The Granfaloonies of 'Star & Crescent' Mania; an essay by Dr. Zaid

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)
Imran Hosein & Dr. Omar Zaid at Insight Conference, KL, 2011
Imran Hosein & Dr. Omar Zaid at Insight Conference, KL, 2011

Insufficient credit is given to ignorance while far too much is bestowed upon what we think we know. To suppose things unseen or events beyond our ken do not exist is also unwise.  It is also unlikely that ‘pre-history’ was a theatre of trivial ‘non-events’ for it is possible that unknown and even advanced human cultures lay buried ‘neath the rocks and waves of time’s seasonal reckonings.[1]

Making things even worse of a muddle, scholars admit that our recorded history is written by victorious scoundrels who dressed their skullduggery in odes to decency.  Furthermore, no lesser than Sir Francis Bacon called history a “shipwreck from which the only salvage is a few planks”.  Even keepers of journals are hard pressed to recall crucial details and legal professionals know that human testimony often falls apart under astute cross-examination.

As for religion: it is accepted among the learned that organized creeds facilitate civilized progress, as otherwise co-operative human conformity would never lend itself to the morality required for corporate endeavor.  By the same token however, the economics of mythology favors the enforcement of communal efforts by virtue of fear factors that necessitate constant resuscitation as per Ibn Khaldun’s and Edward Said’s ‘Myths of Origin’ theses.  As it is, those who mimic Stalin, Mao, the Church of Rome and Islam’s Pretenders -- imperious khassa all -- continually foster sufficient lies and terror with just enough ignorance so that a mere culling of foolish or sagaciously bold hominids is required from time to time.

Chaldean and Egyptian priests were called Magi Masters of Illusion, which is, in fact, the political doublespeak of spellbinding mesmerism.  Strabo said in the first century BC:

  • The simple-minded cannot be managed without the bug-bear of mythical gods with thunderbolts; therefore the founders of States gave them sanction.  This is the true nature and purpose of mythology!

This acknowledged principle of worldly governance presents cogent Monotheists with a dilemma that defies most common notions of discourse.  Rather than “how do we understand each other well enough to get along?’ the formost questions should read as follows: “Which polity is subject to bug-bear theocracy?” … and … “Who are the Liars responsible?

I’m audacious enough to answer the first query with: ‘the simple minded un-repentant majority of our species’.  As for the second, I suggest that one read history as written by the victors, as the answers are made clear enough for those with discernment.

As for those fortunate enough to accept the faith of Abraham with knowledge, mythical regulation is unnecessary whenever their Patriarchal government is administered with justice.  Unfortunately, this has not been the sustained example of Monotheism’s pretentious disciples as witness the papist examples alone.

Myth mongers have indeed usurped prophetic staves and continuously rule men of all creeds via the traditional bugaboos of bogey hype.  Occasionally augmenting their hold with timely terrors of auspicious moment—these Granfaloons of mischief mongering kill just enough bees to keep their hives profitably serviced by thoroughly cowed, impotent drones.  But who’s to say that extradimensional bugaboos and bogies of alien contentions do not have historical roots and even present influence with today’s Granfaloonies?

Most certainly they do exist and I further posit that the current world crisis is fruit enough of their several counsels of mischief as the Quran has made exquisitely clear:

  • “Thus to those without Faith their own deeds seem pleasing. Thus we have placed leaders in every town, its wicked men, to plot and burrow therein, but they only plot against their own souls, and perceive it not.”  (Al’Quran 6: 123-124
  • “On the Day He gathers them all together, He will say to the angels: “Was it you these people worshipped?” They will reply, “May You be exalted! You are our supporter against them! Really, they worshipped the jinn and most of them believed in them.”  (Al’Qur’an, 34:40-41
  • “Yet they make the jinns equal with Allah, though Allah did create the jinns; and they falsely attribute unto Him sons and daughters.”  (Al’Qur’an 6: 100)
  • “When they meet with those who believe, they say, ‘We too believe,’ but when they are alone with their own (jinn) satans, they say, ‘we are with you, we are only joking with Muslims.’” (Al’Qur’an 2:14)

Therefore I ask the following: By whose counsel and leave was the Star and Crescent of ancient Babylonian idolatry given esteem enough to represent Islam and National Flags over Muslim Polities?  And by whose ignorance and hand does this idolatry persist amongst peoples who consider themselves the so called ‘faithful’?


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Where the Pentagram Comes From and the Graves of those who brought it into European Heraldry

Where the Pentagram Comes From and the Graves of those who brought it into European Heraldry[/caption]

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By all means brothers and sisters, seek whatever dialogue of fancy you choose with Granfaloon funds and feed on your Arab Springrolls of tomfoolery with the enemies of your faith who are leading you straight into the lizard's hole of eternal embarrassment.  And again, by all means, preserve this status quo of neo-monotheist-patriarchy with the same chauvinism that avoids these questions and answers as well as justice and decent treatment for women till you visit the grave.  It will profit you little as you continue to murder Muslims in the name of reform and brotherhood.

[1] “It is always dangerous to state emphatically that “there is no possibility” for something to have occurred in the past.” Archaeology and the Shasu Nomads:Recent Excavations in the Jabal Hamrat Fidan, Jordan, Thomas E. Levy, Russell B. Adams, and Adolfo Muniz, eds. Le-David Maskil. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2004.