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The Resting of My Pen

  •  “The highest kind of jihad is to speak up for truth in the face of a government that deviates from the right path.”[1] 
  • … “If any of you sees something evil, he should set it right by his hand; if he is unable to do so, then by his tongue; and if he is unable to do even that, then within his heart-but this is the weakest form of faith.” [2]

In keeping with the Guy Fawkes sponsored Jesuit–friendly ‘Occupy Movement’, Muslims may claim that Zionist Bankers, Neo-colonialists and Uncle Sam’s whiskers are the cause of their ongoing misery but this is mere psychological projection.[i]   As an avoidance mechanism, It defers the pain of truth common to all self-delusion sighted previously by utilizing facades of neo-patriarchal constructs or preoccupation with the illusions presented by Islam’s ‘Golden Age’ that are closely associated with the IOK movement.  I am not alone in this opinion:

“Genghis Khan awakened Islamia from its mirage of grandeur.” [ii]

To appreciate this statement of fact, remember that the Keys to Jerusalem were handed to the unpretentious Hadrat Umar, a man who would abhor the ostentation that marks Imams of present pretensions.   The horrific Mongol chastisement parallels but surely does not exceed the current divine scourge of Muslim dissembling, implying that contemporary sins exceed those of former generations.  The lesson of this historicity is that nations repeatedly suffer utter destruction[iii] not because God gives His hammers to Khan’s of chastisement but because those who claim His favor arrogantly neglect Divine Laws.  Such disregard invites nemesis because it attends the inverse determinants of Divine Imperatives as outlined in my opening chapters. Divine imperatives unquestionably embrace what I’ve called “The Rights of God” as the duty of all men.  When these rights are unattended in social practice, harm is the only possible result,
The Body Politic of Islam is a ‘Living Organism’ created and established by Allah SWT, not by men.[iv]  It cannot be imposed as a political institution any more than democracy can be foisted on a herd of elephants or monogamy on a lion.  It simply is or isn’t by God’s grace according to mankind’s obedience or disobedience.  This is to say that Islamic polities prosper in health or wither in malady according to the compliance of its constituencies with divine law.  When the illness of neglect descends the arrogance of pride ascends which invites God’s abhorrence.  Furthermore, it cannot be treated artificially with programs, parliamentary decrees or self-styled reformers because there is no force in religion.  The sooner Muslims realize this, the sooner they should exchange apology for repentance in pure fear of Allah SWT.  The only remedy is that which is administered by Allah’s grace in direct response to man’s submission to critical truth.
Surely, we can study the polity’s components and come to an understanding of its inherent qualities, institutions and mechanisms, and on occasion we may even apply the surgeon’s knife or balms of admonishment; but Islam cannot be artificially inseminated, cloned, compromised with philosophical interpolations or restored to sentient potency by human effort.   Its viability and authority as a Godly nation can only be divinely bestowed on obedient subjects who practice stern vigilance in the pursuit of all science.  With the help of God it may be inherited by the next generation by means of traditional Islamic education minus sanctimony and the cunning manipulation of the Fabian Century’s pedantry.   If you do not understand the latter statement it is an indication that you have some catching up to do regarding the wiles of Islam’s enemies.
Alas, ‘if the salt has lost its savor what good is it’?[v]  The potency needed for spiritually healthy reproduction depends upon salubrious leadership, and the vigor of any Godly polity depends solely upon submission to His Will and not the traditions of half-educated imams who kow-tow to sententious politicians and inscrutable sultans of dubious merit:

  • A fourth major problem which obstructs the growth and development of research and advanced scholarship in Muslim countries today is the general lack of freedom and the all too frequent interference in academic and scholarly institutions on the part of government and security forces.  It is this, coupled with the paucity of financial, moral and technical support that has driven—and continues to drive—thousands upon thousands of scholars and scientists out of their homelands … leading them to find both professional and personal fulfillment elsewhere.  — Muddathir Abdel Rahim

