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20140112_151044Then the Messenger will say: ‘O my Lord, Truly my people treated this Qur’an with neglect… Pharaoh led his people astray instead of leading them aright. Oh ye children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy [Pharaoh & his religion]… I am He that forgives again and again, to those who repent, believe, and do right, who, in fine, are on true guidance… : “I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, the King of mankind” – XXV: 30 – Ta-Ha: 79, 80, 82; CXIV: 1
In my opinion and after a careful twenty-five year review of the monotheist narrative, it was never Allah’s intention for His servants to be guided by royalty, especially pyramidal architects of slave labor as perfected by the current and completely dishonest monetary system. I further posit that dynastic monarchies have never been a continuous path of true guidance. If one follows the history of the royal esoteric societies of Europe, for example, especially those espoused by the fellowship of The Priory of Sion and the debased Merovingian Dragon Court, the metaphysical roots of their respective claims can be traced to Pharaoh’s religion and from there to Nimrud and from thence to the ponerogenic creed implanted by Cain in ancient Dravidia and its environs (Hindus River Valley, modern Pakistan).
Prophet Isa (pbuh) rejected the crown as did Mohammad in Mecca, after which Isa called the Ecclesi-archons of Jerusalem who extolled the monarchy of Rome’s Hesiarch, “Sons of Satan”. With the same breath he likened them to Cain, “a murderer from the beginning”, from which name we derive equivalents for ‘king’ and ‘kin’ after passing through various Germanic, Saxon and Celtic variations. So there you have it, ‘sons of Satan’ and ‘murderers from the beginning’—two phrases that hardly require a PhD dissertation on priests and kings.
Keeping slaves patriotic is a traditional royal art and fetish for nobles and their gendarme protected politicians who generally proclaim and do whatever is expedient to maintain a confederate aristocracy of wealth extractors accompanied by spoiled broods and todie sycophants. Hence, we have the Islam Hadhari of today’s tyrants and monarchs of the OIS and even Malaysia, for example, whose ruling families were put in power by Western monarchs and whose remarks and actions contain just enough truth to placate religious fantasy with the hope of trimming the gendarme payroll. Socio- and psychologically this is a play on the Stockholm syndrome and is certainly the best they can offer since reprobate men (iysh), including packs of heedless Muslims, have rejected the Kingdom of God, our true King.
Islam Hadhari has thus become a necessity for the Muslim ruler’s zeitgeist as a form of casuistry in the manner of Jesuit and Dominican apologists, rather than the impetus some of its proponents imagine. To the contrary, it is a tool of psychic denial that adapts the generic Muslim Worldview to Islam’s failure to compete with other civilizations by donning robes of toleration for iniquity. Without returning to the rule of the Kalipha via Shura and Shari’ah, Hadhari is little more than a contrite surrender to secular worldliness: i.e. to the dominion of ibn Maymun’s materialists who conquered Islamia during the slumber of its leader’s neglect some eight to nine hundred years ago. It is, therefore, a rueful admission of Muslim failure to righteously govern by placating defeated souls with rhetorical opiates from toothless ‘round table’ reviews of recycled cant, which, in turn, forestall the repentance needed to bring justice by replacing righteous common sense with the euphoria of painless illusion.
While the rhetorical drug is administered with doses of ecumenicism, pluralism and ‘tolerance’, Islam’s enemies, both within and without, continue to usurp authority, power and wealth by displacing the just distribution of knowledge, goods and means with the promise of an advancing progress that actually destroys both environment and soul. They advance subliminal directives that dissipate the moral backbone of Apostolic guidance which then creates mobs of either cowards or poorly educated pugnacious morons (Islamists). Hence, form advances while authentic civilization is destroyed as the fruits of moral imperatives retreat; meaning the greater the sanctimonious pageantry of long prayers, beards and robes, the lesser true religion is manifest as words grow in stature while equanimous principles and deeds diminish. The rich grow richer while middle classes are suborned into the service of extremely suspect crowns. The poor are ruined and subjected to vicarious slavery via normative usury renamed ‘Islamic Banking’ under auspices of International finance instruments and deviously devised economic theories administered by the exquisitely well-trained brown sahibs of London’s square mile of wanton avarice.
Such is the nature of those who proffer and profit from Hadhari’s illusion. If Muslim leaders truly meant what they publicly professed, they would administer justice, use real money instead of the fiat of fractional reserves, and follow the path of Hadrat Umar who would most likely be arrested if he walked the streets of most Muslim cities. Were they serious about their Islam, they would surely accomplish these things without the abject eccentricities that even marked the magnanimous Gaddafi. But talk is inexpensive, public tears are cheap when called for, and dialogues are in vogue to facilitate traditional plunder.
To place this indictment in perspective, let us remember that the children of Ishmael were placed by God in a desert preserve far from the maddening influences of ‘Royal Theosophy’ while Allah swt delivered ancient Hebrews from the monarchical futility by giving them patriarchal Prophets for nearly a millennium. However, during this period prophet Samuel arose (pbuh), a man who reluctantly anointed both Saul and then David as ‘Kings’ over Israel because the “people demanded a king like unto the gentiles.” Allah informed the grieving prophet that the nation had rejected His personally administered divine Guidance. God consequently gave them what they wanted in accord with the unpurified human soul’s “gravition to earth’ or ‘materialism’. Specifically, this was and remains the Humanist god-man system of royalty ala Hammurabi’s Marduk, a scheme that makes it easier to neglect divine law while walking in the disobedience of Cain, the first ‘King of the Earth’ of the present post-ice-age epoch .
To understand this particular divine intention, it is best to compare Mohammad’s regency (pbuh) to what followed within a generation of his death. As you refresh yourself with the history, contrast the simplicity of a man who refused to let his wives wear silk and gold bands with the splendor of the murderers who took his place after the serial assassinations of the righteous kaliphs. You may then determine who was rightly guided and who chose the way of Cain; a conclusion that requires no debate or conference for scholarly pundits of apologetic humbug in silken robes with gold and jinni-infested rings on their fingers.
The advance of this heedless momentum most certainly reduced the cover of Allah’s protective wing over the ummah according to spiritual law (see: Islam in the Shadow of the New World Order) and allowed for sundry forms of dangerously subversive sectarianism to settle in, as I will now demonstrate.
Apocalypse: a peek under the veil:

