The Cursing of the Shimmurim; An Essay and Book Review on Blood Libel and the Ashkenazim

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Review & Introduction
“Actual politics is an interaction between realistic considerations, whether valid or mistaken, or moral or immoral, and ideological influences. The latter tend to be more influential the less they are discussed and ‘dragged into the light’.  In my view, Israel, as a ‘Jewish State’, constitutes a danger not only to itself and its inhabitants, but to all Jews and to all other peoples and states in the Middle East and beyond.”   — Professor Israel Shahak [1]
“Sometime in the late 1950s, that world-class gossip and occasional historian, John F. Kennedy, told me how, in 1948, Harry S. Truman had been pretty much abandoned by everyone when he came to run for president. Then an American Zionist brought him two million dollars in cash, in a suitcase, aboard his whistle-stop campaign train. ‘That’s why our recognition of Israel was rushed through so fast,’ he said.”     — Gore Vidal [2]
“When it came to anti-Christian polemic, Ashkenzi Jews didn’t beat around the bush.”    — Prof. A. Toaff
The Cursing of the Shimmurim  by Dr. Omar Zaid

During WWII’s Holocaust there was a group of Jews known as the ‘Catchers” who preyed on their own for gain and survival.  In addition to fondness for continued existence, a few of these sociopaths had a deep revulsion for their own kind; a loathing that has been traditionally shared by several European tribes.  ‘Catchers’ also had tribal kinfolk at the top of the reichmaster corps including Hitler (his grandsire was a Jew), Alfred Rosenberg (Hitler’s chief ideologue), Max Warburg (Hitler’s banker), and Adolf Eichman (a fellow megalomaniac), to name just a few. [3] There were many others including Hitler’s personal psychic who predicted his ascension and later had a private kristallnocht in the Black Forest, as well as several Jew members of the little known ‘occult’ circles that elevated him to eternal infamy.
Anyone desirous of comprehending the German maladjustment as well as Zionism and Fascism (they’re synonyms actually), or their by-products: the Holocaust [4] and Israel, must come to terms with this strange creature called the Ashke-nazi [5] Jew (predominantly of Franco-German cum Khazar [6] genesis). Consider the following statement and you should understand the challenge:

  • The Zionists brought us to the Holocaust. It is well known that it was possible to redeem Jews from the Nazis with money, and save many … all hundreds of thousands of Jews in Hungary … [but] the Zionist leaders who now sit in government prevented it.”           —  Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich (1954)

For centuries, Jews had ransomed their captives on a continuum but WWII’s Zionists “prevented it” did they?  One really should ask ‘why’ Don’t ya think?
Prof. Toaff’s expose is a great aide in pursuit of the answer as it reveals the bizarre traditions, obscenties, holy homicides and extravagant ideations that have helped to create the greatest threat to mankind’s equanimity history has yet to record. As I reviewed their history, I personally found them swaying between the extremes posed by Bachus and Orpheus without ever touching the earth or heaven of Moses.  The author is an eminent Italian-Jewish Professor (son of a Rabbi) who explores their worldview and documented historicity with a specific regard to the highly contentious ‘blood libel’ controversy; something those with ugly secrets adamantly avoid. It is an assiduously researched text that gives excellent grounds for pan-anti-Semitism and allows the reader to comprehend why it is that Jewry has been persecuted throughout the three-plus millennia of their existence.
It seems the Medieval Ashkenazi world was (perhaps still is) a sinkhole of extraterestrial fears and magical thoughts born of disturbed logic linked to unhinged interpolations and interpretations of otherwise sound scripture. It represents a mental framework that makes Homer Simpson look admirable and is as far from cosmopolitan univeralism as homo-sapiens are from apes. Shockingly, the Ashkenazi maladjustment holds an abject obession with blood and other lusts that embrace holocausts and fantasies laced with vehemence, vengence and patented pagan incantations that represent a kind of ‘rights of passage’ into pan-communal psychosis. Truthfully, there is enough certifiable content to make a trillion Freuds.
Regrettably, the Ashkenazi Jew—perhaps others(?)—is indeed, fatalistically ‘Holocaust minded’ and, as rational as they otherwise are in matters of arts, finance trade and generic skullduggery, the ‘Blood Sacrifice’ cruci-fixation is an intimate part of their system of beliefs. Not that Christian acceptance of a bloody god-man sacrifice in return for redemption exempts Trinitraians from the ranks of irrationality.  Still, one should view the irony of having both parties accuse the other of profanity over the same crime (bloody homicide) as a contest on the manic side of reason no matter which side of the creedal fix they take.
Nevertheless, placing the rock of Abraham and Golgotha’s fixations aside — as did Spinoza — on reviewing Dr. Toaff’s rendering of the Ashkenazi’s (Franco-German Judaism) approach to their Passover and Purim festivities, one is impressed by the group’s remarkable peculiarity. This is because it is not only singular—as compared to Sephardim and other Jewish sects—but is clearly based on sorcery in which symbolism translates to communal incantations calling for the destruction of their enemies (everyone else), accompanied by an abject lack of pity coupled to unqualifiable impunity:

  • “… the wish for the forthcoming redemption of the people of Israel moved from aspiration to revenge, and then to cursing their Christian persecutors — also peculiar regarding the purpose of blood sacrifice — the current heirs to the wicked Pharaoh of Egypt.”

Even so, Christian and Jew look at ritual bloodshed as paths to salvation as did pre-Colombians, ancient Celts, Germans, Greeks, Romans and various other unredeemed hominids.  Both congregations offer apologetics for the nonsense in abject refusal to acknowledge repsective exiles from divine sanction; recalling, of course, the famous passages of the Old Testament in which God proclaims that He ‘delights not in sacrifice’[7] and that Jesus is prepared to tell a goodly multitude of so-called ‘Christians’—when the time comes—to depart from him as they never really understood his mission; whereupon I suspect they’ll be singing dirges with fellow blood mongers in Gehenna. Not that any of these considerations prevented Aztecs, Dravidians and Akkadians or Occidental neo-con cult killers (students of the Jew, Leo Strauss) from applying heartstopping protocols and drones of similar sentiment.
Keeping also in mind that Ashkenazi Judaism is anything but monolithic, it appears from this and other readings that not a few of their supra-Orthodox factions qualify as ultramontanes of Judaism, if you will; placing them on-par with the single minded black robed Jesuit enemies of common sense whose founders were also, in fact, Maranos Jews, as was Mr. Columbus.
But when reviewing the historicity presented by Prof. Taoff, the reader must sympathetically recall the effects on children raised under cults of misguidance. The mis-cradled child naturally views parents and elders as spokespersons for the God they inherently believe in. Hence, when raised up accepting deviant ideas as ‘gospel’ unless graced by the intervention of true guidance—God Willing, as in the case of Mohammad Asad or the shunned and stepped on Spinoza—thier interactions-with and reactions-to the human community demonstrates involuntary, maladjusted reflexes that are both offensive and defensive, which allows sober folks to comprehend the Israeli rapine of Palestine.
That the ‘son of Mary’ was/is commonly refered to as “Jesus, the bastard born of a whore” by the Ashkenazim is a fact as old as the lying sect itself and I ask the reader to remember that most of what is related by the honorable Professor was/is practiced only “by fundamentalist orthodox Ashkenazi sects”. It does seem that other outrages and similar “problems did not even exist among Italian Jews, the Sephardim, or oriental Jews, who made up the overwhelming majority of the medieval Jewish world.” A present day Muslim analogy would be Islamists who force women to dress in gunny sacks or fall under the knife or hang for the sake of male chauvinist, neo-patriarchal honor; a minority of radical morons of course. Nevertheless, and unfortunately so, Ashkenazim crimes against good sense are far, far worse.
Notwithstanding this odious litany, the Jewish majority is now 80-90% Ashkenazi andrules as such.  Especially since the ascension of ‘Labor-Zionism’, there was a shift that favored the once-a-minority’s core doctrines.  What’s more interesting is that there are indications this also is by design as most of the Jews sacrificed during WWII search for the six-million (another lie) were deeply and sanely religious Jews.  Not only this, but contemporary neo-Israeli’s were forced to accept certain tenets of socialism prior toplanting stakes in Israel; especially since America had benn officially and purposely closed to Jewish immigration. But all of this aside (and much, much more), the post WWI and WWII two shift from Ashkenazi minority to majority presently demonstrates a renewed vigor. What once was mere rhetoric and invective presently translates to wholesale slaughter and/or oppression of ‘goys’ wherever and whenever necessary and whoever they might be. The irony here is that Christians also participate in the neo-holocaust at the bidding of a misguided posterity that once was a justifiably persecuted celebrant of the divinely forbidden (still is by the way). Hence, ‘Never Again!” and Bush’s “Crusade” have slightly different connotations when viewed under corrected illumination.
The blood rituals described below were secret rites; “the rules of which were only transmitted with due prudence and circumspection” because Ashkenazim Rabbis taught: “We are permitted (by God) to use mysterious imagery.”  Of course this occulted culture has permutations, some of which apply to initiation rituals involving Freemasons, the Pope’s Knights of Malta and Columbus, as well as papist pederasts in drag, in addition to Lord Baden-Powell’s Boy Scout leaders; all of which brings a transcendant irony in that much of Western ritual has roots in Ashkenazim magic drawn from their Bal Shem’s Kaballah.  This form of mind-bending sorcery (conditioning) presents as iconographic, even patriotic symbols (semiotics) drawn from a deeply disturbed folk-soul; and even includes the ‘hand over the heart’ gesture so beloved of unholy sausage eaters at ballgames.
The Cursing of the Shimmurim is an Ashkenazi tradition involving the goi katan (‘little christian’[8]) and hematophagia; a form of ritual cannibalism not unknown to ancients in Akkad who finally stopped sacrificing babes they called ‘sons of god’ —born of once vestal virgins — in lieu of ‘lambs of god’ some 5,000 years ago. Of course, we know that Akkad (Cain’s Civilization) was a precurser to Babylon and that subsequent rabbinical — even Catholic (e.g. Papal Tiara, Christmas Tree) — traditions were bequethed by the accursed city where Jews were once enslaved and afterwards remained for over one millennia while perfecting their God-forsaken Talmud. It is no small wonder then that militant magi from both sides of the cross’s crusades have ambitions to include the ancient urb in ‘Eretz Israel’ and are presently pressing through Syria to annex Baalbek along the way.
It might be pleasant to interject some humor from Monty Python’s ‘Life of Ryan” but if that were done, the blight on the world at the hands of Ashkenazim theogony and eschatology might be eclipsed, which is not the purpose of this exposition. Therefore, I ask the reader to be sober in the reading and may the God of Abraham, Moses, Isa and Mohammad grant you discernment and everlasting mercy.
Omar Zaid, M.D.
31 May 2012  //  Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
PS: On second thought, a little humor can’t hurt:

  • “Mr. Salamone, having fallen into the bog of a ditch, so as not to violate the feast day of the Sabbath, rejected the charity of a Christian who offered to pull him out. Sabbath sancta colo, de stercore surgere nolo [I must adhere to the Sabbath, and do not wish to be pulled out of the shit]. The following day, the same good man passed by again, and the Jew beseeched him for assistance in getting out of the ditch, but the Christian excused himself saying, ‘Yesterday was your feast day, today is mine’, and left him there to enjoy that aromatic stench all Sunday. Sabbatha nostra quidem Salomn celebrabis ibidem.”

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[4]     Literally: “Burnt Offering” as in appeasing sacrifices to an angry god.  It does not mean genocide or mass-murder.  It is a word that specifically describes the customary Hebrew sacrificial burnt offerings as per their tradition.  The word (in English) was not even in mass use until 1968.
[5]  Ashkenaz, a son of Japheth (Ancestor of Gog & Magog) and grandson of Noah; have nothing to do with descendents of Abraham, Israel (Isaac’s 12 tribes), Moses or Aaron; NB:  ‘Nazi’ is a term referring to the Chief High Priest of the Sanhedrin.

  • “Japhet, the son of Noah, had seven sons: they inhabited so, that, beginning at the mountains Taurus and Amanus, they proceeded along Asia, as far as the river Tanais (Don), and along Europe to Cadiz; and settling themselves on the lands which they light upon, which none had inhabited before, they called the nations by their own names.”         — Josephus: Antiquities of the Jews I.6)
[6]     A mixture of ethinic Turks, Huns and Mongols; not the Genetic Hebrew these Yids claim to be.

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