How many times must the ‘Hammer of God’ fall upon the Baghdads of Islamia before Muslims learn the lesson well enough to maintain genuine integrity rather than feign it?   As far as this writer can see, its tainted polity needs soul laundering before collectively venturing abroad once more as mankind’s answer to perplexity.
The examples given of Divine Laws and their inverse determinants should suffice to open a metaphysical Laundromat for Muslim chamberlains and chambermaids to entertain cleansing dialogues on the rapacious heedlessness and mind-boggling tolerance of their present leadership.  The talk of rising to World Class status in league with Maltese, Georgetown or Constantinian Knights of Occidental Academia and Governance is a whitewash over the pall of Muslim corruption and appeasement.  I tremble at the thought should Allah permits this before granting the grace of collective repentance and authentic Renaissance.
Besides the ancient occult conspiracy I’ve alluded to on behalf of sub-human elitists, what modern socio-political scientists also ignore is that they are lost in a maze of fabricated arguments on behalf of regimes that lie, lie, lie and then prevaricate as so-called “Royals” are shoved down the throats of beguiled worldview consumers.  Authentic social unity, muliti-culturalism and pluralism are found only when the freely acknowledged leaders of a people come to agreement in cosmopolitan congruence.  Where are they?

  • On the Difference between Nation States & Empire:  The Nation State is an imagined community to the extent that culturally and/or religiously salient symbols and narratives are manipulated in ways that lead an often disparate peoples to accept the proposition that they have a unique heritage that establishes them as a clearly defined and bounded community the borders of which are co-terminus with those of the geographic space of the nation state. This is what distinguishes nations from empires, which define themselves as political and economic, but not cultural realties.
  • Java, Indonesia and Islam, Mark Woodward, Dept of Religious Studies Arizona State Univ., Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg,  London/ NY, 2011.

Considering: (a) that ‘just governance’ as held by most balanced cogitators fails to countenance the bricolage of such fanciful imaginaires in (b) partnership with untruths that veil iniquity; and (c) that answers to my queries are only to be found in un-fabricated historcity alongside Divine Revelations as manifestly approved according to the highest faculties of logic; then to which Worldview is attributed the purest streams of untarnished truth or wisdom?  In closing and before answering this exquisitely divisive question, let us explore an analogy.
Natural Muslims
Indigenous tribes may be described by some as peoples who lack science.  Though they lack the technology that presently qualifies the term ‘Modern Science’, these peoples often practice the sciences of politics, ecology and sociology quite well with effective and efficient mechanisms that obviate modern bureaucracies.  Few damage their environments as irreversibly as have progressive relatives under banners of ‘modern science’, and their intra- cum inter-tribal institutions of conflict resolution were generally of such a nature as to cause the least harm while bringing the most benefit, which is an Islamic principle of Shari’ah law.  Many such groups demonstrated knowledge permeated with the gestalt consciousness reflecting eternal and imminent accountability if not ‘Islamic’ specifics.  In brief, they possessed wisdom ranging from elementary to profound levels of cognitive appreciation and streamlined executive function.  Such peoples may be considered ‘Natural Muslims’ minus the more exquisite details and revelations that now identify the well defined way of life known as Islam.
Most of these cultures rationally believed in a singular Creator or Supreme Being (as opposed to Nasr’s “Principle”) without partner who sent messengers to mankind.  Native Americans were almost unanimously monotheist and prayed to ‘The Great Spirit” and were conscientiously mindful of the ‘Hereafter’.  And from whence came this knowledge with its grace of wisdom?  Indeed, they were born with the universal instinct Muslims call fitrah — a faculty my father called ‘common sense’ — meaning they were naturally born Muslims in keeping with the findings of Oxford’s Dr. Dr Justin Barrett cited previously.  They also had prophets and exercised reasoning according to knowledge gained from revelations followed by intuitive contemplation, observation, and experience.