  • One of the most successful secret societies which the Shi’as founded centered around the ‘Abode of Learning’ [Hikmah] in Cairo, which was the training-ground for fanatics who were conditioned by the most cunning methods to believe in a special divine mission. In order to do this, the original democratic Islamic ideas had to be overcome by skilled teachers, acting under the orders of the Caliph of the Fatimids, who ruled Egypt at that time… “‘Assasseen’ in Arabic signifies ‘guardians’, and some commentators have considered this to be the true origin of the word: ‘guardians of the secrets’. – Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies
  • Much of the well-known mystical symbolism of Sufism, often best known through the Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam [an intimate of Hasan-I Sabbah; pic below] was taken over by the Isma’ilis. They joined Sufism and Shiism in a peculiar and unique blend, often appearing as a particular group of Sufis with their own Shaykh… It would not be surprising if the use of hashish and other drugs for achieving mystical ecstasy was also carried over from the Sufis.
  • Hasan-i Sabbah was a revolutionary of genius who devised and put into practice the ‘new’ preaching or da’wa of the Nizari Isma’ilis, which was to replace the ‘old’ da’wa of the Fatimid Isma’ilis at Cairo… It is likely that he was born around 1060 in Qom, one-hundred-and-fifty kilometers south of modern Tehran. … He had a fine mind, an excellent knowledge of theology, and evidently possessed the phenomenal strength of will necessary to pursue his ideal for so many years … We can imagine him converting the people of Daylam just as he had himself been converted, by patiently digging away at a potential proselyte’s religious doubts until they were strong enough to admit the possibility of an alternative. Hasan-i Sabbah had managed through careful theological argument and relentless logic applied to the Shi’a doctrines, to create a powerful sectarian sense of community based on the traditional secrecy and conspiratorial nature of Isma’ilism.” – Edward Burman, The Assassins, Holy Killers of Islam

Adam Weishaupt adapted Ibn Maymun’s methodology and even cited him when he established the Illuminati; the very same method used to establish the Fatamid dynasty and Cairo’s House of Hikmah that gave birth to Hasan-i Sabbah’s Assassins of Alamut. So let us examine this ongoing Iblissian finesse from historical and metaphysical perspectives.

  • In 1932 the fascist and secret Freemason, Benito Mussolini, advised by Jesuit Pietro Tacchi-Venturi (who was the Secretary of the Society of Jesus), gave military and financial aid to Ibn Saud, the first King of Saudi Arabia (indeed, the Order finances what it controls). In 1937 Mussolini, the man who restored the Temporal Power of the Pope in 1929, was presented the Sword of Islam and hailed as the Defender of Islam by Libya. – Eric John Phelps, Vatican Assassins.

It is important to note that both Hitler and Mussolini, despite sympathies for Freemasonry, outwardly persecuted the lodges in their respective countries in a show of defiance and reform. Along the way and in typical tyrant style, they murdered many who had brought them to power, after which they consolidated gains for occult masters. Their masters cared nothing at all for Freemasonic pawns except as an institutional tool used to attain wicked ends. Both of these men were heroes to Hasan al-Bana and one must also bear in mind that Jesuits have far greater influence than what is generally known. For example, Rasputin was one of their pawns as admitted by Fr. Edmund Walsh, founder of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (1919); and Voltaire, Diderot, Descartes, Stalin, Hiter and Castro were all Jesuit educated, as was Bill Clinton: hardly co-incidental occurrences of historicity.
Ostensibly, the basic Hegelian dialectic of the Illuminati guided Enlightenment was (Philosophes + Freemasonry + Illuminati) vs. (Jesuits + Church + The Establishment). Although the term ‘Illuminati’ is still used, it remains a smoke screen covering the true chairs of the Olympian Hermetic Order responsible for the dialectic (discussed in later essays). Even so, we must never forget that Jesuits are a formidable lot of trenchant subversives. If they are in your country and you cannot dispose of them, keep them at arm’s length at least.

