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Ahmed bin thoufeek

بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ In the Name of Allah—the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

18:6 فَلَعَلَّكَ بَـٰخِعٌ نَّفْسَكَ عَلَىٰٓ ءَاثَـٰرِهِمْ إِن لَّمْ يُؤْمِنُوا۟ بِهَـٰذَا ٱلْحَدِيثِ أَسَفًا Now, perhaps you ˹O Prophet˺ will grieve yourself to death over their denial, if they ˹continue to˺ disbelieve in this message. — Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran

With more people becoming woke by the day, the elite just keep getting better with their plans. upon intrapolating down the line we must see that something is wrong with what we are doing..

This is where Dr.Omar came in for me and showed me the connection with the macro going on outside and the micro in my life. This is to see the situation in which Allah has placed you in, to see that you've got parents who you should tend to with the best you've got, until Allah gives you command to set right what's wrong and to make a stand..... and that path necessarily is filled with suffering. pain and As- sakinah....... ~ Ahmed bin thoufeek (student of Dr. OZ)

Angel Moya

Dr Zaid is an expert on historicity and occult background of all the major centuries-old holidays and celebrations dating back to the Mesopotamian region, the trinitarian delusion, the virgin, the man-god-son and metamorphosis of that myth through eras and regions, the greatest delusion is found in service of the mother goddess. Secret society men...If the cap fits, wear it. Throughout the years of carefully reading Dr. OZ, all his works are a denunciation of the enemies of mankind, each and every topic covered is supported by a list of references that is a delight for the history buff, an oasis for the ̈awake. ̈ I officially declare Dr. OZ my favorite author, by reading some of his books I have been led to other sources, his readability is magistral, fair, firm and brutally honest sometimes. He is My inspiration to become a writer. Angel Moya (March 07, 2021) San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Angel Moya


Dear Dr Omar,

Bismillahi rahmaani Raheem,

I’m honored to be part of your digital Ummah and online forum. Thank you for inviting me. Jazak Allah.

I’ve been following your conversations with Sheikh Omar … You must know that the knowledge that you have shared with us is really enlightening … Your words are a gift to all of us and maybe only a few may truly understand your teachings. But it is just enough to inspire us to think, reflect, and ponder about what is happening. ~ anonymous forgot who sent it

Your Student, Samuel

Sexology For The Wise is a beautiful escape to reality. Dr Zaid begins with a biographical sketch that clearly shows us how very real he is, warts and all. I don’t think any contemporary scholar would dare do this. It even put me on the psychiatrist couch to reach back into my own past and exam my ‘golfer’s handicaps’, empty bags of ignorance, mistakes, experiences, etc. Moving into the subject matter, sex, marriage and perversion, he gives more than just a glimpse inside the devil’s playbook by using science, philosophy, literature, sociology, psychology and much more to break apart each play, all the way to the top where associates and partners of the left hand path are found. As for Queerdom (I am glad Dr. Omar came up with this word, he clearly codifies all LGBT ambiguity and sources and gives ample proof of deep occult influences that purposely alter human development of life in the womb to this end and with impunity.

I am pretty sure based on the state of the world today, this book is not going to be a New York Times best seller (but Allah knows best). However, I am privileged to have read it before its official publication. May Allah bless you and guide you in all your efforts. Your Student, Samuel.


"I left every session with Dr. felling as if I had eaten some delicious home-cooked food from a loved one. Having teachers, advisors and counselors are part of this life's journey back to Allah. The difficulty is finding those who love with their hearts and speak the truth - as only then will their teaching truly benefit. I wholeheartedly believe Allah brought me a genuine teacher when He brought me Dr. Omar Zaid, Alhamdulillah. The sessions with Dr. have helped enormously with finding my footing. I believe this is because Dr. doesn't just hit the surface of things, he goes deep and hits Truth. In his own journey, it seems he has experienced and learned much more than most of our elders. For this reason, it is certainly safe to say we can take his word for things. I've asked him "life-questions" and his answers have been eye-opening to say the least. I feel and think more clearly and wish this to others who Allah brings to Dr. ~ Shifaa 


