part one: Quotes from Pidcock's "Satanic Voices"

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Editor’s Note: As the result of a recent exchange between myself and David Pidcock regarding Egypt, he sent me an unedited pdf file of his book, Satanic Voices, which was largely written to smite S. Rusdie’s blasphemous effort to impress himself.  I’ve overlooked those passages in order to capture Mr. Pidcock’s salient remarks on Freemasonry, it’s Satanic Talmudist Leadership, and sundry facts of the sordid companions who have brought the world to its knees rather successfully.  There is neither rhyme nor reason for the following extracts so do not look for any continuity except for that which should overshadow the vain images you may have held of the world prior to taking them in.  — oz
“There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement which does not operate in the interests of money, or move in a direction other than the one indicated to it by money, or exist longer than the time permitted to it by money, and without the idealists among its leadership having the slightest notion of that fact.”   — Oswald Spengler  ‘Decline of the West’ (1918-1922):-
According to the Regus Manuscript and the Halliwell poem at The Grand Lodge of England the original spiritual home of Freemasonry was, until the early part of the 19th century, the Tower of Babel not the Temple at Jerusalem, and its first Grand Master was its builder Nimrod – God’s enemy, and definitely not King Solomon.
The United Nations is the Super Government mentioned by master strategist Theodor Herzl and embodied in his notorious Master Plan drawn from Macchiavelli, The Talmud and Satanic Archives from the Luciferian Masonic Brotherhood: The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion – which in reality are only a dramatised version of his personal diaries and plagiarisms.
All opposition within the Islamic world towards this creeping annexation of Holy Land for unholy purposes was effectively removed when the West literally blinded the Muslims with their own science and technology. This technology, which was in fact based on their own scientific legacy to the West, had the devastating effect of creating the greatest threat to all systems of belief – “doubt”.
The Qur’an points out the dangers posed by secret societies, in particular Masonic type brotherhoods who opposed practically every Prophet, and clearly condemns their practice of invoking help from the devil in their rituals, like the brotherhood of 9 who conspired to commit murder and perjury amongst the people of Thamud. The Royal Arch Degree actually invokes the devil in its rituals which consist of 9 men in groups of 3 incanting the ancient name of Satan in disguise: Jehovah Jah-Baal-On: The large phallic obelisk at ancient ON was called God, the father, by the priests of On. The Washington Monument is a much larger replica of that Satanic obelisk erected by Priapic Senuseret 1st at ancient On.
Hence the term “ The great Satan” comes from this symbol.

NY Jew: Arrested for Illegal Sale of Human Organs

Ashkenazi Rabbis with Bal Shem

The desired 3rd Temple & Rothschilds

“Every Jew who is sincerely interested in the plight of Jews should realize that the best sons of the Jewish people are the Jewish Communists, and that the most faithful ally ofthe Jews is the Communist Party.”   [NEW YORK “JEWISH LIFE” MAY 1938, The Jews, page 135]
“When you come to the question of Salman Rushdie and the Satanic Verses issue, one must not view the Iranian response outside this historical context. Here we have Rushdie, an agent of an occult establishment, well paid and praised for his contribution to this ‘Last Crusade’.”  D. Pidcock (p.21)
S. Rushdie’s Satanic Verses have parallels in the writings of political figures and anarchists such as Karl Marx, George Jung, Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin, Moses Hess, Pierre Proudhon, Aleister Crowley and others.
Marx’s father wrote to him: “You are obviously animated and ruled by a demon not given to all men. Is this demon a heavenly one or a Faustian one? Will you ever … be receptive to true human happiness?”   [The Portable Karls Marx, page 10] -Robert Payne

“Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed, see this sword – the prince of darkness sold it me. Yet I have power within my useful arms to clench and crush you. While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness. You will sink down and I shall follow laughing, whispering in your ears, ‘ descend, come with me, friend’, ruined, ruined. My time has clean run out.  ___  The clock has stopped, the pygmy house has crumbled. Soon shall I embrace eternity to my breast, and soon, I shall howl gigantic curses on mankind. Ha, eternity, she is our eternal grief, an indescribable and immeasurable death, vile, artificially conceived to scorn us, ourselves being clockwork, blindly mechanical, made to be the fool calendars of Time and Space, having no purpose, save to happen and be ruined; there is something which devours, I’ll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins. ___ The world which bulks between me and the abyss, I will smash it to pieces with my enduring curses. I’ll throw my arms around its harsh reality. Embracing me, the world will dumbly pass away, and then sink down to utter nothingness. Perished, with no existence: That would be really living.”   Oulanem by Karl Marx
Not all Marxists are Satanists, but the majority are ideologically aggressive, evangelising atheists, and to become a great communist leader, one needs to be a devil. Bukharin wrote of his associate Joseph Stalin, “He is not a man, but a devil.” Marx had 6 children. Two daughters and one son-in-law committed suicide, two others died of malnutrition.
“Fanaticism (both secular & religious) is always a sign of repressed doubt. You can study that in the history of the Church. Always in those times when the Church [in this case Mosque] begins to waver, the style becomes fanatical, or fanatical sects spring up, because the secret doubt has to be quenched. When one is really convinced, one is perfectly calm and can discuss one’s belief as a personal point of view without any particular resentment.”  Karl Jung

