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A Sufi Ode to the Divine Mother
On the face of the earth
There is no one more beautiful than You
Wherever I go I wear your image in my heart
Whenever I fall in a despondent mood I remember your image
And my spirit rises a thousand fold
Your advent is the blossom time of the Universe
O Mother you have showered your choicest blessings upon me
Also remember me on the Day of Judgment
I don’t know if I will go to heaven or hell.
Siddiqah:                               The Honest, The Righteous;
:                              Pure Virgin;
:                    The Blessed One;
:                           The Virtuous, The Pure,
:                           The Chaste, The Unblemished;
Al-Radhiatul Mardhiah
:     She who is gratified and who shall be satisfied;
:                A person other than a Prophet, that the angels speak to;
:                               The Splendid;
:                           The Luminous.
The poem is romantic, idolatrous, and reflects doctrines of an ‘in-dwelling’ alien spirit common to many forms of Monism including the Christian imagination. [1] The names listed below the poem are those given by Mohammad to his daughter Fatimah, and it is no accident of history that the Madonna (Catholic ‘Queen of Heaven’) made a lauded appearance in the Portuguese village of Fatima some 100 odd years ago; a place that remains a venerated shrine of worship and pilgrimage to her as God’s Consort and mankind’s Mediatrix as modeled on several ancient sun-god spouses and sundry demoness look-a-likes!  It is not difficult therefore, to draw certain conclusions in favor of colluding shirk (idolatry) rather than ‘deviancy’ when contemplating the Catholic, as well as certain of the Sufi [2] and Shia persuasions as the following passage demonstrates.

Icon of the Fatimya Sufi Order
Fatima as the Celestial Earth
On this earth, Fātima, the daughter of the Prophet, was the wife of ‘Alī ibn Abī-Tālib, himself the Prophet’s cousin. Their exemplary union is the manifestation of an eternal syzygy originating in the eternity of the pleroma of the lāhūt [the divine realm].  The First Imām and Fātima are related to each other in the same reciprocal way as the first two hypostases, ‘Aql and Nafs, Intelligence and Soul, or in terms more familiar to us Logos and Sophia [i.e.,because they originate with Philo] .
The couple ‘Alī-Fātima is the exemplification, the epiphany on earth, of the eternal couple Logos-Sophia. Hence, we can foresee the implications of their respective persons. The Logos (‘aql)…is the hidden substance of every being and of every thing; it is the super=sensory calling for visible Form in order to be manifested. It is like the wood in which the form of the statue will appear. Better still, it is like the archetypal body, the inner astral mass of the sun, invisible to human perception, in relation to the visible Form, which is its aura, brilliance and splendor. The maqām (this word signifying state, rank, degree, plane, also pitch of a note in music) – the maqām of Fātima corresponds exactly to this visible form of the sun, without which there would be neither radiance nor heat. And this is why Fātima has been called by a solar name: Fātima al-Zahrā’, the brilliant, resplendent Fātima. The totality of the universes consists of this light of Fātima, the splendor of each sun illuminating every conceivable universe.
So one could also speak here of a cosmic Spirituality, having its source in the eternal person of Fātima-Sophia. As such, she assumes a threefold rank, a threefold dignity and function. For she is the manifested Form, that is, the very soul (nafs, Anima) of the Imāms; she is the Threshold (bāb) through which the Imāms effuse the gift of their light, just as the light of the sun is effused by the form of the sun – which is its brilliant splendor – not by the invisible substance of its “archetype-body.” Thus, in the second place, she is all thinkable reality, the pleroma of meanings (ma’ānī) of all the universes, because nothing of what is can be without qualification and meaning. Qualification and meaning are on the same level of being as form, and form is precisely on the level of being of the Soul, for it is the Soul-Sophia that confers qualification and meaning. This is why the whole universe of the soul and the secret of the meanings given by the Soul is the very universe and secret of Hazrat Fātima. She is Sophia, which is to say divine wisdom and power, embracing all the universes. That, lastly, is why her eternal Person, which is the secret of the world of the Soul, is also its manifestation (bayān), without which the creative Principle of the world would remain unknown and unknowable, forever hidden.
Henry Corbin’s SPIRITUAL BODY AND CELESTIAL EARTH: From Mazdean Iran to Shī’ite Iran (Trans.)
