Team Players and The Fall of Mother Russia: Theodor Reuss & Rasputin by Dr. Omar

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Reuss“Theodor Reuss: “Reuss was born in Augsburg on June 28, 1855. He was privileged to work under Richard Wagner, whom he first met with King Ludwig II of Bavaria, in 1873, and took part in the first performance of Wagner’s Parsifal at Bayreuth in 1882. He later traveled frequently to England, where he became a Mason in 1876. In 1880 in Munich, he participated in an attempt to revive Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Order of Illuminati. In 1885 while in England, he became friends with William Wynn Wescott, the Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Wescott provided Reuss with a charter dated July 26, 1901 for the Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry and a letter of authorization dated Feb. 24, 1902 to found a High Council in Germania of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Gerard Encausse (Papus) provided him with a charter dated June 24, 1901 designating him Special Inspector for the Martinist Order in Germany”
“In 1888, in Berlin, he joined with Leopold Engel of Dresden, Max Rahn and August Weinholz in another effort to revive the Illuminati Order. In 1895, he began to discuss the formation of Ordo Templi Orientis with Carl Kellner. While living in London, Reuss became acquainted with Aleister Crowley. In 1910, he made Crowley a VIIฐ of O.T.O. (based on Crowley’s previously held 33ฐ in the Scottish Rite), and in 1912, he conferred upon him the IXฐ and appointed him National Grand Master General Xฐ for the O.T.O. in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland by charter dated June 1, 1912. In 1918, Reuss published his German translation of Crowley’s Gnostic Mass. In a note at the end of his translation of Liber XV, he referred to himself as, simultaneously, the Sovereign Patriarch and Primate of the Gnostic Catholic Church, and Gnostic Legate to Switzerland of the ษglise Gnostique Universelle, acknowledging Jean Bricaud (1881-1934) as Sovereign Patriarch of that church. The issuance of this document can be viewed as the birth of the Thelemic E.G.C. as an independent organization under the umbrella of O.T.O., with Reuss as its first Patriarch. He was also translating The Book of the Law into German and added, in a note to Crowley: “Let this news encourage you! We live in your Work!!!” On July 17, 1920, he attended the Congress of the “World Federation of Universal Freemasonry” in Zurich, which lasted several days. Reuss, with Bricaud’s support, advocated the adoption of the religion of Crowley’s Gnostic Mass as the “official religion for all members of the World Federation of Universal Freemasonry in possession of the 18ฐ of the Scottish Rite.”

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The above excerpt is an official history published by their Rosicrucian offshoot in Berkley California. Reuss and his colleagues of the ‘craft’ usurped the highest realms of Freemasonry by following Weishaupt and Pike’s directives as per Crowley’s Confessions. Until these savants took over the lofty circles of this ‘white gloved’ elite—which began in the mid 19th century—there was no 33rd degree of Freemasonry. These formed yet another head on the hydra of the hidden ‘high command’ for thousands of lodges filled with well-meaning but genuinely misguided men, who, for the most part, were disaffected from mother-faiths and needed the re-affirmation of a purposeful existence via ancient male-bonding pagan ritual, and understandably so. This specific lot, however, re-wrote the liturgy of Initiation at all levels and reserved the upper four degrees for themselves, from which ranks they chose the most likely candidates for ultimate Luciferian Initiation into sexual black-magick (details reviewed in The Hand of Iblis).
Prior to this exquisite coup―which actually began in early 18th Century London with the transformation of Operative (Genuine Craft) Masonry into Speculative Masonry by Rosicrucians―most occult societies were solitary outposts on the fringe of spiritual sobriety inhabited by the most capable men of the times. After this transition, however, a unity (network) that never existed before attained a concord that has helped to create self-serving ‘think-tanks’ the world over ever since; groups of devilish genius that purposely plunged humanity into two consecutive world wars.
Understand there are many well-meaning, decent men beneath this hidden hand who govern us directly. However, they are wholly conned into thinking they serve our best interests and the present state of world affairs attests to their failure to maintain for us all the very ethical standards and commonweal they claim to defend and uphold. But to the contrary, this is not so for those who direct them from beyond the pale that separate men and jinn.