  • The sudden appearance of Templar and Scottish-Jacobite-Stuart allegiance among Masonic aristocrats during the 1740s and 50s has the smell of a phenomenon from without; and the Jesuits and the Vatican—it is pretty obvious—would have had the most to gain from the introduction of such beliefs. That the Jesuits had infiltrated the Golden and Rosy Cross, there is no doubt. The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, Rutledge, 2004, p. 59.

The Grand Sansui left the battlefield against Italian fascists to answer a desperate plea from the last gilded Ottoman Caliph only to be seduced by the Freemasonic villain and Crypto-Jew, Gemal Ataturk, which left Omar Mukhtar to face the hidden hand of Italy’s Royal Pretenders for twenty years. Omar Mukhtar was abandoned by pretenders to Islamic Royalty who allied themselves with British Pretenders who enabled the crypto-Jewish Saudi clan of pretenders to call themselves kings. And British pretenders trace their regal parody to the House of David or at least to the truly lost tribe of Ephraim.
This ongoing saga of human pretense and para-moralisms that justify wars and pogroms also has an astounding record of illicit definitions. For example, Prophet Isa’s Hebrew name, Yehoshua, means: ‘al-Yah or Yahweh Saves’, but Christian evangelicals ride about with bumper stickers saying ‘Jesus Saves’ despite the fact that no one ever called him by that name (pbh), which is not only blasphemous but also absurd.
As this lesson unfolds, you will come to realize that a goodly number of Muslims have followed the same paths of deviant Judaism and Christianity’s hoodwinking pagan accretions as prophesied by the prophet. Presently, many Muslims leaders pretend royal superiority to Zionists as Imam’s play ‘Pied Piper’ with Pan’s pipes in Freemasonic Kabbalist sanctums. The world is plunging into WWIII according to plans penned by sun-god initiates over a century ago in order to fulfill Cleopatra’s dream. Your brave young men are throwing themselves into a jihad that will terrorize the world so severely that few will care about victory and survivors will beg for peace at the hands of Al-Dajjall’s One World Government under the fascist monocle of Rothschild’s Horus.
Jewish elders attempted to murder Isa because he not only bore the Forbidden Name of Al’Yah but more importantly because he refused to re-establish their Royal Kingdom in light of the Gnostic doctrines preserved by the Essenes; a sect that carefully watched over him from infancy. Nonetheless, his supra-natural conception was divinely ordained to specifically put an end to Royal Pretense and thereby return Hebrews to the true guidance of Prophet-hood and the theocentric Kingdom of our Creator. This should give pause for European nobles who are besotted with bloodline premonitions of glory because they may have descended from ‘other’ children of Mary or even Isa’s wives; which is surely plausible since all prophets marry and the Dead Sea Scrolls indicate he had at least two wives, possibly three. But even if they are consanguineous with the Son of Mary, why is it that for two thousand odd years their holy consanguinity never made Christianity a Regency of Peace amongst their Black Guelf Nobles from Venice who financed the sack of Constatinople, garnered the majority of Europoean thrones, and are infamous for black ops murder and third world genocide? What elegant fools they are.
In 18th century Germany, disaffected Ashkenazim established a secret society called ‘The Perfectibilists’ (Illuminati). This insignificant illumination was the child of three factions: (i) Adam Weishaupt (a Jesuit trained doctor of law); (ii) Jacob Frank’s disgusting libertine legacy; (iii) and the cunning Talmudic villains of the Rothschild cum Moses Mendelssohn Frankfurt-cabal that gave birth to the 33’rd degree of Freemasonic Initiation in the latter 19th Century under B’nai B’rith and Jesuit auspices.
FrankJacob Frank   They sedulously infiltrated Europa’s purse and aristocracy via cunning, prurient seduction, unrivaled ruse, confounding philosophical intimidation, and extraordinary demonic marvels. Sedulously, they usurped guilds of Royalty, Religion, exoteric and forbidden esoteric sciences and have since governed Freemasonic cum Rosicrucian fellowships and most elitist Western Institutions and so-called Foundations; especially after the Rosthschilds cornered the management and funds of the world’s central banking systems during the 19th and early 20th centuries. To this inscrutable council, men of affairs with hegemonic aspirations and those of affectation have flocked the world over ever since. Reflect on this Machiavellian posturing of the World’s ‘shadow government’ and soberly consider the indictment as you read the Freemasonic definition of the Trinitarian Holy Spirit:

  • There is a Life-Principle of this world, a universal agent wherein are two natures and a double current of love and wrath [Kali] … it is a ray detached from the glory of the Sun [Sepheroth], it is the Holy Spirit [World Soul or Brahma], the universal agent, the serpent [dragon]!”