Nancy Pearson, Princeton University Press, 1977, pp. 64-68.
Here is offered a more scholarly assessment:
In all genuine, that is to say Shī’ite, Islamic circles, Fatima stands at the centre of a collective Islamic legitimization problem.  This is due not only to the fact that through her husband she is the mother of the ‘Alids — hence, all the descendants of the prophet who are entitled to wear the green turban, who in Africa are called the “Shofra” (plural of Sharif) — but also because she forms the point of contact between the two male lineages: that of her father Mohammed and that of her husband ‘Ali.
… But all these arguments are clearly makeshift, and Shī’ite reverence—forced to bridge the lacuna—ultimately made a virtue out of necessity and thereby introduced the cultus of Fatima.
… Through her, the “five” of the mobahala now form a [syzygic] unity. In essence she is the initiation, the “shimmering color of predestination,” not the initiatrix or the embodiment of inspiration, as one finds in other cults (the nymph of Numa; Ennoia). In a very remarkable manifestation that arises in the meditation of these sects, she appears as a veiled light-form sitting with a crown on her head, wearing two ear ornaments and holding a sword in her hand: the crown is her father, the two earrings her sons, the sword her husband.
What follows is one of the essential texts. Surfacing in the fourteenth century, it probably stems from the Shī’ite sect of Nusayris, although it originally derives from an entire spectrum of far older compositions [those which are similar in mode and context and lead to all ancient mother-goddess cults – oz]. Effectively, it functions as a long litany enumerating all the symbols in the Koran that represent Fatima.
A QASIDA OF IBRAHIM TUSI († c. 750/1350) (extracts only)
IV. Her houses are true temples which speak of the Name which is recognized beneath the essential veils. From her arises the confounding of the Name with the Bab, a secret and sacred phenomena.
V. From her arose shadows, the spiritual forms of future mankind, and the day of Mithaq where spirits nestled together to hear the divine lector proclaim to the elect the revelation of our luminous masters.
VI. Through her we have experienced the phenomenon of life, through her Adam was venerated (by the Angels): and through her there was the pact—the divine bond—along with the sublime and magnanimous witnesses who proclaimed the uniqueness of the Godhead when they saw him (‘Ali), those big-bellied and the bald.
VII. She is the image before which one prostrates oneself; she is the highest proof and touchstone for the unbeliever who revolts, who denies God by saying I (“I am more worthy!”)— before being cast down by his cowardice into the ranks of the damned.
VIII. This sublime appearance would not be recognized by the ignorant, who remain shut off. But those who obey her shall be redeemed and honored in the paradise of delights among the lords of all creation.
… In reference to this qasida, it should be noted that Fatir [creatrix], the mysterious name of Fatima, was probably chosen because the numerical value of the letters which form the name produce the same total as the numerical value of the name of Mary (Maryam). For these gnostic circles there is a form of reappearance (the reincarnation of one identical, unchanging archetype from one cycle to the next). Thus, Fatima is simply the reoccurrence of Maryam. The numerical value of both names is 290. From this identification it follows that certain reciprocal reactions in Islamic intellectual circles—in which a traditional Fatima-type is opposed to a traditional Maria-type—should be determined with more precision. So too the proclamation scene (which is described by Jalal-addin Rumi in his Mathnawi in such an idiosyncratic manner) and the theories surrounding the conception and birth of the Imāms.
… Therefore, if we want to compare the role of this female intercessory power in Islam with that of Christianity and Judaism, we will notice that in Islam we are in no way dealing with the personification of the Torah as in Israel (which deals with a marriage of the community to the power of God); nor are we dealing with the Christian Panagia to distinguish a chosen one through the intercession of the Holy Spirit. The Shī’ite traditions are very clear on this: Fatima, who is holding a sword in her hand and is also named El Zahrā, “the brilliant/effulgent,” has an essential eschatological role to play—she will restore justice through irreconcilable vengeance.
Louis Massignon(1938) « Der gnostische Kult der Fatima in shiitischen Islam » (1938); Opera Minora (Beirut: Dar Al-Maaref Liban, 1963), I, 514-22. (Trans.) Mitra Hazini and Aaron Cheak. (Ed.) Wahid Azal (2007).