Hidden Hand of a Certified Madman


‘The Persian Travels’ of Mr Ives contains an account of his encounter with the empathising devil-worshipping Sanjacks [i.e. Yazidis], who inhabited the area around Mosul during the Ottoman period, supposedly the site of ancient Nineveh.” These people.” he says, “once professed Christianity, then Mohomedanism, and last of all, Devilism. They say it is true that the devil has at present a quarrel with God, but the time will come when the pride of his heart being subdued, he will make his submission to the Almighty, and as the deity cannot be implacable, the devil will receive a full pardon for all his transgressions, and both he and all those who paid him attention during his disgrace, will be admitted into the blessed mansions. This is the foundation of their hope, and this chance for heaven they esteem to be a better one, than that of trusting their own merits, or the merits of the leader of any other religion whatsoever. The person of the devil they look on as sacred, and when they affirm anything solemly, they do this in his name. All disrespectful expressions of him they would punish with death, did not the Turkish [Islamic] power prevent them. When ever they speak of him, it is with the utmost respect; and they always put before his name a certain title corresponding to that of highness or Lord.” [Baal or Bul being a common pronoun].
What then is the origin of these ideas and the system of belief, which accepts that Sadism, evil deeds and ideas need not, indeed should not, be resisted, or discouraged: With the death penalty reserved exclusively for those who blaspheme the devil and his advocates? Part of the answer lies in the fact that in recent times we have seen W.H. Smith put on sale ‘120 Days of Sodom’ by the Marquis de’Sade to mark his 250th anniversary, while May the 6th 1990 saw the launch of an Admiration Society for Friedrich Nietzsche ‘The Man who thought he was God’ – sponsored by Dr. Keith Ansell-Pearson, a politics lecturer at London University, even though Nietzsche had been pronounced clinically insane one hundred years ago. – Look for the earner!
Therefore with the likes of Dr Ansell-Pearson, and the doyen of British Philosophy – Bernard Williams – also writing favourably about him, the increase in evil and sadistic behaviour should come as no surprise to anyone.
Nigerian Child Sacrifice

Superintendent Michael Hames, head of Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Branch, points out that survivors are also scared to become witnesses, because they too have perpetrated crimes. Jennifer did not go to the police, because like other victims, she says that police and other authority figures are also involved in the use of mind control techniques. She says:- “I saw four children killed. All were boys. Three were Spanish-speaking, smuggled into Britain from Latin America. First they were sexually abused.” The fourth child she saw killed was a six year old white boy. She said she didn’t know where he came from. But many children, brought in for sexual abuse, she says, were from children’s homes.
Consultant obstetrician and gynecologist Mrs Wendy Savage concluded: “I should have been paid danger money for watching something as horrible as this. This is not porn. It is very strange and disturbing.” Dr Hempling said: “ The violence and blood in this film are real, not stimulated. You can see incisions clearly made with a knife and the blood welling up gradually.” “Even more distressing scenes”, the observer states, “show a young male whose genitals appear to have been amputated and a young female whose genitals seem to have been subject to mutilation or serious interference.” Dr Hempling concluded: “Before I saw this film, I was 99 percent sure these survivors could not be lying. Now I am 100 per cent sure. But how I wish I was wrong.”
Judging by the following remark little has changed in England in the last 137 years: “In the present degenerate age anodyne necklaces and galvanic rings sufficiently show that the connection between science and superstition remains unbroken…” [Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, 1855, page 344]
Crusaders At Bohemian Grove

Whenever they want to invade a country, or topple someone who has “exceeded his service function” – like Saddam Hussein, for example, or Iran’s Mossadegh, all the government of the day has to do is to leak the idea, or feed it to the press and the Masonic network, of 7461 British Lodges, and overnight you hear the captains of industry trotting out statements, like I heard in 1979 from a former employer of mine and prominent Sheffield Freemason. “Dave”, he said, “we need 3 million unemployed”. In three other cities that same week, I heard similar views, from three other Masons involved in engineering.
With an occult network of lodges to play with, it is easy to bring about changes inimical to a country’s interests, and favourable to those who lend their money to the state. The Young Turk movement and the Bolshvik Revolution prove that all that is needed, are pliant captains of industry and corruption on the bridge. The rest is history – but whose version?
Catholic Mass at Bohemian Grove