I'm a 23 year old young man with a wife, child on the way and a vision to serve the One Lord. With my family aware of the path I'm on... I can say I've received constant resistance and interference in my personal affairs. I've grown up without a father in my life, but by Allah's Mercy, I have been nurtured by a militant uncle who has provided me with many values and skills which are necessary for man to possess. But, I do not receive from my uncle or other elders in my community, advice to deal with current trials that is unbiased, uncultured, purely Islamic, morally objective. I have been lead to the realization that we live in a world in which manhood is deteriorating at an exponential rate. How are we young men supposed to learn how to be men, if manhood is almost non-existence? Due to the consequences of the attack on manhood we face today, I know of many young men face the same problems I face today. We lack the wisdom from elder figures within our communities to which we should receive this guidance. Dr. Omar Zaid has been that Wise-Elder to me. I have been receiving counseling from Dr. Omar Zaid for a year now, and it is very difficult for me to put into words how he has guided me by the will of Allah. He has provided me with this unbiased, uncultured, purely Islamic and morally objective guidance, thus, clearing the fog from my eyes. Alhamdulillah. ~ Sa'ad

Pre 2021-2022 Testimonies

"... This to me further reinforces the need to look to external sources to the Quran in order to fully comprehend it. Shaikh Imran, in this instance, alluded to the knowledge of Dr. Omar Zaid MD who specialises in Occult Symbolism, having been a member of the Freemasonic movement himself for many years, and has now reverted to Islam, alhamdulillah. Shaikh Imran calls his meeting with and combining of his knowledge with that of Dr. Omar’s as that which is mentioned in Surah Al-Kahf 18:60 where Allah had asked Musa a.s. to go “where two oceans meet” to seek one more knowledgable that himself (ie Khidr a.s.): Shaikh Imran calls the combined knowledge as  ”the Ocean of Externally Acquired and the Ocean of Internally Received” and admits that to fully understand events occuring as we move towards The End of Times, his knowledge of Akhiruz-Zaman needs to be combined with Dr. Omar’s studies in Occult Symbolism, among others. In fact Shaikh Imran is of the opinion that, as illustrated in Point 5 above, the Hypocrites include those who are involved in the Occult. In addition, Dr.Omar, having also been a Born-Again Christian preacher before, has wonderful insight into the connectivities of the Quran with the Bible as well as the Old Testament, thus circling us back to 2:4 (see also M. Azmi’s The History of the Quranic Text which discussed the Quran, the Old Testament and the New Testament).

From: Brother Hisham
Treading the Path of the Heifer’s Gaze Part III

Jan 2014 Insaniah University Convocation

Jan 2014 Insaniah University Convocation[/caption]

[& Conference Attendees]

Oct 2012:

Wallahi, it was so pleasing to hear from you and to know that you are happy with our beloved brother Prof Jamil in Insanniyyah.  Imran Hosein is a very close brother to me.  I am delighted to know that you got to know him and to work with him.  I really admire your valuable contributions to Islamic thought and your beautiful style of writing. I like your term of "scholastic pretense".  It really describes what I have disliked about some lecturers.
- Prof. Dr. Malik Badri


I for one am glad we have people like Moulana Sheikh Imran N. Hosein, and Dr. Omar Zaid, who have made efforts to lift the veil and recover clarity of thought in the realities of the Modern Age that is full of fitnah; unlike the typical ulamas or mullahs, that don't seem to want to explain what is happening to the world today, but are busy bickering about trivial issues, bid'ah this, bid'ah that, further deepening sectarian differences..........SIGH. Once again, jazakallah khayran to those who organized this workshop. [INSIGHT III] It was wonderful!

Ya Rabbal Alamin.....................|— at حسنول الإقامة، شاه علم.


(6 Jan 2013) Assalamualaikum dear Doctor Omar,My wife & I are honoured to have met and listened to your priceless lecture at the Insight Conference in Kuala Lumpur, August 2012. We are grateful to have bought and read your books, in particular 'Taqua of Marriage'. Yours in Islam,  Timothy Sean Nirmalan__________  Assalamu Alaikum Dr Omar Zaid,

All praise be to Allah SWT who has blessed us with your research and foresight and allowed us an opportunity to see things as they are. I was studying the fundamentals of Iman from the works of Dr Israr Ahmed and still on it. I also follow Sheikh Imran Hosein and I am glad you two along with so many others are putting in so many efforts to rationalise knowledge to allow us Muslims to see things as they are.