Hand of Fatimah with Star of Isis (Ishtar)
It appears therefore, that ‘Black Robes’ from both sides of the Tigris are metaphysically in league with those across the Rubicon.  Hence, astute readers may ignore the pantomime of the present east-west dual. Like all professional Ecclesiarchs of the Babylonian/Assyrian persuasion, they’ve re-dressed the goddess cults with Islamized divinities of Hadrat Ali’s family—something easily done by quoting Prophet  and Al’Qur’an out of context.  Fatimah was indeed a pious woman and highly regarded in heaven and earth but I’ve a well founded suspicion that on Judgment Day she and her men folk will leave several million necromancers ‘in the lurch’!  The Sufi literature is filled with odes like the one above, and even al-Arabi (1165-1240) also sang the praise of ‘Sophia’ [3] when the genius cum monist fell in love with a girl-child.  You can call this ‘deviation’ if you like, but I call things what they are—a bit like Adam I should think—its shirk!
Gnosis, the supposed perception of things unseen is a faculty claimed by mystics to such measure that even the impossible scrutiny of God may be obtained by Initiation through their degrees of rigorous self-discipline.   That it is valid to gain access to dimensions beyond the gross material I cannot deny as I had primary experiences while studying the mis-guidance of Rudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophy, which is an Illuminati Cult (see The Hands of Iblis).   However, the question put to believers is whether or not such methods are desired or required as means for establishing God’s Kingdom in the earth and attaining merit for the Hereafter?  The answer does not lie in self-divinitized dribble of Sufi mystics but rather in the Prophetic Sunnah.   For example: during the Mira’j, the Prophet (pbuh) was not in a trance, he was awakened (fully conscious) and transported by means far beyond our ken.  This is the example of every major prophet and requires no mediatrix, creatrix, mantra, or trance inducing meditation.  Rudoph Steiner claimed the same estate but the trouble with his claim is that it contradicts scripture.
Another significant matter is that mystics generally abandon earthly responsibilities for the romance of ‘heavenly reward’ but again, this is not the Prophetic example nor does it aid the process of becoming vice-gerent in the earth, except by proxy of traditional consensus formation via manufactured myths utilized as icons for furtive political purposes as seen above.  Furthermore, mystics and cult leaders don’t work to produce a living and must be supported by duped followers: essentially they are cunning parasites — i.e. ladies and gentlemen of leisure served by the Iblitic Elite in the Queen’s Service; those niggers she knights such as Mick Jagger, Pres. Bush Sr., Salmun Rushdie, Tom Jones, Bill Gates, Elton John, etc.,  and even Pres. Asad of Syria (A Knight of Constantine) and a few of the Saudi kings and princes–the latter in secret of course–keeping in mind that such servants of the realm are entirely expendable.
Returning to the common run-of-the-mill mystic however, they are again readily dismissed by the Sunnah and Sirah, which provide ample evidence for balanced austerity with generous dollops of earthly rewards from the work of one’s hands ― especially in view of Ibrahim’s example.  All of this is without recourse to yantras, mantras, quixotic verse, romantic imaginings, silly self-denials, televised pan-handling or disproportionate numinous speculations and outrageous dogma such as quoted above.  To illustrate their foolishness is very simple.  Observe:
If Mohammad is like unto Musa and Musa like unto Ibrahim, then who indeed is like unto Hadrat Ali whom Shi’ites magnify by unctuous dogma above these three?
I fear Ali mourns such praise and will severely rebuke whoever assigned him and his sons such lofty status.  Indeed, Ali and Hussein failed where the Prophet and Ibrahim succeeded!  And if infallibility and success is measured by sheer courage and Martyrdom, then Joan of Arc is worthy of higher praise than Hussein because her mania actually restored French unity and dominion over their own soil!