  • Prophet Muhammad(s.a.a.w.) said, “No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6426)
  • In Soorah Al-A’raaf, Verses 172-173; Allah explained that when He created Adam, He caused all of Adam’s descendants to come into existence and took a pledge from them saying, Am I not your Lord? To which they all replied, ” Yes, we testify to It:’

The Divine order of Patriarchal governance was prevalent in most of these cultures, albeit many were balanced by matrilineal laws that avoided the unscrupulous amassing of wealth.  Together, in well-balanced governance that avoided neo-patriarchal extremes by including the feminine perspective, these men and women administered their societies and environments while maintaining internal and external integrity.  Thus they preserved the dignitas of creation with the naturally ordered harmony inherently found in a tawhidic worldview, one that embraced creation’s interrelatedness, inter-dependence and relevance regarding man’s accountability and the afterlife.  One might easily call this balance ‘naturally-Islamic’.
Indeed, the social structure and inter-tribal laws of the Iroquois Nation were so laudable that framers of the American Constitution incorporated many of their devices.  This gives evidence of the more than adequate vicegerency of indigenous wisdom, despite some of the savage practices they employed such as scalping (which was actually imparted by French trappers, most of whom were Jesuit trained) that were—and still are—darkly eclipsed by Caucasians.
What ensued when the two cultures collided was a clash of world views in which the materialist (Greek cum Christian god-men) perspective dictated the terms of war according to calculated genocidal fury: the result of “spite and arrogance” as defined in Al’Qur’an.  Despite their ‘modern science’ and predominantly ‘Christian’ Religion – which was anything but Monotheist when compared to the Ebionite polity of James the Just of first century Jerusalem – the mass murder and extinctions of native nations bears witness to a Catholic Euro-centric narcissism that frankly manifests fascist impunity and may can be directly attributable to Deist doctrines and chauvinist governance, despite its cloak of democratic equanimity.
This Aryan ethic may in turn be attributed to the Freemasonic superimpositions of the Babylonian cult on the Christian façade.  An example of this invasive and subtle power is shown in by the trans-generational occult gesture below:

Chagrined flag wavers should ask why they share such an intimately common gesture with the mass murderer Mr. Wilders, who is not only a Talmudic Jew of the pretentious Arayan Ashkenazi cult that hails from ancient Babylonia via Magog, but also a Freemason.  And yes, that is Pope Pious XII, Hitler’s Pope next to the demigod contemporary of George Washington.
Indeed, E.W. Said concluded that Orientalism was naught but Christian Evangelism, and evangelism has been esoterically governed by Freemasonry since the 18th Century as I’ve established in my book, The Hand of Iblis.  All of these permutations have pagan roots in the ancient sun-god Mystery Religions under the auspice and worship of god-men heroes and goddesses rather than the Absolute Deity of professed Monotheism.  In short, the Anglo-Amero-Eurocentric polity is governed by hypocrites of the highest order who’ve rejected Allah’s guidance in lieu of their own lusts, pride and arrogance; and again, as described in Al’Qur’an.  While publicly professing secularism their plutocrats secretly practice a well documented Luciferian cultus while darling apologists such as Mr. Silverstein, write as if what I’ve just related never happened:

  • … the majority of Islamic legal sources, and the earliest and most prestigious of them, advise Muslims to practice their faith with the assertiveness of a dominant religious culture. Therefore, what many Westerners might perceive amongst practicing Muslims to be an intransigence that hinders neighborly relations, or a general unwillingness to adapt their faith to the current cultures of non-Muslim countries, may be explained with reference to the course of Islamic history.

Adam J. Silverstein; Islamic History, A Very Short Introduction, Oxford Univ. Press, 2010, p. 136.