I being from India am able to identify so many similarities and sometimes it actually scares me to even think of the extent to which we are immersed in shift, save those protected by Allah SWT. I beseech Allah SWT to make us one of them. Today for example, A minaret is deemed incomplete without the moon and the star. and ofcourse the flag. Also, I have studied in close contact with hindus and this has allowed me to have quite an understanding of their rituals. Alhamdulillah your books complete that missing part.  Jazakallah Khair for all the good work.

Assalamu Alaikum
Abdul Khadeer


(Oct 2013) Assalamualaikum, Dr. Omar Zaid!

Ahmad Hasif Ahmad Azman's profile photo

I am a Malay Muslim living in Malaysia who is currently a university student studying Accountancy. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your writings and lectures very much. You can even say I'm a hardcore fan. LOL. Having been a Muslim since birth, it is very refreshing to see Islam from a different perspective. Somehow, you explain Islam to me in a much more compelling way than the Malay Ustaz that I normally listen to. Hahaha. But, it's true.  From the depth of my heart, I say thank you for sharing your knowledge. You are doing a great service for the Ummah. May Allah bless your efforts.
- Ahmad Hasif Ahmad Azman __________________________________________________________________26.12.2013Dear Brother,I really like all your writings, I don't have enough speech in English to tell you just "thank you". I can't even explain you how much I love you, even though I haven't met you in person.  You might be thinking "Who am I and why I am so excited?". There is no definite answer to it.I am writing you this mail out of respect and gratitude that has born through reading your "Books" that I have read online.Finally, you might well be thinking who am I?  My name is Roman and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have just crossed 26 according to Gregorian Calender. .
I wish I could meet you, maybe that will remain unfulfilled. But that's not a big deal anyway. May Allah(SWT) Grant you the highest place on Jannah.Abdullah Rahim Roman ______________________________

Dear Dr. Zaid, I am quite humbled. Ever since I discovered your work I have been in complete awe. Masha’Allah, certainly Allah has blessed you with great knowledge. I hope your work will reach many more people because it is absolutely amazing and eye-opening. I have never read a book so thoroughly researched and well written as yours. I’m looking forward to reading and learning many more things from you. Insha’Allah. - Nida

Hand of Iblis Cover (French)

The Hand of Iblis is finely sifted and mercilessly to the point.  The author unveils the present organizational structure and methodologies of secret societies worldwide. Substantiated with documents, inside information, iconographic and archeological proofs along with excellent analysis; Dr. Zaid weaves an extremely detailed tapestry and accurate account of the occult interference in the history of mankind―inclusive of respected historical figures... Dedicated to God‘s Wisdom and Tawhid, I laud the author‘s presentation of a genuinely evenhanded academic thoroughness; one that does not exclude the Divine Revelation. I can say no more than this: 'Bravo Dr. Zaid'.

Franz Josef (Ysusf) von Hofler,
Ph.D. Cadidate Islamic and Other Civilizations, ISTAC

Brilliant! I haven’t read such a powerful combination of ideas and studies in years. Allah has touched you my brother; Masha Allah Alek. Thank you Tom [Tom Dark] for introducing me to this brilliant man and thank you Omar for building a bridge between cultures, one that puts Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" to shame.

Wael Khairy , Correspondent and Film Critic, London & Cairo (Mar. 2010, re: The Hand of Iblis),


"Dr. Zaid is both fair and brutally honest."

Mohamed Abdel Kader Hatem, (Wael KhairY's Grandfather)
Former Prime Minister of Egypt (Mar. 2010)



Omar’s got Iserbyt, Tarpley, Coburn, Skousen and Coleman beat for readability and scholarliness. This fresh perspective reveals the transcendent qualities of Islam as he and his brethren comprehend it. His treatise is singular and presents a world-class account of governmental conspiracy from an Islamic point of view; one with pithy themes of serious reconciliation for Christians.

