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zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

Conclusion By now the, mis-match that I have outlined between the NEPHET/ claimed COVID-19 deaths and the official GRO registered deaths up to Jun 2020 together with the cleaned death notices from then up to Mar 2021 can only bring you to the same conclusion that I have arrived at. That is, that the NEPHET/ claimed COVID-19 deaths are deaths of older people and people with underlying conditions who died as per normal but were fraudulently classified as COVID-19 by vested interests using PCR tests which have found to produce a high percentage of false positive results.
Furthermore, I conclude that the approximately 500 excess deaths in Jan-Feb 2021 must be related to the rollout of the vaccinations in those nursing homes during that period, and that the excessively high COVID-19 deaths claimed by NPHET/ in Jan-Feb 2021 are contrived for the sole purpose of allowing those deaths to be explained as COVID-19 as per the death records rather than adverse reactions to the vaccines.
And finally, the health of a nation can be quickly assessed by looking at its trend death rates as quoted in deaths per 1,000 of population. I have prepared Table 4 below from CSO annual reports, recent GRO updated data and death notices for 2020.The table shows that the 2020 death rate will be the lowest since 2012, a clear indication that there was no need for the mass hysteria created by vested interests which could not be challenged due to the lack of up-to-date date and transparent death data from the Central Statistics Office.
Source: Study of Covid-19 Deaths – LewRockwell