Other writers are more realistic:

  • The treatment of the hapless race of native Americans, which we are exterminating with such merciless and perfidious cruelty, [is] among the heinous sins of this nation, for which I believe God will one day bring [it] to judgment.   —  President John Quincy Adams

The Euro-centric imposition of this Hidden Hand of reprobate paganism has replaced any imminent sense of social accountability with an impious ethic best expressed as “the ends justify the means;” a theme hammered into Jesuit dogma by Ignatius Loyola and now accompanied by the real-politics of “might equals right” (ala Machiavelli) in Huntington’s CFR sponsored declaration of war.  These sociopathic doctrines are not found in Monotheist scripture and we should bear in mind that Loyola was a Maranos-Jew who along with Machiavelli represent the traditional Roman mythos; an ideology that can hardly be described as either Christian or monotheist.  Their sub-human ethos is held in common with all bullies and is played-out by the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, which comprise core principles for Nazism and Stalinism as well as Adam Weishapt’s Illuminati and the Maltesean system of Freemasonic upper degree Initiation in their intimately related cults.  Furthermore, let it be known that the groups just mentioned represent no more than an outer crust of the ancient demonism of the Serpent Cult (Sons of Cain) that lurks behind the residue of their mania as mentioned also by Jesus when he addressed the Scribes and Pharisees.
These elitist doctrines of Occidental political science define the vices cited by Al’Qur’an as characteristic of the type three humans discussed in opening chapters.  Despite rhetoric to the contrary, these attributes saturate the Western zeitgeist and surely have not stopped there as a result of the influence of Orientalists. They have permiated the halls and hearts of education, political, social and military sciences East of the Nile since Napoleon’s Egyptian sortie, and have been accompanied by a generously exported sub-culture of moral chaos and dissipation.  This is not to say that their approach to modern-science any more than classical-science is dissolute etc., but it directly implies that the utilization of the knowledge gained under the auspice of such a benighted worldview can in no wise be justified as moral as defined by Islam’s Tawhid or Goethe’s ethically responsible gestalt perspective as practiced by Native Americans and others.
Nevertheless, it cannot be said that any science, excepting that of the metaphysical black arts, is un-Islamic as science has no allegiance other than to whatever truth its methods and methodologists reveal.  The law of gravity is not a conscious soul-imbued entity with a heart for understanding.   It simply is.  And so also are all scientific laws and/or facts of creation or inventions discovered or devised by men.  A sword and gun have no cognizance.   It can only be said that men and jinn are moral, amoral or immoral; ethical or an-/unethical.  Hence, whether they are Islamic or un-Islamic outlaws from Divine Imperatives is where we focus the crux of the matter under discussion.
If the majority of men and jinn are temporally unaccountable outlaws (i.e. un-Islamic, which, unfortunately, includes a majority of Muslims), and by virtue of pure reasoning quite incapable of discerning what is beneficial and harmful, then from Whom or What have such creatures outlawed themselves?  The only answer is from Allah (SWT) according to the divine diktats of Holy Scripture and Prophetic examples, and the only unadulterated Holy Scripture is Al’Qur’an.  And since as a matter of confirmed bias, I refuse to entertain polemics on the matter and will simply move on with this as a given fact.
If (a) the truth of mankind’s ultimate accountability is clearly delineated in Al’Qur’an, and (b) the ancient Prophetic legacy was bequeathed to the Qari’’ by Mohammad (pbh) but rejected or not activated by the majority of mankind and Muslims, how can their collective knowledge be suffused with wisdom enough to acknowledge, seek and activate the purpose and pleasure of the Creator? — that is to consequently activate the cognition of rational and intuitive reasoning towards the utilization of knowledge that forbids evil and enjoins good as the result of scientific enquiry?  In short, this empirically qualified estate cannot exist under conditions of an endemic mental aberration which the Qur’an calls insan (the forgetfulness of Allah, defined as the default status of Principle # Three described in the opening chapters).  Therefore, and in contradistinction to the commonly accepted and disarming definitions offered for the term ‘Islamic Science’, it is the hearts and minds of men that must be Islamized in order to presage the Islamization of Knowledge, as it was during Muslim infancy.  The corollary here is that minus the effective office of hisbah in the affairs of men who profess islam, IOK is a useless construct.
This conclusion indicates that the disciplined habit of a sober and well defined religion of logic in ‘Remembrance of Allah’ must precede the establishment of scientific disciplines in order to validate the correct moral application of the latter’s fund of knowledge as also determined by Ibn Khaldun, who called its absence “bad enough business.”.  Unfortunately, the several processes of authentic Islamization are currently divorced even from the majority who boldly call themselves Muslim.  This is made evident by their neglect of Principle Two: The Law of Obedience, which when activate is far more effective than the sole maintenance of ritual prayer.  Furthermore, I propose that the current marriage of Islam’s Academia and Imam’s to ecumenical universalism is a Trojan Horse that belies both naiveté and the taint of treason, both of which represent abject surrender to occult minions of Luciferian magi as clearly described in Al’Qur’an.  Hence, Muslims follow the Judeo-Christian Alliance into perdition’s lizard hole.
We surely do not need Islamic Science so much as we need Islamic Scientists and Leaders as defined by the three principles extracted from Mohammad’s speech on his entry into Medina.  The best way to accomplish the Islamization of men with the pragmatic skills required to utilize knowledge for mankind’s benefit is to place power, wealth and the knowledgeable (alim) under the governance of authentic Muslims of the highest caliber.  Therefore, if you’re a sincere Muslim with your hand on the gauntlet rather than a dubiously patriotic heart, you now know what needs to be done.  However, since such a feat is far from the hearts and minds of those who’ve attained power, gauntlets and wealth, this exercise is academic and consequently, on this point, I rest my pen.