Excerpt, 28th Degree Freemasonic Initiation Lecture,
Morals & Dogma, Albert Pike, 1870

This passage defines the Universalism of Religio Perrenialists that infiltrated the Islamic narrative under Jesuit guidance some fifty odd years ago. The cunning serpent or dragon (Leviathan) is the fons et origo of Promethean theological pretense and much deviant creation mythology. The passage describes the critical semiotic mass at the core of Satan’s violation of trust in God’s word as described in Genesis; for when trust is violated, disordered chaos ensues as a war prosecuted against mankind by its reprobate leaders (iysh).
Just as there are ‘Royal’ pretenders of rightly guided authority, there are also ‘pious’ pretenders to rightly guided prophecy. Prophecy is a word that means to ‘speak the truth’ (“let there be light”) whether as prophet, teacher, caliph or taxi driver. And upon close examination, the root that sustain priests and kings is the ‘tap-root’ of the sun-god mystery religions of antiquity. These are the same “traditions of the fathers” that (i) Abraham scorned in the courts of his father and King Nimrud; (ii) Moses and Isa openly shamed; and (iii) Mohammad ruthlessly exiled from three pagan temples as well as the Ka’bah and entire Genesis Estate, thereby fulfilling Allah’s promise to Ibrahim.
The Speculative Freemasonic Doctrine that usurped the chair of the ancient and noble guilds of authentic Free Masons is the inverted Tree of Life taken from the Kabbala. This is the tree behind which Zionists and their allies hide. it is why I write because Islamic schisms, deviations and decline all have the same tap root. This is plainly stated in verse XXV: 30 cited above because after the ‘neglect’ of the divine law of our Creator’s Kingship, there is but one religion to turn to: the Creed of Cain that sustains the “Kings of the Earth” and its numerous narratives. All other religions that acknowledge one creator without equal or partner(s) are essentially Islamic.
Shia and Sufi
Numerous Muslim sects are easily reduced to two aberrant persuasions that have the same taproot. Their genesis began in lands of the Eastern Star of Nod, the place of wandering and wondering, in ancient Iran and Pakistan. If, as a scholar, you have not studied the Mystery Religions in relation to civilization’s development and do not take man’s communion with jinn seriously, and if you do not focus the light of the entire Scripture [including al’Kitab and attendant traditions] upon such a study, your posture may be that of a mountebank whose rhetoric and publications do little more than assure tenure and a tidy retirement nest-egg.
Some Sufis are disciples of Toth or Tehuti, the First Egyptian King whom Greeks worshiped as Hermes. This was confirmed by the famous historian, Said of Toledo (died 1069):

  • The claim of a Persian origin of “Sufism” is also wrong. The Persians themselves refer to Egypt as the source of “Sufism”… The country that has the largest number of “Sufi” followers is Egypt. The participation in Sufi fellowships (orders) in other countries is very small by comparison. Egyptian mysticism (Sufism) is not an offshoot of Islam; it is the old “religion” camouflaged in Arabized-Islamized terms. Egyptian mystical seekers (Sufis) maintain low profiles, for they seek no public glory, but rather the ultimate mystical glory.

The Divine Egyptian Mystics: Seekers of the Way,
by Moustafa Gadalla, 2003, Tehuti Research Foundation.

