The Fabric Of Society Part II by Dr. Omar

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)


The Relationship of Touch, Trust and Deception
to Human Development a
nd the ‘Heteronormative vs. LGBT’
Sexology Perspective and Political Dynamic

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AbstractThis discursive essay informs the emerging discipline of political ponerology with a view to help complete the hetero- vs. LGBT-sexual perspective and political dynamic. The author focuses on the concept of ‘trust’ in an attempt to integrate physiological development and human sexualzation with socio- political, neurologic and psychological perspectives. The position taken is one of epistomological certainty that heterosexuality’s primacy and constancy are normative metrics and essential to the commonweal. Moreover, evidence is provided for the assertion that diverse eroticisms and sexual orientations are due to insults that cause anomalous development, dysfunctions and/or mal-adjustments on a natural continuum of variation. The author argues that fashionable sexology facilitates misinterpretations, misery, mind-bending apologies and affinities for enduring equivocations that nuture collective cognitive dissonance and criminality. Moreover, he posits this great sexology muddle has helped foster a post-modern mindset that supplants a beneficial and truly informed social order. Hence, the paper is essentialist in that it describes ‘what is done’ rather than ‘what should be done’ in a society that cannot be trusted.