Sectarianism Continued: MAITREYA (THE FRIEND) an Introductionby Dr. Omar

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zaidpub (old blog)

MaitrOn Saturday 11 June 1988, Maitreya miraculously appeared at an open-air prayer/healing meeting on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, and addressed the gathering of 6,000 people. Photographs taken at the scene were carried by major news media around the world including CNN and the BBC. Job Mutungi, editor of The Kenya Times, witnessed the event and wrote:

  • The tall figure of a bare-footed, white-robed and bearded man appeared from nowhere and stood in the middle of the crowd …” He spoke for around 18 minutes and many of those near him were completely healed. He then departed as mysteriously as he had appeared: “Several people who witnessed this were astonished by his mysterious disappearance” wrote Mutungi.

On April 25, 1982, from Rome to Los Angeles twenty major newspapers carried the quote above as a full-page advert. This latest ‘christ’ was identified with the Buddhist Maitreya. Benjamin Crème of Tara Institute, and David Spangler of Planetary Citizens and the World Council of Wise Persons, underwrote the public-notice and later announced that within twenty years, groundwork for a universal religion would be laid. On June 25, 1995 at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco [Headed by a 33rd Degree Freemason], members of the Bohemian Club (discussed below) met to announce the establishment of a UN sponsored religious body with a 500 member general council, a 32 member executive council, and a Secretary General. Five years later in Pittsburgh, Pa, the Charter for United Religions was drawn up with Mikhail Gobachev appointed as Secretary General.
Crème and Spangler have plans to re-educate Jews, Christians, Muslims and sundry malcontents who do not conform to the stated ideals of this UN Mandate. Theirs is not a venture to be ignored or taken lightly:

  • “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she makes a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”  – David Spangler, Director of The Planetary Initiative of the United Nations

These organizations are dedicated to global theocracy under an ecclesiarches of Guided Masters, many of whom are established UN scions. They are convinced that people accepting the Creator-Creature distinction are an inferior race in need of their recently evolved, homo-noeticus assistance ― not unlike the aid given by homosapien-sapiens to Neanderthal hominids. To confirm this monist ideation, I present Article Three of the Maitreya’s Creed, posted in 2003:

  • Soul is Pure Divine Universal Spirit which is Ignorant of its True Nature. In Truth, all Soul is Pure Divine Universal Spirit which is One and Identical with Universal God, and no other. Spiritual Ignorance and Wrong Believing hide The Truth from the people’s hearts and minds. Their result is birth, division, conflict, pain, fear, suffering, sorrow, and death. Their fruit is endless rounds of births and deaths. Enlightenment and Self-Realization are the cure. The Friend’s Holy Initiation is True Enlightenment. Self-Realization is full and Absolute Knowledge of The Truth, born of Direct Spiritual Experience. There is no Self-Realization without True Enlightenment. There is no other Salvation or Liberation. The Truth, alone, sets all people free.

They openly admit their god is Lucifer, whom many savants have encountered in his ancient guise as Pan: King of the Elemental Spirits (jinn). Most occasions and ‘Dialogues’ celebrating ‘world prayers for peace’ are, in reality, mass initiation rituals sponsored by their cabal’s network. As you plough through the following discomfiting essays, I pray you will come to see how and why the ancient folly has been re-dignified for modern folk of consequence.
I find it necessary to make some remarks concerning conspiracy theories, as I do not my work to be thrown into that enthusiastic bin of speculation. The evidence throughout history for the Machiavellian trade is overwhelming and Masters of the craft excel at extirpation or confounding whatever evades their ‘cleaners’. Furthermore, monotheist scripture is filled with references to both men and jinn who conspire against God. The trouble is, “cattle” become frantic when confronted by the slightest whiff of wolf and the ensuing stampede tramples any voice that identifies the real nature of their shepherds. As William Wordsworth wrote:

  • “The good die first and they whose hearts are dry as summer dust burn to the socket.”

So if you find yourself dry of eye as you read this text, I recommend reading Sura VI, “The Cattle”—perhaps in your native tongue—in order to obtain knowledge in addition to the blessings incumbent on recitation.
MasonsFreemasons in their Lodge, formal dress, with checkered floor and altar. The god of their Masters is Lucifer, but most of the men pictured are not aware and will deny the charge. They are dupes, plain and simple.
Being an unavoidable ‘fact of life’, conspiracy is an entirely natural expression of the unredeemed human proclivity for physical survival and its many perks for pathological mindsets of which there are several functional categories representing upwards of twenty percent of any given population, save for unspoilt indigenous peoples.