ShahThe idea of camouflauge mentioned above is stealth as an act of spiritually induced, jinn mediated warfare. The truth is that for the first three to four generations of Islam’s growing empire the term ‘Sufi’ was unknown. If one studies the famous Way of the Sufis, some of their ancient masters and Jewish inspired manuscripts from Andalusia recognize Tehuti as their source rather than Mohammed, which is not a fact many turbaned mystics know, or, if they do, are not wont to ‘noise abroad’. The term ‘Sufi’ actually derives from the Egyptian ‘seph’, which means ‘wisdom or purity’ as related to the Kabbalist word sepheroth as well as the Greek sophia for ‘Holy Spirit’ as discussed previously and as cited by Albert Pike’s Gnostic definition of the Christian Trinity. Most Sufi teachers have covered this genesis in sheep’s wool, which demonstrates how thorough the camoflauged infiltration and compromise of Islamic mysticism has become. For these reasons and others, even Imran Hosein ‘prefers not to use the term ‘Sufi’.
As Dervishes whirl to ecstasy and ply their spirit with pain in the ancient lands of Anatolia’s demon mother goddess, Cybele, they induce endogenous endorphins that are more potent than morphine. This phenomenon actually equates with the modern athlete’s ‘zone’ of ecstasy that mimics the post-connubial fana (divine bliss) reserved for the truly married. When combined with adrenalin and hyper-ventilation, it produces the euphoric trance attributed to ‘divine union’ with gods common to many forms of shamanology and related romantic drivel, especially since it invites jinn to imbibe the delight because intoxication opens doorways to their dimension. Add a little poppy-seed tea with a dash of genii or ‘eau-de-opium’ and you have a monist elixir fit for the empyrean rapture used by the Assassins to misguide the blind. No doubt it is an honest error of phenomenal experience but in light of Al-Qur’an and Hadith, this approach to ‘inspiration’ is forbidden and is not the example of any prophet. Ritual intoxication is an open door for demonic influence. If you disagree, ask the ghost of Rasputin if you care to chance the encounter.
Some Sufi cults have attempted to identify prophet Idris with Tehuti, as have Albert Pike and the monster, Aleister Crowley (discussed in later essays). But know this well: the Messengers of Allah never change their mission and purpose as stated by Allah Himself in Al’Qur’an, and the Prophet’s admonition is that if a person does not follow the scripture or his sunnah (example), “he is not of us”; which places unmarried fana seekers in question. This cannot be made plainer and any defense to the contrary is an apology for the pretense of Batinite nationalism, as you will find the majority of Sufi cults (i.e. mystic Hermeticism) have their roots either in Fatimid Egypt or more ancient Gnostic cults that gave rise to Rosicrucians and certain Catholic monastic orders (see: Cain’s Creed).
We know there were Harrapan colonies in Egypt as late as 1500 BCE, and that these people carried along the more ancient Dravidian Mysticism of Cain that flourished as far back as 7–9,000 BCE. Both cultures boasted the ‘Black Madonna’ goddess of the Ethiopians who later eloped with deviant Templars to Europe to become Ignatia Loyola’s ‘Queen of Heaven’. Furthermore, many Muslims among Egyptian elders were and remain eminent upper degree Freemasons who worship (obey) Tehuti as Hermes. Hermes was the magus who authored the Egyptian Book of the Dead which contains the same blood oaths taken by Freemasons today as did Pharaoh’s magi in the day of Moses. What is more damning is that renowned Sufi saints have even apologized for the Dravidian goddess, Shakti (see: Cain’s Creed). It appears their camouflage as Muslims covers a more esoteric persuasion and that the ‘Islamization of Sufism’ is actually the inverse of the truth. Though in all honesty, most Sufi’s are much akin to fetishists of lower rank Freemasons who abound in ignorance and are obsessed with the useless rituals of mystifying amentia, which is why sober faqih excuse the softening of their brains.
As for the Shia: despite an extremely complex political history whose predominant motive was and remains resistance to Arab hegemony, they too may be traced to Monist roots that deny the existential chasm between Allah and His Creatures. Their Patriarchal Khan, Hassan ibn al Sabbah of Alamut infamy followed the steps of Ibn Maymun and even declared with his dying breath that ‘nothing is true and all is permissible’. This is a reasonable epitaph for the damned such as Jacob Frank, Rasputin or Aliester Crowley. It is also a doctrine held in common with run-of-the-mill Satanists as well as the Donmeh Patriarch and ancient Dionysian profligates.
These scions of deceit practiced the Jesuitical faith of Real-Politique (Might-is-Right) and eventually liberated their minions from Islamic protocols by promoting the bloody asceticism of Hindu idolaters to self-induce the endorphin trance that attracts the comforting rewards of feminine admiration for pious mania on the day of Ashura. They declared the Agha Khan the Pope’s Ishmaili equivalent and adopted the cognomen ‘Batiris’ or ‘Esotericists’: i.e., Maymun’s Batinis or Egyptian Esotericists cum Gnostics (i.e. Baladis) who eventually gave rise to Orientalist Rosicrucians out of the Alexandrian school (see: Cain’s Creed). They established the most feared sect of brainwashed suicidal murderers the world has ever known called The Assassins, whose Imam was known as ‘Lord of the Mountain’, the very same title used even today by Chinese Triads for their exalted Masters of Criminal Enterprise —but perhaps this is another coincidence.
Hasan II forbade fasting during Ramadan and declared half of Muslim ritual unnecessary, including the Haj, which doctrines hold in Iran to this day and which deviance parallels the Frankist by-pass of authentic Judaism. The resemblance between these cults is readily amplified, especially in light of post-Babblonian Jewry’s Talmudic-Kabbalistc fetishism. This profoundly deviant sect developed a nine-step initiation rite that is reported to have been the model for European Knights Templar who were/are considered by some as the most noble and proximal precursor fellowship of the 33rd degree’s international Brotherhood of Freemasonic satraps. Although I suspect the Templars also became divided according to man’s penchant for corruption, and that the good among them went into hiding as their mantle and fortunes were usurped by the papist Hospitaliers who later became Knights of Malta and St. John.
Here is an account regarding the Ishmai’ili Sect called the Nizaris, heirs of the Alamut Khans. Sala’u’din had decided to exterminate them and this anecdote relates the third of a series of encounters he had with Sinan, an adept magus and master of brainwashing techniques that are still used by intelligence agencies worldwide; all of which are under Illuminati and Freemasonic management under auspices of the Papal Knights of Malta who are subject to the papacy, which is subject to the Jesuit General, who is subject to several tiers (covens) of secreted magi of the Hermetic Olympian Order such as the Farnesi family and others discussed later:

  • Sinan sent a messenger to Saladin. The man was searched and found to be unarmed. He was therefore brought to Saladin, who told him to deliver his message, but he replied that Sinan had ordered him to do so only in private. Saladin therefore told everyone to leave except for two officers, but still the man would not give his message. Saladin refused to dismiss his two remaining companions, saying that he regarded them as his own sons. The messenger then turned to the two men and asked them whether they would kill Saladin if ordered to do so in the name of Sinan. “Give us your orders,” they said, and drew their swords. Saladin was speechless; and the messenger left, taking with him the two officers. After this, Saladin decided to make peace with Sinan.

The Assassins of Alamut, by Anthony Campbell.

At the time, the Assassins had allied themselves with certain Knights Templar against Sala’u’din following their initial defeat. The marriage proved so threatening to extant governments that the King of Ethiopia sent his first emissary mission to the Pope in order to warn the 13th century Church. The Pope investigated and the Templars were eventually outlawed and hunted down. Some of their European remnant—there were others most likely—fled to Scotland under the protection of Robert the Bruce where they established what became known as the Scots Rite as opposed to the British York Rite which, up till then, represented time hallowed guilds of builders, architects and scientists. These Rites have since been infiltrated by camouflaged metaphysical speculators, war mongers and the generic black-hands of monied interests, especially those of the Venetian Black Guelfs, which includes the Hanoverian House of Windsor. Hence, I posit that the esoteric East-West Alliance that used Byzantium as a bridge has never dissolved.
In 1256 AD, the Mongols targeted and decimated the Assassin sect so completely that only a few survivors fled to Pakistan to be reborn as the Khajas. Reprobated Jinn and their descendents generally stay where they are well received and today’s turbaned kamikazes certainly display the legacy of this insignificant inspiration as per the Genesis account. Moreover, contemporary trails of death and deconstruction called the ‘Arc of Crisis’ follow the time-honored trade route (Silk Road) for illicit drugs to the Middle East. The chief distribution center is Pakistan and the track follows the ancient haunts of the Alamut sect straight through to Beirut where international sleuths know that the devastation of that beautiful city and decimation of Palestinian Camps—as a convenient collateral result—was essentially a ‘turf war’ between drug gangs. The relation between these occult Brotherhoods with respect to traditionally Government sponsored narco-terroism is reviewed in the epilogue. Believe or disbelieve the implication of these few marks of ink or cyberspace. This is merely a distilled synthesis of a thousand and one years; no more than a day in the site of Allah. For a brief review of the Ishmai’ili Initiation, see Appendice VII.
You may discount this as you like but the fact remains that the entire world is now under the sway of this ‘beast of the sea’ because Muslims failed to consequently and responsibly carry the prophecied Burden placed by Allah swt on Arabia via the Messenger (pbh). As a result, Muslim civilization has globally dishonored their way of life by not effectively educating or policing their leaders and flocks while running after booty and the metaphysical whisperings of reprobate jinn.
What now follows by wayof corroboration is taken from the annals of Black American Freemasons. The writer is both Freemason and member of the Nation of Islam; and ‘yes’, Louis Farakhan is a Freemason, but more on him later.
Corroboration from the Nation of Islam follows in the next post
Appendix VII Ishmaili Initiation
Members were enrolled, on the understanding that they were to receive hidden power and timeless wisdom which would enable them to become as important in life as some of the teachers. Students had to pass through nine degrees of initiation.
First Degree: In the first, the teachers threw their pupils into a state of doubt about all conventional ideas, religious and political. They used false analogy and every other device of argument to make the aspirant believe that what he had been taught by his previous mentors was prejudiced and capable of being challenged. The effect of this, according to the Arab historian, Makrizi, was to cause him to lean upon the personality of the teachers, as the only possible source of the proper interpretation of facts. At the same time, the teachers hinted continually that formal knowledge was merely the cloak for hidden, inner and powerful truth, whose secret would be imparted when the youth was ready to receive it. This ‘confusion technique’ was carried out until the student reached the stage where he was prepared to swear a vow of blind allegiance to one or other of his teachers.

  • Weishoupt used the same technique in the establishment of his control of French and German Freemasons prior to the French Revolution. He even cited Ibn Maymun. SeeThe Hand of Iblis for details.