  • Beneath the broad tide of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of the secret societies, which frequently determine in the depths the changes that take place upon the surface. – A.E. Waite, The Real History of the Rosicrucians

The Jesuit link to Rasputin is noised abroad but remains historically weak for want of documentation, except for Edmund Walsh’s confession that they [Jesuits] chose him for the task. Nevertheless, what is not historically weak is the desire of Rome to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church which relocated to Moscow after the fall of Constantinople to pretentiously Muslim Ottomans in 1453. Nor is it a rumor that Jesuits were expelled from Russia in 1820-25 by Czar Alexander I, and it is surely no accident of history that Jesuits share this same recurrent dishonor with certain of the Jews. Tzar means “Caesar” and the less well known desire of every Russian Czar was to unite the Eastern and Western Roman components under their auspice. Their Heraldry alone proclaims this earnest aspiration.
Just as Jesuits used Napoleon to Ruin Rome, they similarly attempted to overthrow Alexander I. However, after Napoleon’s fall and the entry of Czar Alexander I to Paris in triumph:

  • He (Alexander I] proposed a treaty of friendship among all the European states called the Holy Alliance. This alliance was to instill the Christian virtues of charity and peace in European political life. In conjunction with the British Bible Society, he arranged for the [non-Catholic version] translation and distribution of the Scriptures throughout Russia. This also earned the Tzar the undying hatred of the Jesuits. The Holy Alliance and the distribution of the Scriptures ended with the untimely death of the Tsar by poison on December 1, 1825, in the Russian city of Taganrog.

Jesuits are sworn to murder any power that opposes the Pope. The administration of the “cup” is one of their finest acts of war. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that after the collapse of Czar Nicholas II—something Jesuits craved since their expulsion—that Stalin reinstated them and their partners, the Rothschild Cabal, and never repatriated the Romanov fortune; estimated today at some 45 billion dollars.
The Fall of the Czar and ruin of the Orthodox Church was a direct result of the Bolshevek Revolution, and it is accepted that Rasputin played a pivotal role in the affair and that, furthermore, the rebellion was financed and guided by the same triumverate Cabal cited earlier.
My purpose however, is not to explore this web of intrigue but to exhibit another pattern of ruin under the sway of Iblis. Here the focus is Rasputin’s influence and the scandals that unmistakingly demeaned the Monarchy due to an extraordinary propaganda campaign. Furthermore, I bring the reader’s attention to this villain’s extremist cult of Bacchante repute and horrific doctrine. here again we see the work of sexual magick at play, as his cult followed the ancient detour that inevitably leads to Pharaoh’s ‘most precious way’ as also adopted by the Frankist phallic ethos and debased mores’ as per Crowley’s Crew of perversion. One must remember that Frankists are debauched Kabbalists of pagan Khazar lineage, a people hailing from north of the Caucasus and refered to as Magog in Scripture. This is the same region from which rose Rasputin’s Khlysty Sect, described below. What they have in common with every cult discussed thus far is Ibn Maymun’s brainwashing method of with its trademark Satanic-inversion of Divine principles; a method that has now reached global proportions causing extensive social chaos.

  • RasputinBoth Rasputin and Stalin had a common mentor — Bishop Hermogen — the rector of Tiflis Theological Seminary at which several Jesuits were instructors. Iliodor, a typical Jesuit agitator of states, was the great promoter of this “man of God,” preaching to huge crowds about the mad monk’s life and powers while secretly playing the spy for his master, Bishop Hermogen. In 1916 Rasputin was rightly assassinated; later his emasculated body was exhumed and publicly burned.

The Rasputin File, Edvard Radzinsky, (New York: Anchor Books, 2001).

Rasputin: (Russian for ‘debauched’)

  • The Khlysty sect drew their greatest strength from mystery, and in order to preserve this mystery, to protect their truth from any profanation, the founders of the new doctrine prescribed that their adherents should strictly observe in externals the forms of the “false faith,” Orthodoxy, and even distinguish themselves by special zeal in observance”

Fülöp-Miller, Rasputin the Holy Devil, p. 19.

Rasputin aThis Jesuit, Illuminati and Cryto-Jew methodology as has also been adapted by the elite of Freemasons who are under their sway. This is one of the reasons why they are obsessively preoccupied with ritual pomp and circumstance with grotesque public displays of pageantry, awards, medals etc. These, in addition to well publicized acts of charity [Foundations], are all diversionary tactics behind and through which their cunning devilry is prosecuted. The very first defense most Masons are conditioned to make is to point to acts of charity rather than examine the dogma, history and deeds of cherished Masters of the Craft; especially Pope Pike. As for Jesuits, they take a rake like Rasputin and make the way easy for him to ruin both himself and their enemy.