  • … each society on earth contains a certain percentage of individuals, a relatively small but active minority, who cannot be considered normal… Politics is no exception, and, by its very nature, would tend to attract more of the pathological “dominator types” than other fields… We already know that every society contains a certain percentage of people carrying psychological deviations caused by various inherited or acquired factors which produce anomalies in perception, thought, and character. Many such people attempt to impart meaning to their deviant lives by means of social hyperactivity. They create their own myths and ideologies of overcompensation and have the tendency to egotistically insinuate to others that their own deviant perceptions and the resulting goals and ideas are superior. – Political Ponerology, op cit.

This reality is the result of principles of divine law that are universal and govern our lives. Furthermore, it exemplifies the reality that the ‘Ways of God’ are not the ‘ways of men’. The fact that people feign surprise and shock at the innumerable scandals that merely drape the surface of conspiratorial fellowships—many of whom are Freemasons or those with close ties to the corrupted fraternity—is evidence enough of omnipresent pretense, ignorance, and denial. What lies beneath the veneer is what these pages reveal and explain. There are only two Kingdoms in the earth: the realms of Blessing and Cursing (Obedience and Disobedience), and the latter will never cease to conspire against the former until it is consigned to hell; a woeful certainty that makes ‘Judgment Day’ an unavoidable fact of life and death.
Therefore, I caution you against grazing with the indiscriminate herd. My books may, with God’s help, assist the maintenance of a blessed perspective that will enable readers to accompany the ‘few’ of Ibn Khaldun’s troupe who do not run from ‘eau de lupine’; for it’s far better to die with eyes open and filled with pious humor, than attempt to preserve desiccated orbs for the marathon of eternal aridity under the ‘Western Sunrise’.
This book and its siblings contain disturbing facts reported by observers-of and participants-in the grand-geopolitical game of ‘Warlock Chess’ made manifest by the Freemasonic checkerboard floor under their lodge altars to Lucifer. My remarks are directed towards current events in view of the thesis and expositions synoptically presented in Trinity, The Metamophosis of Myth, so it is best to read that volume before proceeding. I’ve attempted to demonstrate some of the pan-historic processes that have led to the present paradigm shift towards global monism with its frontispiece of secular modernity, and to identify responsible entities and mental constructs. Details for the last three hundred years-plus leading to the Tyrannical Barbarity of the New Imperialism are given in The Hands of Iblis. While Trinity is predominantly devoted to the Christian Myth, and Cain’s Creed to Catholicism’s evil, this volume is given to egregious Muslim errors along with corrective admonitions and exegesis on monotheist history. Granted, this is not an easy task nor is the condensed synthesis readily grasped by everyday readers. However, I trust an educated few will gather the content well enough to shepherd their flocks to safe pasture in order to avoid running with the bulls of tribal hysteria.
You’ll not find references to the normative philosophies of geo-political theories (isms) because these approaches inherently avoid the universal consequence of man’s spiritual nature. Accordingly, they suffer significant error because none acknowledge that we must return to Allah for personal and national accounting. Furthermore, the reader should realize that it is the communion of recalcitrant jinn and their relations with men for millennia that are actually the topics being discussed. These are creatures to which men turn—witting and not—for inspiration when human leadership spurns the Word of God to reform and rename His true religion then govern without the benefit of righteous prophetic direction. Satan is ever ready to guide men to perpetual displeasure and men are ever ready and sufficiently gullible to discount his existence let alone the cunning of this satyr and his minions. There are indeed, men and women in high places of global import who consciously serve and know him personally. If you doubt this or the conversation he had with prophet Isa (Jesus), please pass this book to someone who doesn’t.
Throughout the text I provide illustrations and commentary from several authorities and I advise the serious reader not to skip the footnotes (in Arabic Numerals). Endnotes are primarily for the purpose of citations, and are marked with Roman Numerals. The appendices hold extracts, expositions, informative illustrations and historical charts showing the contest between monotheism and monism throughout most of the last 60,000 years. The bibliographic sources are in addition to the many authors listed in the footnotes. I wish to emphasize that I cite a litany of dissimilar writers of variable bias, all of whom offer evidence that independently supports the propositions presented.
The so called ‘New Age’ of this ‘Secular World Order is in fact nothing new. It is naught but the greed and Creed of Cain’s Pole dressed in modern garb. However, the innovations of technology that permit its global dissemination in the soil of man’s final descent to atomistic dissolution and eternal despair are indeed new. Presently, devotees of this spurious accretion restore towers of Babil with facades of humanitarian intent (Humanism). Nevertheless, in their zeal they remain unmindful of designs held by the creatures they imagine to control; no doubt to the great pleasure of Iblis who counts his days of miserable respite.
The success of genuinely essential monotheists is guaranteed by our Ultimate Guarantor, but it is surely not what people perceive as religion or even expect vis-à-vis popular theories of eschatological consequence. For as Isa said: ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” May Allah remove the veils and grant His Grace and Mercy to the obedient and earnest of His humble servants. As for others, these are not my concern.
I am publishing the book here as I write it. The last four postings on Sectarianism are from the prologue.
Most Sincerely,
Omar Zaid ‘as-Siddiq, M.D.

