Israel's Gay Scam & Global Reset

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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

One of  the most high profile gay marriages is between Matt Danzeisen of  BlackRock and Peter Thiel of Palantir who “tied the knot” back in 2017. Their “tying the knot” is a whole lot more than a gay marriage, it is symbolic tying of  big data, $20 trillion in assets, cryptocurrencies and your health care all together under the COVID-19 (Certificate of  Vaccination ID) operation.

The world’s largest asset management firm BlackRock, located in New York, is involved in investing in Israel’s high tech sector and infrastructure boom. [BlackRock is now running the Fed after Trump signed over America’s governance to FEMA last week. FEMA is also run by a Jew.]

Israel gets to boom while the US economy is in lockdown with Americans out on the streets trying to end this coronavirus-induced reengineering of  society and the US economy.

Peter Thiel moved his hedge fund to New York for a number of  reasons, the most important is to be financially connected to BlackRock through Thiel’s hedge fund where his “partner,” Matt Danzeisen is.

Other reasons include Thiel’s approaching $1 billion in break-even revenue to launch the IPO for Palantir. With Palantir we are beginning to see the outline of some type of  social credit system based on good behavior linked to a cryptocurrency.

~ Timothy Robert (April 2020) m=1

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