[1]     Abu Da’ud, At-Tirmidhi & Ibn Majah, on auth. of Abu Sa’id al-Khudri
[2]     Muslim, on auth. of Abu Sa’id al-Khudri

[i]      The psychological defense mechanism of human denial.
[ii] “The Mongol invasion came from the East, the Crusaders from the West. The two invasions exhausted the different abilities of the Islamic world. They impeded any plan for Muslims to recover from their declining situation. The Mongol invasion especially, had destroyed all the aspects of Islamic civilization, and brought an end to the Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad.”  — Science and State in its Power and Weakness, Muhammad D. Batayneh, Proceedings, Islamic Science and the Contemporary World, Conference at ISTAC, KL, Jan. 2008. Pub. ISTAC, IIUM, 2008, p. 128
NB: About 8% of Eurasian men, from the Pacific to the Caucasus, are the Great Khan’s direct paternal descendents (approx 16 million men).  This does not include those sired by his army! See American Journal of Human Genetics, March 2003. It may be thus that God has replaced his people by a new race as foretold by the Prophet.
[iii] “Collapse of the American Empire: Swift, Silent, Certain”
Commentary: Historians warning of a sudden ‘thief at night,’ an ‘accelerating car crash’ by Paul B. Farrell,
March 09, 2010, Market Watch:  “One of the disturbing facts of history is that so many civilizations collapse,” warns anthropologist Jared Diamond in “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.” Many “civilizations share a sharp curve of decline. Indeed, a society’s demise may begin only a decade or two after it reaches its peak population, wealth and power.”
      Now, Harvard’s Niall Ferguson, one of the world’s leading financial historians, echoes Diamond’s warning: “Imperial collapse may come much more suddenly than many historians imagine. A combination of fiscal deficits and military overstretch suggests that the United States may be the next empire on the precipice.” Yes, America is on the edge. Dismiss his warning at your peril. Everything you learned, everything you believe and everything driving our political leaders is based on a misleading, outdated theory of history. The American Empire is at the edge of a dangerous precipice, at risk of a sudden, rapid collapse. Ferguson is brilliant, prolific and contrarian. His works include the recent “Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World;” “The Cash Nexus: Money and Power in the Modern World;” “Colossus: The Rise and Fall of The American Empire;” and “The War of the World,” a survey of the “savagery of the 20th century” where he highlights a profound “paradox that, though the 20th century was ‘so bloody,’ it was also ‘a time of unparalleled progress.'”
Why? Throughout history imperial leaders inevitably emerge and drive their nations into wars for greater glory and “economic progress,” while inevitably leading their nation into collapse. And that happens suddenly and swiftly, within “a decade or two.”
You’ll find Ferguson’s latest work, “Collapse and Complexity: Empires on the Edge of Chaos,” in Foreign             Affairs, the journal of the Council of Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan think tank. His message negates all the happy talk you’re hearing in today’s news — about economic recovery and new bull markets, about “hope,” about a return to “American greatness” — from Washington politicians and Wall Street bankers.