  • “During this period, we find that the Europeans were bemused with the ideals of the French Revolution of 1789, effectively guided by the Jacobins/Free Masons. Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Egypt in 1798 brought the Master Mason to the heart of the Muslim world, seeding the plant of Freemasonry. Soon the Freemasonic/Jacobin ideals stealthily penetrated the Turkish elite society. Thanks to the so-called reforms of Mohammad Ali Pasha, Western “experts” and “ideas” started infiltrating some of the Arab-speaking Muslim lands. The ensuing westernization and modernization of Muslim society gradually undermined and eroded its traditional institutions and civilization, causing serious social tensions and spiritual crises… What is more troubling with modern Turkey (since 1909) is that its secularist fundamentalist leadership has had been directly linked with Freemasonry. The leaders of the Turkish Masonic lodges are subordinate to those of Tel Aviv and France and Italy, taking directives from them. There lies the explanation for Turkey’s roles vis-à-vis the Palestine-Israel conflict and the Arab/Muslim world… Freemasons were also behind the persecution of great Islamic thinkers—Sehbenderzade Filibeli, Ahmed Hamdi, Iskilipli Atif Hoca, and Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan in the last century… The Jacobin Freemasons were interested in transforming the Ottoman Caliphate into a republic, where Freemasonic ideals would run supreme. Salonica, the northeastern Greek city, was the birthplace of the Young Turk revolution. … Historians say Sultan Murad V was an Honorary Mason … Cairo in Egypt and Rumeli (the European lands of the Empire) were the organization’s strongholds… see the Diaries of Theodor Herzl, where he says, “Let the Sultan give us that parcel of land [Palestine] and in return we would set his house in order, regulate his finances, and influence world opinion in his favor… to confirm this, see also Sultan Hamid’s letter to his Sufi Shaykh.”

Dr. Habib Siddiqi, Nov. 1, 1981, Lecture at University of California.

  • You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons… and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him … It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations.  Ronayne: Handbook of Masonry, p. 183
  • “The highest kind of jihad is to speak up for truth in the face of a government that deviates from the right path.”
  • The righteously guided pen is mightier than a sword because it’s cut cannot mend without repentance.  – author
  • Revelation ―Birth of A New Age, by David Spangler, quoted from pages 163-4. In this book, he discusses a Hitlerian ‘final solution’ for uncooperative and less enlightened souls who “shall be moved entirely out of the earth pattern and will lose for a time.”
  • Such people/creatures are ‘possessed’ by jinn or are jinni.
  • A term referring to professional assassins and their accomplices who remove all evidence.
  • The Young Turk movement originated in the masonic lodges of Salonica under the direction of the Grand Orient of Italy, which later contributed to the success of Mustapha Kemal. Moreover, as we approach the Near East, cradle of the Masonic system, we find the Semitic influence not only of the Jews but of other Semite races directing the lodges.
  • “A secret Young Turk council was formed and the whole movement was directed from Salonica, the most Jewish town in Europe—70,000 Jews out of a population of 100,000. On May 1, 1909, the representatives of 45 Turkish Lodges met in Constantinople to establish the Grand Orient Ottoman. Under under auspices of both Italy and France.”

Vicomte Leon de Poncins, The Secret Powers behind the Revolution, p. 66; see also The Grand Orients Journal, The Acacia, Oct. 1908

  • Hundreds of similar appearances have occurred since then. For a complete listing and dissertation on doctrine as well as news sources, see References:

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