The late Thomas Dark, (aka; Peter Danielson) Literary Critic, Agent, Friend and Author

Dr. Zaid’s purview and approach are tsunamic. His book, Trinity, is priceless.
Dato Prof. Dr. Arrifin Suhaimi (2007), Former Deputy Rector, IIUM, KL, Malaysia.


Trinity is a thorough critique of all strands of thought from all ages which, in the author's view, have helped in one way or another to corrupt the tenets of pure monotheism.  This book must be published!

Dato Dr. Prof. Dr Osman Bakar; Dep. Director, IAIS; former Chair of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University. (2008)


Dr. Zaid's Hand of Iblis is filled with extraordinary facts and exceptional analysis. Very few will comprehend the purview.

Prof. Ibrahim Abu-Rabi in 2009; internationally known scholar and former editor of The Muslim World who presently holds the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities' Chair in Islamic Studies, University of Alberta, Canada.


Salam Alaikoum

Dear Brother Omar Zaid,When I talk about you I say: Mawlana Omar Zaid.  I am reading your books. Painfully. Line by line and I search a lot. I am discovering something new everyday. Not only new, but things I never suspected before. You did a great job in this very difficult topic of Iblis, secret conspiracies and the end of time.When I commute to and from London, I usually spend 2 to 3 hours a day stuck in the traffic driving in 1st of 2nd gear. I am taking this opportunity to hear videos I download and save as mp3 files. I am very surprised that few people are interested by these topics. I am feeling sad that this knowledge might not be for everyone. It's available. It's there if people want just to dedicated some time for it.Thank you again for what you are doing for all of us.Amine Mecife (13 July 2013)__________

Page 5

In Cain's Creed, Dr. Zaid has attempted the seemingly impossible.  His posture, vis-à-vis contemporary Muslim and Christian cultures, is that of the’ insider-outsider’.  But it is only the latter who can truly picture his contemporary history in the manner of the cartographer.  Do not read this book unless you are prepared to be tossed like a pendulum between the rich Islamic tradition and the huge repertoire of the dialectics in Christian religious patrimony. This book is a sine qua non for teachers who know that unless the world learns the truth, it shall remain hostage to ignorance, international “politiricks” and the cults of greediness, nepotism and profanity.” (Dec. 2010)

Assist. Prof. Oladosu A. Afis Ph.D., ISTAC (visiting scholar 2009-10); Fulbright Scholar, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts & Coordinator for Postgraduate Programs, AIS, University, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Salaam alaikum Dr Zaid.  (24 May 2014)

I am currently reading your book "Cains creed", and have just completed your introduction of the book. I write you not to impress you or inflate your ego, but to praise you for writing this book. Its a breath of fresh air in a non-oxygenated environment to say the least. Thank you, on behalf of all western born converts to Islam, who suffer serious intellectual deprivation due to a lack of sincere, intellectually pleasing academic expositions of islamic-oriented literature, in the English language, such as Cains Creed.

Abu Taharah


I now understand why for thirty years my best ideas and efforts have been blocked by my superiors.  It is time to retire and build an ark.

The late Haji Mohd. Taufek Sahran, Dir. of Hikmah, Kuching, E. Malaysia, (2005)

Dr. Omar is the most un-politically correct writer I know. His relentless pursuit of truth is unsparing. That is why we need him and more like him. ~ ‌‌Prof. Dr. Hassan EL-Nagar; African, English, Arabic & Comparative Literature (ISTAC).

Dr. Omar, I must applaud you for your courage. You are doing what we should be doing. ~ Prof. Dr. Cemil Akdogan; ISTAC/IIUM, Islamic Science

Trnity Cover
After reading Zaid’s Trinity, I couldn’t sleep until I became a Muslim.‌‌The late Francis Imam Yeoh Chiang Leng, KL, Malaysia, 2008.

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Taqua of Marriage  --> Great book! Simply the best book on duties of husband and wife to each other as defined by God. The larger part deals with the environment that is required to make a healthy baby and family. Even if you have not been blessed to be a Muslim you should read this book!

Dr. Omar at ISTAC in 2009