  ‘Collapse of All Empires:’ 5 stages repeating through the ages:

Ferguson opens with a fascinating metaphor: “There is no better illustration of the life cycle of a great power than ‘The Course of Empire,’ a series of five paintings by Thomas Cole that hangs in the New York Historical Society. Cole was a founder of the Hudson River School and one of the pioneers of nineteenth-century American landscape painting; in ‘The Course of Empire,’ he beautifully captured a theory of imperial rise and fall to which most people remain in thrall to this day. Each of the five imagined scenes depicts the mouth of a great river beneath a rocky outcrop.” If you’re unable to see them at the historical society, they’re all reproduced in Foreign Affairs, underscoring Ferguson’s warnings that the “American Empire on the precipice,” near collapse.

First. ‘The Savage State,’ before the Empire rises

  •  “In the first, ‘The Savage State,’ a lush wilderness is populated by a handful of hunter-gatherers eking out a primitive existence at the break of a stormy dawn.” Imagine our history from Columbus’ discovery of America in 1492 on through four more centuries as we savagely expanded across the continent.

 Second. ‘The Arcadian or Pastoral State,’ as the American Empire flourishes

  •  “The second picture, ‘The Arcadian or Pastoral State,’ is of an agrarian idyll: the inhabitants have cleared the trees, planted fields, and built an elegant Greek temple.” The temple may seem out of place. However, Cole’s paintings were done in 1833-1836, not long after Thomas Jefferson built the University of Virginia using classical Greek and Roman revival architecture.

As Ferguson continues the tour you sense you’re actually inside the New York Historical Society, visually reminded of how history’s great cycles do indeed repeat over and over. You are also reminded of one of history’s great tragic ironies — that all nations fail to learn the lessons of history, that all nations and their leaders fall prey to their own narcissistic hubris and that all eventually collapse from within.

 Third. Consummation of the American Empire

  •  “The third and largest of the paintings is ‘The Consummation of Empire.’ Now, the landscape is covered by a magnificent marble entrepôt, and the contented farmer-philosophers of the previous tableau have been replaced by a throng of opulently clad merchants, proconsuls and citizen-consumers. It is midday in the life cycle.”

‘The Consummation of Empire’ focuses us on Ferguson’s core message: At the very peak of their power, affluence and glory, leaders arise, run amok with imperial visions and sabotage themselves, their people and their nation. They have it all.  \But more-is-not enough as greed, arrogance and a thirst for power consume them. Back in the early days of the Iraq war, Kevin Phillips, political historian and former Nixon strategist, also captured this inevitable tendency in Wealth and Democracy:

  • “Most great nations, at the peak of their economic power, become arrogant and wage great world wars at great cost, wasting vast resources, taking on huge debt, and ultimately burning themselves out.” We sense the “consummation” of the American Empire occurred with the leadership handoff from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush.

Unfortunately that peak is behind us: Clinton, Bush, Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and all future American leaders are merely playing their parts in the greatest of all historical dramas, repeating but never fully grasping the lessons of history in their insatiable drive for “economic progress,” to recapture former glory … while unwittingly pushing our empire to the edge, into collapse.