  • At the age of 18, Rasputin under went a religious trans-formation of sorts. He decided that it was God’s will that he should study religion. He was supposed to have been introduced to the Khlysty sect – they preached that one could attain forgiveness only if one immersed them self in sin [this is the Dionysian pole of the Orphic Mysteries]. They also preached that a person could only be close to God after numerous and heavy sexual encounters. Rasputin grabbed onto this doctrine as if it were his personal holy grail, and he started practicing this faith with full vigor … The murder of Rasputin was a big blow to the Jesuit’s scheme for the “conversion” of Russia. They lost a vital insider who could produce a Jesuit heir to the throne plus stack the government with Roman Catholic sympathizers… Whenever a nation closes the door to the Jesuits, the result is always an atheistic regime to take its place. In England, after the Glorious Revolution, they introduced atheism with the teachings of Charles Darwin. The same pattern was followed in Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

De Jonge, Alex. The Life and Times of Grigori Rasputin.
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, New York, 1982.

  • Rasputin bFrom the time he was “seduced” at 14 by some girls near his village, he never ceased to find female partners, although his wife seemed willing to ignore them. His daughter, Maria, however, gave an accounting of hundreds of them, ranging from nobility, actresses and military wives to chambermaids and prostitutes … Allegedly Rasputin had gained the attention of Aleister Crowley. Crowley who would be later called “The Beast” was a mad man, the type of person who would make the Marquee De Sade look like a Red Cross volunteer… It is not known who was the master and who was the student in the Rasputin/Crowley combination, but there are heavy suggestions that these two men had several love affairs with each other – after all, they were from the same mold…
  • According to the Russian secret service the Khlysty believed that sin was a necessary first step towards redemption, and thus sexual excess in the group was rampant. Whether Rasputin joined the Khlysty sect or not, he did come to believe that sin was a necessary part of redemption…
  • They gathered in crypts, indulging in flagellation, mad dancing and orgiastic sex. Only after sinning could they repent and come closer to God. This mix of religious piety and sexual hedonism, ‘driving out sin with sin’, was a notion that never left Rasputin. During his participation in “sacred orgies” instead of being exhausted, he seemed to save more energy, and this is the reason that explains his sexual strength. Many people believe, that through his sins (sex) he obtained his holiness, and that he proceeded in initiations that transformed his miraculous “ego”.

René Fülöp-Miller, Rasputin the Holy Devil.
The Viking Press, New York, 1928;
Also: The Power and Secrets of the Jesuits.
George Braziller, Inc., New York, 1956.

  • Grigory Rasputin, the mysterious monk who had a major influence on Tsar Nicholas II prior to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, is also thought to have had links to the group, which was active from the 17th to the early 20th century… Rasputin is also reputed to have cut locks of hair from the virgins he had sex with. When his house was pulled down in 1977, the authorities unearthed several boxes containing hair buried in the garden.
  • “I whip myself, I seek Christ” (“Sebya khlyschu, Khrista ischu”) the Khlysty chanted, while flagellating themselves [as do Shia and Jesuits]. They were also famed for their dervish-like dances, during which they believed they were communicating directly with the Holy Spirit [endorphin induced trance].
  • The sect’s leader and founder, Kondraty Selivanov, considered by his many followers to be a castrated Tsar Peter III, despite the latter’s assassination in 1762, was granted an audience with a curious, Tsar Paul I, towards the end of the 18th century. Predictably, the Russian leader turned down Selivanov’s proposal that he castrate himself and establish the Skoptsy belief as state religion, packing him off to an insane asylum instead.