Yezzid Cover for their Book of Black Magic
Institutional Megalomania
As irrefutably established below, Fatimids and Ishmailis shared Initiation rituals and even Jewish origins with the famous cult of Agha Khan’s Assassins, [i] which cult later introduced these Gnostic doctrines to the Knights Templars with the help of Eastern Orthodox Johannites and aberrant Sufi mystics. [ii] The doctrinal foundations for most of this megalomania was pedantically established by Abdullah ibn Maymun’s cult of the Batinis (and severely rebuked by Al’Ghazali). Mr. Maymun’s principles are sedulously followed by the Illuminati cult.   But first I present a brief review of relevant scripture:
“Did I not charge ye, O ye sons of Adam, that ye worship not the devil. Lo, he is your open foe.” (36; Yasin: 60)
“Recite to them the truth of the story of the two sons of Adam. Behold! They each presented a sacrifice (to Allah): it was accepted from one, but not from the other. Said the latter: “Be sure I will slay you.” “Surely,” said the former, “Allah does accept of the sacrifice of those who are righteous.
“If you do stretch your hand against me, to slay me, it is not for me to stretch my hand against you to slay you: for I do fear Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds. “For me, I intend to let you draw on yourself my sin as well as yours, for you will be among the Companions of the Fire, and that is the reward of those who do wrong.” The (selfish) soul of the other led him to the murder of his brother: he murdered him, and became (himself) one of the lost ones. (05; Al’Maidah: 27 – 30)
“”Ye who say you are Jews, but are not Jews. the serpent is your father. Ye are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it”. (John 8:44)
I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. . . I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9)
“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed.” (Genesis 3:15)
“It showed that he (Cain) was as the firstborn of the serpent’s seed..” In John 8:44 Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees and proclaimed, ‘Ye are of your father the devil..”
Matthew Henry’s Commentary, volume 6 page 1077:
Unfortunately, this “Synagogue of Satan” is not discussed and hence is not effectively dealt with by either the Alim or Ummah of Mohammad.  As a matter of fact, it has been incorporated into the body politic and fatalistically accepted to points of apathy and even traditional reverence.
This house of iniquity has its basis in the self-centered pride of life now known as the secular religion of Humanism.  What follows below reveals its cunning political platform.
Qaddah Abdullah Ibn Maymun Period, – 874, Biographical detail:
The son of Maymun al Qaddah who was an oculist (Qaddah).  Qaddah conceived of a scheme of a secret society, which used religion to destroy the Caliphate and give Abdullah or his descendants the throne.  It was this scheme, which culminated in the rise of the Fatimid dynasty in Tunisia and Egypt.  Before his death, he found a zealous disciple in Hamdan Qaramat who was the founder of the Qaramation sect (labeled by modern writers ‘Bolsheviks of Islam’).  The Qaramations were able to found an independent state on the shore of Persian Gulf in 899.
M. Nauman Khan and Ghulam Mohiuddin of the Salaam Intstitute, Trans. The Concise History of Humanity or Chronicles, [Tarikhu ‘l-mukhtasar fi Akhbari ‘l-basha,
or Tarikh Abul Fida] by Ibn al-Wardi, London, 2008
The following excerpts grant an appreciation of the aged metaphysical alliance of mischief-making deviants from both sides of the Nile, Rubicon, Tigris, Mississippi, Rio Grande, Seine, Rheine, Volga, Amazon, Thames and Yangtze rivers—not to mention the Niger and Chesapeake Bay.   The reader should come to understand why Muslim Caliphasides were no accident of history because regicide—as an Institutional Art form of piety for the devil—is the practiced habit of all rogue cults of reformers in the manner of Cain: another of which is the Kaballa faction whose homicidal appetite dates to at least 1500 BC and has much older antecedents in the cults of Abel’s murderer.  I introduce these principles in order to demonstrate the continuum and sophisticated advance of Cain’s Creed, particularly because they are resourcefully utilized by the present masters of the New World Order.  I fully qualify this indictment in The Hands of Iblis.
Please note that these steps of Initiation are modeled on more ancient rites. Current practitioners are Freemasons, the Yardani Peacock Cults [encompassing the Yezidi Kurds, the Yarsanis of Iran, and the Alawis of Syria, Turkey, and Kurdistan] as well as the Druze of Lebanon.  The first four Degrees are omitted for the sake of economy and I refer you to The Hands of Iblis for an exposition and history of their devolution.
Synopsis of Initiation for the Fatimid-Ishmaili Cult
Fifth Degree:
The process of undermining his religion began.  He was now told to reject tradition and to disregard the precepts of Muhammad.