Second Degree: The neophyte is taught to believe that God’s approval cannot be won by observing the prescriptions of Islam, unless the inner Doctrine, of which they are mere symbols, be received from the Imam to whom its guardianship has been entrusted.
Third Degree: The neophyte is instructed as to the nature and number of the Imams, and is taught to recognize the significance in the spiritual and material worlds of the number Seven which they also represent. He is thus definitely detached from the Imamiyya of the Sect of the Twelve, and is taught to regard the last six of their imams as persons devoid of spiritual knowledge and unworthy of reverence.
Fourth Degree: The neophyte is now taught the doctrine of the Seven Prophetic Periods, of the nature of the Natiq, the Sus or Asas and the remaining six Samits (‘Silent’ imams) who succeed the latter, and of the abrogation by each Natiq of the religion of his predecessor. This teaching involves the admission (which definitely places the proselyte outside the pale of Islam) that Mohammed was not the last of the Prophets, and that the Qur’an is not God’s final revelation to man. With Mohammed b. Ismai’ili, the Seventh and Last Natiq, the Qu’im (‘He who ariseth’), the Sahibu ‘i-Amr (‘Master of the Matter’), an end is put to the ‘Sciences of the Ancients’ (Ulumu ‘l-awwalin), and the Esoteric (Batini) Doctrine, the Science of Allegorical Interpretation (Ta’wil), is inaugurated.
Fifth Degree: Here the proselyte is further instructed in the Science of Numbers and in the application of the ta’wil, so that he discards many of the traditions, learns to speak contemptuously of the state of Religion, pays less and less heed to the letter of Scripture, and looks forward to the abolition of all outward observances of Islam. He is also taught the significance of the number Twelve, and the recognition of the twelve Hujjas or ‘Proofs’, who primarily conduct the propaganda of each Imam. These are typified in man’s body by the twelve dorsal vertebrae, while the seven cervical vertebrae represent the Seven Prophets and the Seven Imams of each.
Sixth Degree: Here the proselyte is taught the allegorical meaning of the rites and obligations of Islam, such as prayer, alms, pilgrimage, fasting, and the like, and is then persuaded that their outward observance is a matter of no importance, and may be abandoned, since they were only instituted by wise and philosophical lawgivers as a check to restrain the vulgar and unenlightened herd. — [a typical Illuminati ploy]
Seventh Degree: To this and the following degrees only the leading da’is, who fully comprehend the real nature and aim of their doctrine, becomes an initiate. At this point is introduced the dualistic doctrine of the Pre-existent and the Subsequent, which is destined ultimately to undermine the proselyte’s belief in the Doctrine of the Divine Unity.
Eighth Degree: Here the doctrine last mentioned is developed and applied, and the proselyte is taught that above the Pre-existent and the Subsequent is a Being who has neither name, nor attribute, of whom nothing can be predicted, and to whom no worship can be rendered. This Nameless Being seems to represent the Zerwan Akanana (‘Boundless Time’) of the Zoroastrian system, but … some confusion exists here, and different teachings were current amongst the Isma’ilis, which, however, agreed in this, that, to quote Nuwayri’s expression, ‘those who adopted them could no longer be reckoned otherwise than amongst the Dualists and Materialists’. The proselyte is also taught that a Prophet is known as such not by miracles, but by his ability to construct and impose in a kind of system at once political, social, religious, and philosophical … He is further taught to understand allegorically the end of the world, the Resurrection, Future Rewards and Punishments, and other eschatological doctrines.
Ninth Degree; In this, the last degree of initiation, every vestige of dogmatic religion has been practically cast aside, and the initiate is become a philosopher pure and simple, free to adopt such system or admixture as may be most to his taste.

Prof. Edward Granville Brown, Cambridge,
“The Assassins,” St Bart’s Hospital Journal (March 1897)

  • The seventh degree brought revelation of the Great secret: that all humanity and all creation were one and every single thing was a part of the whole, which included the creative and destructive power. But, as an Ismaili, the individual could make use of the power which was ready to be awakened within him, and overcome those who knew nothing of the immense potential of the rest of humanity. This power came through the aid of the mysterious power called the Lord of the Time. To qualify for the eighth degree, the aspirant had to believe that all religion, philosophy and the like were fraudulent. All that mattered was the individual, who could attain fulfillment only through servitude to the greatest developed power – the Imam. The ninth and last degree brought the revelation of the secret that there was no such thing as belief: all that mattered was action. And the only possessor of the reasons for carrying out any action was the chief of the sect.” – Arkon Daraul, op.cit.
  • The message is that we are God and (our) creation. With the gift of free will each individual can put wings upon the serpent of his basest nature, his selfish self, elevating it, transforming a static vacuum, a black hole of endless desires and greed, into a blazing star-that emblem of beauty and truth the Magi followed, appropriately, in search of a perfected being.

– Paul William Roberts, Journey of the Magi (1995) p. 313.