History of the Khlyst Movement in Russia, 1850-2000
Original title: “The Historiography of the Khlyst Movement
in Russia in the Second Half of the 19th and the 20th Centuries”
Olga Dekhtevich, Moscow State Regional University

  • In Towards the Romantic Age, Rudolf Neuhäuser says they [Khlysty] resembled Jesuits in their organization; the ‘Masters’ were hidden and they blindly followed orders.
  • The famed poet Nikolai Kliuev knew both Dr. Badmaev and Grigory Rasputin, and like the latter, had been initiated into a secret school of Christian sexual mysticism with similarities to Tibetan Tantra and Indian Shivaism [see The Hands of Iblis for details]. “They called me a Rasputin,” Kliuev wrote in a 1918 poem. Kliuev’s spirituality was deeply rooted in the tradition of the Russian religious dissidents like the Old Believers, the Khlysty and Skoptsy, who formed a veritable subterranean river among the common people. Kliuev admitted how, challenged by a Khlyst elder to “become a Christ,” he was introduced to the secret community of “Dove brethren”. With the help of “various people of secret identity”, Kliuev traveled all over Russia participating in secret rituals and imbibing the occult traditions of the Russian East.

The Secret of Eurasia, The Key to Hidden History and World Events
by Mehmet Sabeheddin New Dawn No. 68 (Sep-Octr 2001)

See Also: Benson Bobrick,
Fearful Majesty. The Life and Reign of Ivan the Terrible.
G. P. Putnam’s Son’s. New York, 1987.


Queen and Knights of the Hermetic Order of The Garter
Secretly Sworn to Papal Service
Czar Nicholas was cousin to this Royal Family


  • NB: Sir Winston Churchill was initiated a Freemason according to customs of his rank and class, as were many of his peers: “Churchill quit Masonry when he was a young man after becoming disillusioned, showing his strength of character in so doing and contrary to continued deceptive claims made by Freemasonry about his membership.” – The Churchill Society, London. [He did, however, retain his Druidic Priesthood, an Hermetic order above that of Freemasonry, and he also was a Knight of Malta in service to the Pope. – oz]
  • According to Jesuit Edmund A. Walsh, “At a Masonic Congress held in [Jesuit-ruled] Brussels at this time [1911], Rasputin was discussed as a possible instrument for spreading the tenets of the order in Russia; it was thought that under his destructive influence the dynasty could be destroyed in two years.” The Fall of the Russian Empire: The Story of the Last of the Romanovs and the Coming of the Bolsheviki,

Edmund A. Walsh, S.J., (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1928) p. 110.

  • Anecdote: Papus visited Russia three times, in 1901, 1905 and 1906, serving Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra both as physician and occult consultant. In October 1905, he allegedly conjured up the spirit of Alexander I, Tsar Nicholas’s father, who prophesied that the Tsar would meet his downfall at the hands of revolutionaries. Papus allegedly informed the Tsar that he would be able to magically avert Alexander’s prophesy so long as he was alive (his claim proved accurate, Nicholas kept his hold on the throne of Russia until 141 days after Papus’s death). Although Papus seems to have served the Tsar and Tsarina in what was essentially a shamanic capacity, he was later curiously concerned about their heavy reliance on occultism to assist them in deciding questions of government. During their later correspondence, he warned them a number of times against the influence of Rasputin.

Red Flame No. 2 — Mystery of Mystery: A Primer of Thelemic Ecclesiastical Gnosticism by Tau Apiryon and Helena; Berkeley, CA 1995

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Romanov Gold, William Clarke

A partial list of the private assets of the Romanovs:
• Four hundred million dollars in gold, at the then price of twenty dollars per ounce, deposited in the Rockefeller owned Chase Bank of New York (later becoming Chase Manhattan Bank, and more currently J.P.Morgan Chase). The Rockefellers have fraudulently defeated the escheat laws, kept the 400 hundred million dollars in gold which by way of compounded interest, and at the more current price of 400 dollars per ounce for gold, makes up a huge portion of the Rockefeller fortune.

• Sixty five million dollars in gold, at the then price of twenty dollars per ounce, deposited in Barings Bank, London. Upon the downfall, in the 1990s, of the bank, Barings for the first time admitted they had the Romanov’s deposits.

• The Romanovs had hundred of millions of dollars deposited in the Mendelsohn Banks, Paris. On the apparent “assassination” of the Romanovs, the funds were swallowed up and not disgorged.

• The Romanovs, that is Tsar Nicholas II and his Family, were the owners of the Hudson Tunnel, New York, a traffic tub going under the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey.

The Overthrow Of The American Republic;
US – Russian Great Secrets By Sherman H. Skolnick