Rockefeller Medicine Men: Keeping you sick and poor.

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Rockefeller Medicine: Keeping you sick and poor.

Rockefeller Medicine Men
Medicine and Capitalism in America
Pdf download: rockefellermedic00browrich
I am about 1/4 of the way through it. I find it a real eye opener. An eye popper. It is about way more then just medicine. Though that is covered. It is about the multiple ways the wealthy elite shape society, through foundations, charities, trusts, universities and grade schools. Even the education of the blacks!
When you consider that the so called American model of capitalism has been forced upon so many other nations, you come to realize just because you don’t live in America, does not mean you are not affected by these despicable elites.
An aside there is a Gates figure that looms large in this book… Curious?
“Not all was smooth for the new barons of the corporate
economy, nor did they make life easy for those under them. The
owners of each industry, driven to grab what they could of the
available market and accumulate as much capital as possible in
the shortest time, pushed wages down in order to lower prices
“and to get a jump on their competitors. Immigrants were
inducted into the growing industrial work force. Some 16 million
foreign-born were attracted to the country in the second half of
the nineteenth century, totaling 15 percent of the population by
1890 and nearly a quarter of the population of the industrialized
northeastern states. Craftsmen saw their skills, the basis of
modest security and pride, fall to degradation and unemployment
before machines that outproduced them and factories that
oppressed them. Migrants from failing farms and immigrants
from foreign lands filled the factories and cities of the New
World. Working men lost their livelihoods or submitted to the
harshest labors. Women were drawn out of more traditional
homebound work into factories, shops, and stores. Twenty
percent of the nation’s women were wage laborers by 1900.
Children were sucked into the factories as the cheapest labor.
Working-class family and social Hfe were shaken and devastated.
Exploitation of workers, unmitigated by either legal restraints
or humanitarianism, led to increased organizing by labor. The
depression of the 1870s brought wages in 1875 down to $1.50 for a
ten-hour day. Riots were common in cities throughout the
country. Labor began to organize, and employers used every
available power, from lockouts to Pinkertons, to crush the union
movement. In 1877 the first nationwide strike, a spreading
walkout against the railroads, was put down with a bloodbath that
took the lives of scores of workers, their families, and their
supporters in city slums around the country. The labor movement
grew and strikes continued to spread in the 1880s and 1890s. The
Haymarket Square bomb in 1886, the strike at Carnegie’s
Homestead steel mills in 1892, and the Pullman strike in 1894
were only the most prominent events that made employers and
their allies fear for the continued existence of their society. “The
times are strangely out of joint,” worried a Kentucky politician.
“The rich grow richer, the poor become poorer; the nation
Can you imagine how it pleases me to see James Corbett address Rockefeller and his creation of our modern medical dis-ease , not cure, system?
It pleases me very much!
One of his references is a book, well worth reading. I know, because I have read it, and it is a must read book. Seriously: A must read!   Wanna understand just how much absolute manipulation for the sake of profit, not health, is behind the creation of our so called ‘modern medicine’???
Read this book. First linked here in 2011, then in early 2012 when I finally got around to reading it I relinked this gem.

It is about way more then just medicine. Though that is covered. It is about the multiple ways the wealthy elite shape society, through foundations, charities, trusts, universities and grade schools. Even the education of the blacks!

The pdf is contained in either previous post. Download it. Save it. Read it. Pass it along
Now, here is the presentation by James Corbett- Enjoy!

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