  • At least part of the veneration of Sinan was based on his well-attested powers of telepathy and clairvoyance, such as the cases reported by Abu Firas of him answering questions thought outside his window. Hasan-i Sabbah himself was renowned in his own day as an alchemist. That the Assassins engaged in what would now be described as occult practices seems therefore to be beyond doubt. The ‘sciences’ of alchemy and astrology were then part of philosophical studies.

Edward Burman, op.cit.

  • From the Ismalils the Crusaders borrowed the conception which led to the formation of all the secret societies, religious and secular, of Europe. The institutions of Templars and Hospitallers; the Society of Jesus, founded by Ignatius Loyola, composed by a body of men whose devotion to their cause can hardly be surpassed in our time; the ferocious Dominicans; the milder Franciscans – may all be traced either to Cairo or to Alamut. The Knights Templar especially, with their system of grand masters, grand priors and religious devotees, and their degrees of initiation, bear the strongest analogy to the Eastern Ismailis. – S. Ameer Ali


  • See: Jerusalem, Sion & Zion: Truth, Lies & Historicity by the Author, A.S. Noodeen, KL, Malaysia (2014).
  • Islam Hadhari should be viewed as the renewal of the old concept Islam Madani or Islam Hadhari as practised by the Islamic prophet Muhammad and the faithful companions of the prophet centuries ago. It should be viewed as the renewal of the old concept, in tandem to the modern era, so that the maxims of the teaching of Islam can help to solve the problems or dilemma of the Muslim ummah efficiently and effectively, in the new age of modernization (Ibrahim JCH, 2007).
  • I’st Sam 8:8 ‘And the Lord said unto Samuel: Hearken unto the voice of the people… for they have not rejected you but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them.’
  • Although Sufis claim that Sufism is an esoteric teaching within Islam, it also stands behind formulations which many people consider to be quite different from one another [i.e. accretion] (e.g. Prophet Mohammed, Uwais el-Qarni, Suhrawadi & Rosicrucians, Hermes of Egypt, etc.). Ibn el-Farid (1181-1235) said: Sufism lies behind and before systematization (‘Our wine existed before what you call the grape and the vine’).
  • The Turkish Caliphate had been under Freemasonic influence for a century by then.
  • Just as they enabled Jordan’s Monarchy, creating country and king.
  • This son of Prophet Joseph symbolically represents Northern Israel, taken into captivity by ancient Asyria as God’s judgment for their monstrous idolatry, never to return. Eastern European Jews—the elite amongst Zionists and Illuminati Luciferians such as the Rothschilds—are apparently descended from Khazar phallic worshippers as well.

See: Alfred Heidenreich, Jesus the Messiah

  • “The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: “Be”. And he was. (III:59)
  • See: Cain’s Creed, the Cult(s) of Rome for details.
  • Please recall that ‘the serpent’ is Leviathan in the OT Scripture; also known as Lilith in occult circles.
  • The ingestion of poppy seed so common in eastern and central Europe on rolls and bread, can cause a positive urine test for narcotics for up to three days!
  • Egyptian ‘Baladi’ means Mystic
  • See History of the Arab Peopleby Albert Hourani, Emeritus Prof. Oxford, 1991
  • Alamut or ‘Eagle’s Nest’, the same name as Hitler’s Bavarian Mountain Retreat for his Aryan Cult of Ubermenge (i.e. Supermen) Imam Hassan was also an intimate friend of the celebrated and enchanting Omar Khayyam.
  • Fedayeens. However, their fame in espionage circles is now eclipsed by scientifically programmed killers that are induced schizophrenic automatons capable of immense anti-social damage with complete dispassion and dissociation. This was made possible through CIA’s schemes which utilized Nazi techniques and agents post WWII. Projects Monarch and MK-Ultra … See: The Hands of Iblis for details.
  • e.g. Sun Yat Sen & Chiang Kai Chek, See: The Great Heroin Coup & Chinese Organized Crime
  • This was no light expedition as it took some 12 to 13 months to complete the journey for an entourage of fifty plus persons, as confirmed by both Mr. Durant and BBC’s Graham Hancock in his book: The Sign & the Seal. The remarkable and inexplicable Stone Churches of Labella in Ethiopia are said to have been built by the Templars who carved large swastikas into the windows and walls of these edifices. They were there aparently searching for the Ark of the Covenant.
  • International Drug Trafficking. Conference Report, Dennis Rowe Editor, Office of International Criminal Justice, Univ. of Illinois, 1988.
  • See Will Durant’s History, Story of Civilization, volume IV
  • Isaiah 21:5 The word translated as camel or rider has a root meaning ‘burden bearer’ referring to a person not an animal or dromedary. There is another Hebrew word, specifically for camel, which is not used in this passage. The text seems to indicate someone who is given a heavy task. The verse also refers to a lion as the rider, who then declares Babylon is fallen while breaking the idols to pieces.