Sixth Degree:
He was taught that all religious observances ― prayer, fastings, etc. ― were only emblematic, that in fact, all these things were devices to keep the common herd of men in submission
Seventh Degree:
The doctrines of Dualism, of a greater and a lesser deity, were introduced and the Unity of God ― fundamental doctrine of Islam ― was destroyed.
Eighth Degree:
A great vagueness was expressed on the attributes of the First and greatest of these deities, and it was pointed out that real prophets were those who concerned themselves with practical matters ― political institutions and good forms of government.
Ninth Degree:
The adept was shown that all religious teaching was allegorical and that religious precepts need only be observed in so far as it is necessary to maintain order, but the man who understands the truth may disregard all such doctrines.  Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the other prophets were only teachers who had profited by the lessons of philosophy.  All belief in revealed religion was thus destroyed.  It will be seen that the first four degrees were intentionally fraudulent.  Fraud in fact constituted an important feature in the society.  In the instructions to the Dais, every artifice is described for enlisting proselytes by misrepresentation.  Jews were to be won by speaking ill of Christians, Christians by speaking ill of Jews and Moslems alike; Sunnis by referring with respect to the orthodox Khalifas ‘Abu Bakr and Omar, and criticizing Ali and his descendants.  Care was taken not to put before proselytes doctrines that might revolt them, but to make them advance step by step.  By these means they would be ready to obey any commands.
“If you were to give the order to whoever it might be to take from him all that he holds most precious, above all his money, he would oppose none of your orders, and if death surprised him he would leave you all that he possesses in his will and make you his heir.  He will think that in the whole world he cannot find a man more worthy than you.  Opinions are powerless, so long as they only confuse the brain, without arming the hand. Scepticism and freethinking, as long as they occupied only the minds of the indolent and philosophical, have caused the ruin of no throne, for which purpose religious and political fanaticism are the strongest levers in the hands of nations. It is nothing to the ambitious man what people believe, but it is everything to know how he may turn them for the execution of his projects.”
Quoted from: von Hammer’s The History of the Assassins, pp. 45-6;
and Secret Societies by Nesta Webster, from a translation of deSacy. [4]
If one is not cognizant of this ancient sinistration {Satanic Left Hand Path] and its continuum, the fanaticism and moral chaos confronting the world is incomprehensible!
Their Societies in 9th Century Egypt were outwardly known as Dar ul Hikmat [5] or the ‘House of Wisdom’ (Sophia); a privileged Institution of the elite then as now.  Add these doctrines to the Zionist Brethren of the Kaballa, mix with a generous dash of Talmudic arrogance and Tibetan Llamanology, a pinch of Nietzsche, a teaspoon of Theosophy, a dollop of Dr. Steiner’s ‘Spiritual Science’, a few sprinkles from Vatican, Canterbury and Cairo larders, then amalgamate well in a Freemasonic Blender powered by Illuminati currency [Rothschild] and bake for a Century or two in a Materialist oven made in Palestine with the help of the British Crown’s Grand Master Chef, [6] then ipso-facto-presto you’ve baked a birthday cake fit for all who celebrate the beast of Dajjal!
People like cake, especially bricks that feel uncomfortable in holy walls!  Trouble is this is the last party!  After everybody’s had a slice and a rash called anti-Christ fulminates, the Great Baker (swt) will close all sectarian bakeries.  Imagine, no more cyclic re-runs or stale cake — praise God!  Nevertheless, I’m sure sectarian bakers — especially black robed savants and hooded hoodwinkers — will have plenty of ingredients available in the eternal oven.  I can imagine debates over which recipe is superior.  But on second thought, maybe they’ll have lost their appetite for cake by then.  Anyway, God has a few things to say about Secret Societies in Al’Qur’an:
“Do you not see that God knows everything in the heavens and in the earth?  There is no secret cliquing of three but that God is their fourth, nor of five but that He is their sixth… do you not see those to whom cliquing had been prohibited but they constantly return to what was forbidden them, and they clique with sinful and aggressive thoughts and in order to defy the Messenger…  O ye who believe!  if you hold secret meetings, do not hold them for sin, transgression, and defiance of the Messenger…  Secret meetings are inspired by Satan so that the generality of the Believers might come to grief.”  (58:7, 8-10 … 4:114)
Modern Yezid Kurds
It is a fact that the Assassin and Druze Cults were spawned by Dar ul Hikmat, which was a liaison between Yezidi Kurds [angel worshipers] and Fatimid Sectarians!  They remain today and cause extensive mischief in the land under the guise of freedom fighting I suppose, but their real purpose is to ‘turn’ beliefs of the susceptible towards godless ambitions under the direction of Secret Societies by means of the abbreviated doctrines outlined above.  I should not say ‘godless’ because the fact of the matter is some of these brigands worship what they call ‘angels’.  The Legends of the Fallen Angels or Seven Watchers [7] abound in these Provinces and the infamous Peacock Cult of the Yezids [8] has a recipe for fallen-angel cake baked in the region long before the advent of ‘Harut and Marut:
“They will say: ‘Glory to you, our tie is with You as protector not with them.’  No, but they worshipped the jinns, most of them believed in them.”
