The Absurdity Club: Pentagons, Ustasha, Red Flags, Hitler & Lapopesa

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Galileo Facing Absurdity
The Absurdity Club 
Despite the cultural inclinations we carry as forebrain identity-forts, for Muslims, the objective of seeking penultimate truth centers entirely on our post-mortem deposition and divine adjudication.  When this eschatology is firmly gripped, it redirects our attention and duty towards cogent preparations for the grave and beyond.  This book is not, therefore, a dialectic but rather a discursive treatment of known facts and contingent momentums with the mortician’s ministry and man’s eternal translation in view as per Divine Revelation.  It is sent forth as a warning to all who have departed from authentic prophetic dictats no matter the creed, culture, race or comforting imaginations entertained to secure falsehood.  As the reader shall see, this includes many who claim Islam.
On his deathbed, Robert Anton Wilson (1932 – 2007), a brilliant American novelist, essayist, philosopher and libertarian made the following remark: “Please pardon my levity, I don’t see how to take death seriously. It seems absurd.”  For atheists, the meaninglessness of existence lurks supreme and mockery shields their fear of annihilation by tossing insults towards beings they fail to acknowledge.  Forever the comedian while spouting anthems of unbelief accompanied by keen censure of civilized pretense, under dispassionate wardens of the Eternal Justice Department, I suspect Mr. Wilson regrets such quips as he un-settles in his grave.  We will review the origins of his libertarian loss of common sense in later chapters, as it is one of the major focal points of ponerology; i.e., of man’s rejection of self-evident reality.
Presently, I’d like to introduce you to a group of fascists who intend to be relatively benign masters as long as you do what you’re told.  Abraham was called “Friend of God” but here’s a fellow who claims the bizarre estate of being everyone’s friend:
On Saturday 11 June 1988, Maitreya [The Friend] miraculously appeared at an open-air prayer/healing meeting on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, and addressed the gathering of 6,000 people.  Photographs taken at the scene were carried by major news media around the world including CNN and the BBC.  Job Mutungi, editor of The Kenya Times, witnessed the event and wrote:
The tall figure of a bare-footed, white-robed and bearded man appeared from nowhere and stood in the middle of the crowd.” He spoke for around 18 minutes and many of those near him were completely healed.  He then departed as mysteriously as he had appeared: “Several people who witnessed this were astonished by his mysterious disappearance” wrote Mutungi. [i]
On April 25, 1982, a full-page advert carried by twenty major newspapers from Rome to Los Angeles reported the arrival of Christ and identified him as the Buddhist Savior, Maitreya.  This reiteration of Blavatsky’s embarrassment a century ago was co-sponsored by Benjamin Crème of Tara Institute and David Spangler of Planetary Citizens and the “World Council of Wise Persons?”… hmmm.  They later announced that within twenty years, groundwork for a universal religion would be laid.  On June 25, 1995 at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco – directed by a 33rd Deg. Freemason giving Gobachev a Masonic handshake – members of the Bohemian Club met to announce the establishment of a UN sponsored religious body with a 500 member general council, a 32 member executive council, and a Secretary General.  Five years later in Pittsburgh, Pa, the Charter for United Religions was drawn up with Mikhail Gobachev appointed as Secretary General.  We now have a World Parliament of Religions and a World Council of Churches as well, both based in the papist stronghold of “Neutral” Switzerland where most of their gold is kept.
The sociopaths of these absurdity clubs have plans to re-educate Jews, Christians, Muslims and sundry malcontents who do not conform to the ideals of their UN mandala-mandate; this is to say: ‘those who do not accept their design for mankind’s guidance into the “New Age?”.  This is not a venture to be taken lightly:
Mandala Logo for World Parliament of Religions
“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she makes a pledge to worship Lucifer.  No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” [ii], [iii]
These organizations are dedicated to global theocratic fascism under an ecclesiarchy of Guided Masters,[2] many of whom are established UN icons and/or shadowy creatures of fabricated lineage and murderous alliance in the service of the Cultus.  They are convinced that people accepting the Creator-Creature distinction are an inferior species in need of their recently-evolved homo-noeticus god-man assistance; which is not unlike the aid given by homosapien-sapiens to Neanderthals.  Their monist ideations are predictably undefinable, exquisitely Hermetic, and ooze with the sanctimonial reek of Jesuit bred Universalism ala Frithjof Schuon’s religio perennis (i.e., esoteric ecumenicism ecu-mania).  I present ‘Article Three’ of Maitreya’s Creed which might as well be the preamble for the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, an extremely shrewd document that ignores collective honor along with personal or group responsibility and accountability:[iv]
Soul is Pure Divine Universal Spirit which is Ignorant of its True Nature. In Truth, all Soul is Pure Divine Universal Spirit which is One and Identical with Universal God, and no other. Spiritual Ignorance and Wrong Believing hide The Truth from the people’s hearts and minds. Their result is birth, division, conflict, pain, fear, suffering, sorrow, and death. Their fruit is endless rounds of births and deaths. Enlightenment and Self-Realization are the cure. The Friend’s Holy Initiation is True Enlightenment. Self-Realization is full and Absolute Knowledge of The Truth, born of Direct Spiritual Experience. There is no Self-Realization without True Enlightenment. There is no other Salvation or Liberation. The Truth, alone, sets all people free.
They openly admit that god is the ‘Lucifer’ whom their savants have encountered either in his ancient guise as the Dionysian Pan (as did Ezra Pound in one of his experiments with Yeats), the King Satyrion (Saturn) of Elemental Spirits, or the sophisticated gentleman portrayed by Al Pacino in the film, Devil’s Advocate.  Most occasions of ecu-mania ‘Dialogues’ and ‘world prayers for peace’ are initiatory zeitgeist-bending affairs sponsored by their cabal’s network; which means as long as host Institutions invite and entertain the propaganda, their advocates, such as Jesuit approved Academics like Sayed Nasr[3] or Whahabi Fascists of the Muslim World League, will sweeten the event for empathetic organizers and obliging leaders – one way or another.
As you plough through the discomfiting pages of Cain’s Creed, I pray you will learn how and why the ancient folly has been re-dignified for a goodly number of sociopaths and their disciples of perdition’s alternative to divine guidance.


