zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Executive Summary
hanlon’s razor / the ichor of jesuitism / wondrous evils

Chapter III, Vol III of
Sexology For The WiseEssays on Marriage, Queers & Occult Governance
© 2019, Omar Zaid (aka Leonard Joseph Owsiany Jr., MD)
Revised Oct 2020, Aichi-Ken, Japan
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The author shaves history with Hanlon’s razor. He assumes oracular status and summarizes the great divide between moral and immoral governance; including the viral scam that presently destroys Middle Earth. He has no need of Sibyls or Palatine forgeries like those offered by Virgil’s unholy emperor, Augustus, that mighty ‘son of god’ who wasn’t; or gospels flavored by Flavians, Alexanders and Josephus the Turncoat. These carried the ancient farce forward to confirm lies that still bring men to knees under God forsaken pennants. Dr. Zaid decries the coming woe(s) but is not supernal. All herein can be read in marks made by human hands, especially the cited ichor. His shavings reveal kindly faces who stupidly weave red carpets and purple sashes to honor human sacrificers: those Baal-Hadad Jews, Kings, and Priests who hide the crimson mask. These cyber streaks will make you responsible. 

The gloves are off.

NB: Special Thanks to Aamir Ahmed for valuable research assistance.