Misguided Elation over the UN Recognition of Palestine by Omar Zaid

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

DSC_2426BAuthor’s Note:
I was asked by some readers to comment and this is my response to misguided elation over the recent UN recognition of Palestine.
30 Nov 2012
It is actually an acknowledgement of defeat for the entire ummah, especially Arab Muslims.  Why?  Because ‘Israel’ had no right to the 80-90% of the land already taken.  This belated ‘Statehood’ confirms the abject capitulation and acceptance of that defeat and, in addition, it confirms the ascension of the UN as global arbitrator.
As the UN belongs to Al’Dajjal and is managed by the Magi I’ve been writing about in my several books, to acknowledge them as ‘the Authority’ granting this benighted status is the final slap in the face to the Caliphate that was lost to the occult services governing British Zionists a century ago.
Furthermore, it is a step backwards rather than forwards for Palestinians and Islam as it is an act of appeasement and surrender to all the same false border realignments imposed by the same Cartel of NWO thugs who’ve been drawing them for 150-200 years.  In other words, it is an abject loss of Muslim dignity — just ask Somalia.
The fact that many Muslims see it otherwise is an extremely sad testimony that reflects the helpless religious stupidity (read Malik Benabi) of their last 500 years; a half millennium that has led to the ‘Mass Stockholm Syndrome’ presently manifest and from which, by the way, they can only escape with the second advent of Prophet Isa.
Reparations for Palestinian insult is also forbidden by UN recognition because this acknowledgement must then be reciprocated.  Hence, Palestinians and the entire ummah of Mohhamad (pbh) have accepted defeat whereby the victors — Zionists and their hidden masters of the craft — dictate terms while the UN mediates for a Beastly coven (de-facto Papists  & CFR controlled Knights of Malta et. alia.) who hold gauntlets and secret services of the entire West — hint: think Loyola.
This sets the stage for both UN and Rome (NATO) to enter Jerusalem once they’ve further legitimized their hold on power with the pretense of ‘cleaning house’ with the sacrifice of many of their loyal lieutenants; a bit like a putsch to grant vain moral authority to another Stalin, Hitler or Mao Tse Tung — Al’Dajjal precursors.
The UN and the Pope already have legal status in Jerusalem; the Pope has been given legal right to govern all holy sights by the Israelis just a few years ago (ask Barry Chamish), and the UN has already laid foundations for a new headquarters there.
I hope this is of some assistance to my misguided and mis-elated brothers and sisters. Insh’Allah, you may sober a bit.
Reader’s email response Dec 2012:
Sigh! Yes actually I heard this many ears ago that we should never ask fro statehood of palestine unless it is whole san Israel. Totally forgot about it as i am sure they wanted us to.

I agree with every word you said and I see it as clear as daylight.  I don’t understand why the Muslim ummah fails to see these things; it is like they are under a spell….actually many spells!  – T