The Purpose of World War I
Immediately upon assuming his Generalate, Vladimir Ledochowski (pic Right, The Jesuit Black Pope) fled Rome (Austria, after all, was now at war with Italy) and set up office with two assistants in his mother’s castle at Zizers, Switzerland. In 1917, Ledochowski invited Mathias Erzberger, a deputy from the German Catholic Center party, to Zizers for a secret meeting.  Erzberger later reported to friends that the General had persuaded him to support a strategy of destroying the unified Reich under the Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm II in order to bring the Catholic nations of central and eastern Europe together in a pan-German federation under a charismatic dictator charged with subduing the communist menace from the east. Dr. Hans Carossa, documenting the deputy’s fact patterns after Zizers, observed that “Every political maneuver that Erzberger has engaged in since his discussion with the Jesuit General has only served to advance this Jesuit political strategy.” (Manfred Barthel, The Jesuits, William Morrow, p. 254-5)
Means A: The Lusitania
As much as Ledochowski needed to mobilize America against Germany, America was disinterested in European events. In fact, President Woodrow Wilson repeatedly declared that Europe’s calamities were of absolutely no concern to Americans. But soon after Ledochowski ensconced in Zizers (locals pronounce it “Caesar’s”), things started going his way. A German submarine sank the RMS Lusitania off the coast of Ireland with 128 Americans aboard. This act, wrote Jim Marrs in his study of clandestine governments (Rule By Secrecy, HarperCollins, 2000), “set off a firestorm of anti-German feeling throughout the United States, fanned by the Rockefeller-[J.P.] Morgan dominated press.” Marrs added that “Morgan was the Rothschilds’ American representative—some say partner.” The house of Rothschild is bound by fiduciary duty to facilitate the Jesuit General’s needs. According to Encyclopedia Judaica, the Rothschilds are “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.” The Rothschild press used the Lusitania to foment hatred among Americans toward “the hideous Hun.” But a stunt even more dramatic was needed to secure a declaration of war.
Means B: The Zimmerman Telegram
War resulted from the famous Zimmerman Telegram, which the Rothschild press sensationally published in America on March 1, 1917. In the telegram, supposedly decoded by British interceptors, German foreign minister Arthur Zimmermann proposed to the German ambassador in Mexico a German-Mexican alliance against the United States in which Germany would support the Mexican recapture of territory in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.
A German official talking secretly of invading Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico brought the war suddenly home. Normally, when the alleged proponent of such an explosive notion—true or not—is asked for verification, he follows good diplomatic form and categorically denies responsibility. Not Arthur Zimmermann. At a Berlin news conference on March 3rd, a reporter for the Hearst papers—which columnist George Seldes terms “the most pro-Catholic press in America”—caught Zimmermann’s attention and stated: “Of course Your Excellency will deny this story.” Zimmermann replied, “I cannot deny it. It is true.
Zimmermann’s inexplicable admission (and shamefully unprofessional, unless done in obedience to the General or the Rothschilds) gave President Wilson no alternative but to ask Congress for precisely what Vladimir Ledochowski desired: a declaration that a state of war existed with Germany