“Yet they make the jinn equal with Allah, though Allah did create the jinn; and they falsely attribute unto Him sons and daughters
“When they meet with those who believe, they say, ‘We too believe,’ but when they are alone with their own (jinn) satans, they say, ‘we are with you, we are only joking with Muslims.’”
(Al’Qu’ran: 34:41; 6:100; 2:14)
Gurdjieff was initiated by the Yezzids. Above is a cover of his book on Mysticism
The sincere believer should now realize that the ‘jinn factor’ is no joking matter!  Like pious Tibetan Llamas, Black Forest necromancers and Malay Bomohs, the Inner Rings of Middle East sectarians conjure jinn and talk with them as described in the Qur’an.  They discuss strategy and go about spreading the doctrine and deeds of deviant mischief.  This is a grave business that conventional historians, theologians and geo-political doctrinaires of dialogue bubbles refuse to entertain because to do so would label them madmen on witch hunts and thus remove them from politically-correct dais.  Secularism and Modernity certainly preclude such admissions, which means that when you consult a Bomoh or Shaman …… don’t tell anyone!
It’s of interest to note the intimate if archaic proximity of these sects with their current outer garment called Kurds and Shi’a, which latter term actually means sect in Arabic (shi’a is plural of shiya).  Both groups are favored by Freemasonic Overlords in the West, and, as noted already, please don’t fall for the Iranian showboat polarization that is now taking place.
I think we should admire Iblis for the ingenious disguises–as did Mark Twain–adopted by his colleagues on both sides of clashing civilizations!  The secret shirk of initiation rituals for neophyte and inner-rings is not unlike the Freemasonic-Illuminati brethren or Elders in the Temple cellars of Ezekiel’s vision, which is why I emphasize the East-West jinn-factor throughout this text.  Ignoring the practice of this Satanism as if it were irrelevant is a deplorable symptom of human denial, especially amongst Muslim leaders, academics and scholars [not all academics are scholars].  Creatures who practice this abomination are alive and well and despite their stupidity—which is not unlike that of idiot savants or the psychotic genius of a paranoid-schizophrenic-cocaine addicts like Hitler or Freud—they exert rather profound influences in the world of befuddled pedestrians!
“Those people who have split up their religion into sects, you have nothing to do with them; their affair is up to God …” (Al’Qur’an: 6:160)
“Nothing to do with them” seems clear enough to me, and I believe that includes ‘dialogues’ that promote the papist toleration myth.
The well-intentioned analysis of many pundits lends either deaf or sympathetic ears to the proliferating ideals of jinn-mongering revolutionary-cum-reformasi epitaphs, which includes the recent ‘Arab Spring’.  I say this advisedly because writers of such pabulum don’t account for the facts I’ve laid before you or the continuous influences of these ancient institutions.  How can they or their readers comprehend what is ignored and approach solutions for the mischief’s source which their avoidance leaves untouched and therefore intact?   I mean, at least the Sons of Genghis hunted them [Assassins] down almost to extermination.   Dear reader, why do you think the Prophet destroyed Satan’s shrines, idols and cults; or why did Mohammad specifically send Khalid to  slaughter Stan’s reigning high-priestess  of al’Lat?
As this exposition unfolds, you will note that oft times the leader(s) or institutions that pay the poet’s and scholar’s wages are in fact mischief-mongering companion(s) of Intelligence Agencies in the service of reprobate jinn and major-domo magi who dwell discretely in ‘shadow governments’ masquerading in robes that mimic authenticity.  They are indeed our very leaders, held in place by puppet masters till their usefulness becomes obsolete.
