zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Announcement :   Salaam To All —
As some of you know, we have been stuck in Japan due the covid lie since last February.
Mama Malee needs to be back in Thailand soon, otherwise she will lose her pension. IN addition, other services and facilities that support our house there will end …
We need to raise another USD $6250 to return now in order to meet all of the unnecessary requirements imposed by the people of Iblis …. please help us if possible ….
Do not send any of these funds to Br Anas because banking restrictions in Pakistan are too severe and it will cost 20-30% for him just to get them to me …. courtesy of the people of Iblis to whom All Muslims and the world population are now enslaved …
So send then to me in Japan or to Mama Malee’s account as directed here
May Allah grant us refuge and success and reward you for your assistance in this hour .   Dr Omar