Congress complied on April 6, the Guardians of the Vatican Treasury cranked out the credit (through the Rothschilds’ brand new Federal Reserve), and over the next year and a half, more than 364,000 American lives were sacrificed (out of 4,355,000 mobilized) to Ledochowski’s objective of destroying the Reich and replacing its Protestant Kaiser with a charismatic dictator.
Came Armistice Day, November 11, 1918, the Reich was devastated . The Kaiser had fled for the safety of Holland. Power-drunk from overthrowing czarist Russia, Bolshevik mobs flying red flags overran Bavaria. All Munich’s diplomatic legations returned to their home countries. The Vatican nunciature alone remained.
On June 28, 1919, the Allies presented the Treaty of Versailles for Germany to sign. The Diktat, as Germans called it (“dictated peace”), only perfected their devastation—forcing them to accept sole responsibility for the war, ripping great chunks of territory away from the Reich, and reducing German naval and military power to practically nil.
The moment had arrived for the introduction of Vladimir Ledochowski’s “charismatic dictator.” He entered history at 15 Brienner Strasse late one blustery night during the winter following the Diktat…
Sister Pascalina recalled the moment for her biographers, Paul Murphy and Rene Arlington (La Popessa, Viking, 1983). The nunciature was asleep. Pascalina heard knocking at the door. She answered to find a young Austrian soldier standing there, a corporal and a Catholic, bearing a letter of introduction from a leading Bavarian politician citing him for acts of bravery during the war. Pascalina issued the young man into the sitting room and awoke Archbishop Pacelli (later, Pope Pious XII). Their meeting went fast. The soldier vowed to check the spread of atheistic communism in Munich and elsewhere.  ___  Pascalina heard Pacelli say, “Munich has been good to me, so has Germany. I pray Almighty God that this land remain a holy land, in the hands of Our Lord, and free of communism.” She then saw Pacelli give the soldier “a large cache of Church money to aid the rising revolutionary and his small, struggling band of anticommunists.” “Go, quell the devil’s works,” the archbishop told him. “Help spread the love of Almighty God.” Sister Pascalina never forgot the young soldier’s face or his name—Adolf Hitler.

[1]  “… Hyde Parker, Larry Janiak, designed the symbol of unity for the Parliament of the World’s Religions... The symbol is a circular shape called the mandala. The mandala symbolizes completeness and unity, Janiak said.  The design is the ‘sun in the form of the radiating iris of the eye of God,’ according to Janiak. The symbol is based on ancient poetic spiritual concepts: the all seeing eye of God: fire, flame and the sun as the source of all life on earth; the sun as the sustenance and source of life on earth; and a single candle flame, as the proverb, ‘Light one candle instead of cursing the darkness.’ Nine individual flames surround the core, representing the different paths of the world’s religions, which all come from the same spiritual source, according to Janiak.”
Burns, Cathy; Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, Sharing Pub. (1998)
[2]   Such creatures are ‘possessed’ by jinn or are jinn.
[3]   Nasr is an ex-Shi’ite Persian philosopher and renowned scholar of comparative religion, a lifelong student and follower of Frithjof Schuon

[i]   Hundreds of similar appearances have occurred since then.  For complete list and dissertation on doctrine as well as news sources, see


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