Regarding The Muslim Exile: The Question of Hijrah for Converts

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Author’s Note
Recently, a few of my readers have sought my opinion on matters of import.  May Allah help me answer with wisdom.  I’ve decided to post these exchanges and more should they come.  Any thoughts and/or responses are welcome, and I would like to remind my readers that I am not a Muslim Scholar but just a fairly well read reporter and commentator of sorts
A salaamu aleikum Brother,
As I sit reading Dr. O’s post about the polisi raid… We make our so called hijrah But then we find ourselves in places of shame, places we dare to call “Muslim countries” and I ask myself: What exactly is the meaning of the word hijrah in this day and age, is it possible to make hijrah? If so, What criteria should we adhere to when choosing that place of refuge? Should we go to the place where we can make the most money? Should we go to the place where we are free to practice our religion? What does Allah want from us in this dunia?
Is there an ideal place to be? Is there a SAFE place to be?
Salaam Dear Sister,
There is no country I know of that in essence is Muslim; only a few isolated islands of essentially exiled believers.  One of these is in Alberta Canada, or so I’ve been informed by Prof. Al’Rabi, the Muslim Chair at the University there.  You may want to look into it.
As blacks, you have an additional prejudice to counter as you well know and for that I have no advice other than what follows:
As for your husband’s credentials, in the scheme of things his credentials as a religious teacher are meaningless and unbalanced.  My review of the Prophetic biographies and their disciples reveals that none were solely dependent on their livelihood as religious teachers.  As a matter of fact, this is an abnormality and deviation from the Sunnah that mimics Christian and other religiously minded examples that establishes a priesthood, which has no place in Islam.
I therefore posit that his preparation for life and responsibilities as husband & father are incomplete, but this is a common condition due to the ummah’s general ignorance and imbalance, so he shouldn’t feel insecure but rather determined to correct the matter.  That is the mature response.
I have never made my living as a minister of religion in any fashion, not that religious teachers are not needed, but there is now a glut of such folk all seeking justification for their lack of knowledge and ability in other realms of human endeavor. Together, you should take a hand in correcting this, even if it means encouraging your man to become a garbage collector.  Regarding the latter as an example, the truth is that community and individual health depends more on such fellows than on doctors; that’s how imbalanced our world view has become.
As for the hijra phenomenon: what was described by the Sahabah is no longer a valid experience applicable to today’s world.  The hijrah is much like jihad; a personal challenge to one’s trials in order to establish the metaphysical channels that aid one’s ongoing hidayah [or guidance].  Hence, one must pay attention to the circumstances and people in one’s life and then ask Allah to redeem what is for your true destiny and exile what is not, including people if need be.  This mindset then provides a view for the journey that is uninhibited by confusion.
Home is where the heart is and the human heart must find fulfillment in its duties towards others and self in the light of one’s duty towards Allah. Hence, home is where-ever one finds this particular peace of mind and soul. If you and your husband have not found this, then I suggest you do Istikarah and sincerely ask Allah to intervene and approach you both with his direction for your con-joined journey in the dunyah.
Due to your race alone, I doubt you will have a home here in Malaysia but Allah knows best.  Take note of your circumstances, abilities and strengths, as well as your weaknesses, and then reach out for what Allah has already placed within that reach because whatever you really need is there but the Shaitan’s have blocked your perception.
Find out what your husband’s dream is and then dedicate yourself to his achievement of that goal, even if you know he will fail, as failure is a necessary prelude for success for all good men and a wife’s duty–one of many–is to help restore (console) such a man, especially at that moment.  The importance here is manifold, but the significant thing is that even if he is dead wrong, his sincere pursuit will lead him to correction by default.  However, if he is a hypocrite, and you would know better than any, your prayer would better be directed towards deliverance rather than submit to the ‘Jesus’ syndrome that so plagues abused women.
I hope this is of some help.  If i have further thoughts, I will let you know.
Wasalaam & Ramadan Mubarak
dr o