 Four. Destruction of the Empire

Then comes ‘The Destruction of Empire,’ the fourth stage in Ferguson’s grand drama about the life-cycle of all empires. In “Destruction” “the city is ablaze, its citizens fleeing an invading horde that rapes and pillages beneath a brooding evening sky.” Elsewhere in “The War of the World,” Ferguson described the 20th century as “the bloodiest in history, one hundred years of butchery.” Today’s high-tech relentless news cycle, suggests that our 21st century world is a far bloodier return to savagery.
At this point, investors are asking themselves: How can I prepare for the destruction and collapse of the American Empire? There is no solution in the Cole-Ferguson scenario, only an acceptance of fate, of destiny, of history’s inevitable cycles. But there is one in “Wealth, War and Wisdom” by hedge fund manager Barton Biggs, Morgan Stanley’s former chief global strategist who warns us of the “possibility of a breakdown of the civilized infrastructure,” advising us to buy a farm in the mountains. “Your safe haven must be self-sufficient and capable of growing some kind of food … well-stocked with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc. Think Swiss Family Robinson.” And when they come looting, fire “a few rounds over the approaching brigands’ heads.”

Five. Desolation … after the Empire disappears

  •  “Finally, the moon rises over the fifth painting, ‘Desolation,'” says Ferguson. There is not a living soul to be seen, only a few decaying columns and colonnades overgrown by briars and ivy.” No attacking “brigands?” No loveable waste-collecting robots from Wall-E?  The good news is the Earth will naturally regenerate itself without savage humans, as we saw in Alan Weisman’s brilliant “The World Without Us:” Steel buildings decay. Microbes eat indestructible plastics. Eons pass. And Earth reemerges in all its glory, a Garden of Eden.

Epilogue: ‘All Empires … are condemned to decline and fall’

In a Los Angeles Times column, Ferguson asks: “America, a Fragile Empire: Here today, gone tomorrow, could the United States fall that fast?” And his answer is clear and emphatic: “For centuries, historians, political theorists, anthropologists and the public have tended to think about the political process in seasonal, cyclical terms … we discern a rhythm to history. Great powers, like great men, are born, rise, reign and then gradually wane. No matter whether civilizations decline culturally, economically or ecologically, their downfalls are protracted.”
We are deceiving ourselves, convinced “the challenges that face the United States are often represented as slow-burning … threats seem very remote.” “But what if history is not cyclical and slow-moving but arrhythmic?” asks Ferguson. What if history is “at times almost stationary but also capable of accelerating suddenly, like a sports car? What if collapse does not arrive over a number of centuries but comes suddenly, like a thief in the night?” What if the collapse of the American Empire is dead ahead, in the next decade? What if, as with the 2000 dot-com crash, we’re in denial, refusing to prepare?
Ferguson’s final message about America’s destiny comes from Foreign Affairs: “Conceived in the mid-1830s, Cole’s great five-part painting has a clear message: all empires, no matter how magnificent, are condemned to decline and fall.” Throughout history, empires function “in apparent equilibrium for some unknowable period. And then, quite abruptly … collapse,” a blunt reminder of the sudden, swift, silent, certain timetable in Diamond’s “Collapse” where a “society’s demise may begin only a decade or two after it reaches its peak population, wealth and power.”
You are forewarned: If the peak of America’s glory was the leadership handoff from Clinton to Bush, then we have already triggered the countdown to collapse, the decade from 2010 until 2020 … tick … tick … tick …

[iv] “The believers in their love, mutual kindness and close ties are like one body; when any complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever.” — Muslim, Mukhtasar Sahih, p. 472, #1774
[v]   “Muslim nations on the whole remain—in Tun Mahathir’s pithy and forthright words—“poor, backward, weak, disunited and dependent on non-Muslims for all kinds of things including their own security.”

The Role of Governments, Muddathir Abdel Rahim, ISTAC Conference Proceedings op.cit., p. 180

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