Moderna Admits: mRNA Jabs Are an 'Operating System' Designed to Program Humans

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Moderna admits that healthy human immune responses can actually destroy the mRNA sequences before they get into the person’s cells.
The immune system may attack the program and its RNA fragments, leading to negative outcomes that could include molecular deficiencies, hormonal defects, etc..
If the protein folding is disrupted, the proteins may never achieve their desired functionality, leading to partial development of antigens that never confer targeted immunity to coronavirus spike proteins.
The body may turn on its own cells in the process, causing hyper-inflammatory responses and autoimmune issues that are the precursor to organ failure and various disease processes.
During the so-called pandemic, public health officials were mum on the actions people should take to mount a healthy immune response to infection. Now we know why these public health officials were telling people they must wait on a vaccine to go back to normal. The people behind the mRNA experimentation of humans are building psychological justification and scientific precedent to declare human immune systems incapable.
Moderna Admits: mRNA Jabs Are an ‘Operating System’ Designed to Program Humans