Shocking! Watch Cell Tower Transmissions Disrupting 'Morphic Resonance' of Xylitol Crystal Formation

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Morphic Resonance And The Cosmic Database Of Knowledge What McCrone had stumbled across is the shocking reality that molecules communicate morphic structure “knowledge” to other molecules, and this communication requires no technology and isn’t limited by distance. Pioneering science thinker Rupert Sheldrake calls this phenomenon, “Morphic resonance,” and describes morphic fields as “habits of nature” that are used by molecules and living systems to remember and communicate knowledge, structure and organizational information. Sheldrake’s books include, “Morphic Resonance,” “New Science of Life” and “The Presence of the Past.” I encourage you to read them.
THEY’RE NOT !  pity innit?  ~ oz
Shocking! Watch Cell Tower Transmissions Disrupting ‘Morphic Resonance’ of Xylitol Crystal Formation