic Messiah. What their ultimate goal is one can see by looking at a picture of the Free Mason monument outside Eilat, Israel. This monument clearly shows by it's positioning of the two globes on the pillars of Solomon, of which one represents the earth and the other the universe, that the cabalist is not satisfied with only conquering life on earth.

So they have to be stopped, right here and now!"

Fauci: We’re Going to ‘Mandate’ CV Shots if ‘Hardcore Group’ of Holdouts Are Not ‘Persuaded’ to Submit | From the Trenches World Report
Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan White House chief medical adviser Antony Fauci said over the weekend that the Biden regime is going to “mandate”...

Fauci is a Jesuit

Jesuits were founded by Marranos Jews


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