For this and other reasons, knowledge that defends and ensures the moral imperatives while forbidding evil must be a comprehensive synthesis and not just the fancies of naïve’, White-Tower idealists in the employ of cunning charlatans.  In addition to this insult to the Prophet’s Sunnah and memory, most commentators also ignore the Spiritual Laws described as determinants throughout these essays, and hence, passively propagate—via negligent preoccupations or witless default—the mischief caused by Maharishis of Mystery religions and pilferage dressed in robes of righteousness; as were the Kaballst Pharisees who confronted Prophet Isa and subsequently confirmed Israel’s demise according the curse of Musa and other Prophets (pbut).  Isa did not fail to confront these monsters and fortunately, I’m not the first to state this dreadfully ordinary but discounted fact of the monotheist saga; thank God!
“Special victims of the self-deception are human institutions, organizations, and more particularly religious communities.”
Fazlur Rahman: Major Themes of the Qur’an, p 33.
Such ignorant eligious zealots are the most dangerous persons on earth.  Prof. Rahman (pbuh) strikes the marrow on every page.  Look him up!  …  Cake anyone?

[1] Monism’s Mystics ignore that Allah is limitless; that God cannot be a part or emanation of that which is limited, such as time, space, or creature.  These are all separate, just as the image is separate from its origin.  Therefore, how does the limited creature dare define the unlimited, the unknowable?  Mystic Muslims love the word essence and liberally apply it to God then feel justified in having described God, Whom all scripture says is unknowable and beyond human comprehension. Surely they may describe spiritual experiences, but to define God in terms of the experience can be likened to a parasite’s sojourn through a man’s body, whereby it benefits and returns to its fellows and says” this experience is man, these vibrations are his essence.”  Please, spare me such dross!
[2] In his review of Islam’s Theological History, Professor Fazlur Rahman dismisses Sufis as ‘pantheists’: (Oxford Dict.) a doctrine or belief which identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God.
[3] Sophia is the Greek term for the Goddess of Wisdom. It is also intimately related with the Gnostic ‘Logos’ and Cabalist emendation later attributed as God incarnate or Jesus.  For further discussion, see Trinity.
[4] The claim that these tales of the Ismaili are mere fabrications or myth is little more than an apologetic attempt at disinformation―an art at which they excel.  – oz
[5] Established by al-Hakim bin ‘Amrallah, the 6th Caliph
[6] A reference to the Duke of Kent, cousin to the Queen and Grand Master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of England, to which every Royal family member is initiated, and which adheres to the esoteric Hebrew Doctrines of the Kabala.
[7] Watchers: a well known term in esoteric circles for the ancient gods of Mesopotamia, the Black Sea Territories and the Levant.  Some identify them as progenitors of the Gibbor of the Torah: supposed Giants or Men of Renown, who took wives of the “daughters of men”—a reference to the Adam’s progeny via Seth—both before and after the time of Prophet Noah.  Other scholars associate them with the likes of Harut and Marut.  The Yezidic faction of the Seven Angels or Peacock Cult is wholly dedicated to their service.  This Brotherhood’s inner ring is Ishmi’ili, and the cult has been almost entirely impenetrable for investigators regarding their most occult doctrines.  But there are sufficient parallels between them and other antediluvian pagans to remove the veil of Islamic Pretence!  In addition, we now have the writings of Guerdjief who was initiated into their Mysteries.  See appendices for further discussion.
[8] A Persian (Parsi) Cult with antediluvian roots that remains active in Islamic garb since the 8th Cent AD.  It was brought to power during the Abbysidian ascendancy as counselors to the Caliph. The cult was restructured by a Sufi Sheik in the 12th Cent. See appendices for more details.

[i] For a history of the Fatimid–Ishmaili genesis leading to Mustalis, Druzes, Batinis and Aqa Khanids of Bombay, as well as Shi’a theology, see Shi’a, by Allamah Sayyid Muhd Husayn Tabatabai, Trans: Sayyid Husayn Nasr, Ansariyan  Pub. Qum, Iran 1981
[ii] As per Albert Pike, see Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Pub., 1871. [several other authors concur.   See Hands of Iblis for details]