Operation Vaxx-All Deplorables: The Israeli Reality With Gilad Atzmon

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

“Once the vaccination campaign started, we saw a very interesting shift. While the Orthodox Jews went en masse to get “the jab”, the Palestinians (Israeli Arabs) did not follow.  We saw a rise of 15 Xs as many morbidity cases in Orthodox Jews then but a significant drop (in morbidity) in the Israeli Arab segment. By not taking the vaccine, the level of morbidity dropped sharply.
It was then that I began to figure out there was a connection between vaccination and morbidity.
So, what do these disturbing results tell us about the most aggressive vaccination campaign ever conducted in a country that was effectively sealed off from the rest of the world? (Israel is still in lockdown)?

  1. They tell us the media is spreading disinformation about Israel’s fictitious success.
  2. They tell us that the vaccinations created a new strain of the infection that may be more contagious and more lethal than the original.

“Here’s how Atzmon summed it up:

“The evidence collected in Israel points at a close correlation between mass vaccination, cases and deaths. This correlation points at the possibility that it is the vaccinated who actually spread the virus or even a range of mutants that are responsible for the radical shift in symptoms above.” (“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the ‘World’s Lab.'”, Gilad Atzmon, The Unz Review)

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